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#1 snafu


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Posted 24 August 2019 - 11:21 AM

Well, Surprised to be starting this topic having actually managed to finish the race.

Wehey, I wasn't lapped.

That was a tough one, no time to relax at all. Had a screen freeze during qualifying having not had one at all leading up to the race.

Re joined and put in a few laps with race fuel until I thought I had a respectable time and then sat it out until the race to allow myself to drop down the order so I would be racing against people nearer my expected lap times but hopefully still starting ahead of those I thought I could stay in front of due to them being in Cooper's, Honda's and BRM's.

So qualified in 11th I think.

Got a good start, Saw Carlos run wide at T1 so was immediately promoted to 10th. Knew I would not be able to stay with anyone ahead apart from possibly having a fighting chance against Michael in the Honda. Settled in behind Tris and we slowly extended away from Enrique. Watched my mirrors as Carlos recovered and let him past (Teamie) :) to give chase to Tris as I had no intention of mixing it with anyone, it was just a simple coin hunt. Then saw Carlos run wide at the "toe" of the "Boot" so was back chasing Tris, Not watched the replay yet so not sure if that was what caused Carlos to retire. :(

From then on-wards it was a case of trying to keep Tris in sight and wait for a mistake. Eventually he ran wide and I was through but still way to much of the race left to keep him behind me so I let him back through and continued to stalk him until with about 5 or so laps to go he went wide and I was past again, This time I did my best to stay in front of him and managed to bring it home in 7th I think. As far as I know there was no damage to the Eagle, so that's good news,.

Congrats to the Podium, Commiserations to Roy, I was expecting an Epic Battle at the front.

Did I mention I wasn't lapped. :yahoo:

I was really impressed today, I thought T1 Lap1 had all the ingredients to be a crashfest but you guys are way too good for that. :bowdown:

I started out with nothing and still have most of it left.

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#2 GrandPrixYannick


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Posted 24 August 2019 - 11:23 AM

Great result from my POV.

During qualifying I had one freeze.
Fortunately I had plenty of time to do more laps.
I had the aim to be at least ahead of Frank's Lotus and managed to do so by a slight margin.
The top-3 had times way beyond that of mine so I though 4th position would be a solid result.

The start went well, and spend a half lap trying to edge out on Iestyn, who did not quite seem to get the grip and had to defend.
Eventually I went past and build a small lead over him and Frank.
Then Roy's Lotus broke down and suddenly I was second, something I thought I wouldn't reach today.

However, it was under constant jeopardy. Iestyn picked up the pace and eventually was right behind my gearbox for a few laps.
He made two attempts on the start/finish straight, but I managed to defend it succesfully.
Eventually he lost control at Turn 9 which gave me some breathing space.

At the same time, I saw the gap to Frank decrease very gradually to about 3 seconds,
until he also lost a lot of time on a certain lap which cleared any form of danger for me,
and I drove to second without a worry.

Overall, a very good result on my part.
Pace was pretty good, no mistakes made, great consistency (Dag beat me to it by 1/1000th second!!)... and just barely missing out on staying on the green at all laps.
I somehow just never get it done, not even at Phoenix (because I spun and clipped the outer barrier once, and the game is like  :nono: ). Only street circuit seem to work for me.

But all in all, great day at the office. Could not have wished for more. (Apart from Robert retiring, I think?) :P
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#3 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 24 August 2019 - 12:58 PM

Since John was slightly faster than Yannick posting, I'm replying here ;)

Suffered an abdominal injury yesterday. While practing online last night, the pain got worse. You always tend to tense up the abs while racing, well I do...didn't sleep until in the morning when the pain was less severe. Painkillers must also have helped. Wasn't confident at all into the event after last nights experience. Was afraid having to park it after 10-15 laps. Skipped pre-race practise, but in quali felt OK. Had a screenfreeze, but ran a good PB in my final lap in quali. Just missed out on Pole, but was happy with my laptime. Also with my FOV couldn't see flagman well on Pole. Roy ran a great lap.

Start was solid enough, made sure to take the outside line in T1, no risks at all, even when  I braked quite late. First laps were fun, Roy and I had equal pace and laptimes. Was shaping up for a great fight up front, but sadly Roy blew up on Lap 5 :(

After that took extra care lifting over the bumps in the Esses and the backstraight. That said, lost my rhythm when Roy retired. Also due to the track characteristic, and taking it easier on exits, developed understeer. Only late race when the fuel had burnt off the balance returned to neutral. Normally I like a bit of oversteer, because you then can push a bit harder on the entry without losing out on the exit, maintaining a balance close to neutral.

