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20 October 2019 - 04:51 AM

Sorry guys i hade a freeze while leading the race :(
2nd time this season that i hade a freeze while leading.

This happend to me this season.
1st East London freeze while leading
2nd Nurburgring very unlucky racing incident with Iestyn
3rd Watkins Glen engine blow while leading
4th Riems couldnt somehow refuel while leading
5th Mosport i hade to stop the car because i hade problems with shifting down
6th Portland freeze while leading

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09 September 2019 - 05:34 AM

Sometimes i don't realize that i am a important part of this league and in the heat of the moment i can say things that i mean differently.
The championship is a very important part and i try everything i can to win it.
The last two races i was leading the race and at the Glen my engine blow up on lap 4, i did nothing differently as in other races (you can check the replay) and still the engine blow up.
Last race at Riems i still don't know what happend but somehow i didnt raise my arm, i am sure that i pushed the butten a couple of times.
The only conclusion that i have is that somehow i didn't push the butten to raise my arm, I can't imagine that i didn't do that... very weird
Two races in a row something happend from leading the race and end up with zero points that is not fun when you really hade a great shot a the championship title.

Qualify at Reims didn't go as planned i blow up an engine, in the end it didn't matter because Rob was faster then my pb 57.30
I hade a 57.12 on prib, not a bad time in a Lotus compare to Eagle.
The race i hade a great battle with Rob and was planning a 2 stopper around lap 20 and 40.
That was a last minute decision because Rob drove in a Eagle.
I really needed to have more speed to catch him somehow and i did everything i can to do that.
Only i didn't know and i was really hoping that my race pace was fast enough to have a chance.
I saw that i was faster at the braking zones and that gave me the possibility to close the gap and making a move for the lead on the long straight.
It was very difficult but my plan was working and finaly i pass Rob on the long straight i believe around lap 10.
Only now i needed to drive away and try to create a gap which was not so easy.
Lap 23 i stop for refueling and somehow it didn't work for me and i needed to retire the race.
Always these weird unlucky things happen to me when i have a good shot at the title, that is frustrating.
I Always enjoy it very much to drive in this league because there is a lot of respect towards each other!
It makes me happy what other drivers say about me and thats very much appreciated :)

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08 September 2019 - 02:55 AM

Guys i really strongly advice to practice the pitstop online because it can be different!

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08 September 2019 - 02:20 AM

Guys first i want to say that i never give up!
Its just really frustrating that these things always happend to me,
because its not the first season that those redicilous things happen to me.

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07 September 2019 - 02:14 PM

My Championship is over because of this!
Last race at the Glen i blown my engine, i did nothing wrong but that was for sure a random gpl failure.
And now this, sorry guys but for me the fun is gone.

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