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In Topic: A Question For You Fast Guys

17 December 2017 - 09:00 PM

It may seem a bit hard at first, but after some should be able to get the accelerator all the way down.
Sry, had to tease a little :smartass:
... but it's correct it's hard & here's Pribluda a great help where you quickly discover with tire temp & can put the wheels at a better angle, the number one is an setup you trust.
Braking balance is important, some turns can be dangerous with, for example, 50%. Here you must keep the accelerator a little down when you brake, to prevent the rear wheels from blocking. Use a little 'cheating' with GPL Setup Manager & get the most out of your gearbox...the rest of the time, training on track.
My way of doing it, maybe not the best, I still have a lot of crash :whistling:
If you need self-confidence, install GTL (GT Legends) & run will find out how much you have learned in GPL B)

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