Was grateful and happy to see the checkers, the pain wasn't too bad, and it didn't affect my driving. Another win for the Team! Yannick drove a great consistent race, with a nice fight and pass on Iestyn on Lap 1. Well done for P2! Frank completed the podium after resisting Iestyn for 15 laps, another fantastic teamresult, and a superb result for himself! Iestyn was unlucky  to miss out on the podium  after an off.

Well done finishers, looked like an excellent race. Thanks to the few lapped cars for the room. Commiserations to the retirements, especially Roy blowing up early, and Bob and Doni having a screenfreeze. That sucks...

However, the drivers c'ship is shaping up to a great fight between 4-5 drivers. It's a testament to oAo's system and format IMO, and also a testament to the quality of the D1 grid. Lap 1 for example was excellent, everyone did a great job keeping it clean. :)

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#4 Bob Simpson

Bob Simpson

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Posted 24 August 2019 - 02:05 PM

Well, a bit of a bummer.

I settled in to 10 place with Doni threatening to hound me. We had a pretty even pace with him about 2 - 3 seconds behind.

Doni suddenly disappeared - discoed with 10 laps to go. Then with Robert about to lap me, I discoed with 6 laps to go. At least I suffered zero damage this time :)
Bob Simpson
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#5 D_J


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Posted 25 August 2019 - 04:29 AM

Grats Rob , Yannick and Frank. Solid drive , well done to all of you. Commiserations to the discoed and the blown ups and others who didnt finish.

I got a freeze in Q and then I went off in the 2nd stint so it got kinda hectic and I couldnt get down to PB level but I doubt I could have done much with Frank and Yannick ahead of me. Race pace wasnt all that great so keeping it on track and bringing it home in one piece was all that mattered at the end of the day.

Strong honda drive by  Michael who secured P6 behind me , good job Mike.

Definetly a fun track to drive this. Nice flow and rythm to it.

#6 Mateusz Metz

Mateusz Metz

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Posted 25 August 2019 - 07:19 AM

View PostRobert Fleurke, on 24 August 2019 - 12:58 PM, said:

Suffered an abdominal injury yesterday. While practing online last night, the pain got worse. You always tend to tense up the abs while racing, well I do...didn't sleep until in the morning when the pain was less severe. Painkillers must also have helped. Wasn't confident at all into the event after last nights experience. Was afraid having to park it after 10-15 laps.

Don't ignore such symptoms if they keep persisting for longer periods of time... Go check it with doc Rob!

#7 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 25 August 2019 - 10:40 AM

Thanks for your advice Mateusz! Indeed I might have some internal problem...I probably will call the doc tomorrow...

BTW great job Dag for your race and consistency, and also Michael, for a great race in the Honda ;)

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#8 MGL66


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Posted 26 August 2019 - 07:49 AM

In pre-race chat, I felt tired. "Not a good sign," I thought. In the past, a poor night of sleep and its resultant fatigue have led to bad race performances. Yet somehow when the qualifying session began, almost everything fell into place. Apart from hitting the wall at The Loop early in the session, the car and I felt pretty good together. Ultimately I turned a lap almost 0.5 seconds faster than my previous Honda PB to take 7th on the grid.

My launch off the line was not particularly good -- failed to keep the engine revs up in 1st gear. That allowed Carlos to pull alongside. I had the inside position, however, and the extra tight Turn 1 isn't ideal for trying to hold the outside line. Unfortunately Carlos, mindful of leaving room for me, slipped off the outside edge of the track and lost several positions in what I imagine would prove a frustrating day for him.

That put Michiel on my tail for Lap 1, during which I certainly held him up by skating around the circuit in a heavily-loaded Honda with cold tires. After a couple laps, Michiel's threat was replaced by that of Tristan, who slowly crept closer in his Brabham. He did that twice, in fact, but both times dropped back, presumably having met with some form of misfortune.

Other than that, this was a completely lonely race. Dag pulled steadily ahead and, after Tristan's second assault, nobody was in my mirrors. I never even lapped anyone. All alone, with a steady and predictable Honda under me, I was able to simply tick off the laps to the checkered flag. I'm rather pleased with that, especially given how I felt before the race. I'm pleased, too, with Dag's steady performance ahead of me to finish 5th. Good points and coins earned, and no damage to either car.

Congratulations to the podium, and commiserations to the DNFs -- especially to Roy, whose championship aspirations are badly hurt by mechanical issues. Once again congratulations to the whole field for excellent consistency! And finally, as others have mentioned, good job through a tight and difficult Turn 1 on Lap 1. Everyone exhibited good patience.

See you in a couple weeks at Reims, about which I will soon post a concern.


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