S7 R08 Bathurst June 18/09 - How Was Your Race?

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#1 Kimmo


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Posted 18 June 2009 - 08:35 PM

Mine was great. Had a great time first hounding down Samuel, he got a great run off the line, then trying to find my way past, which is not easy unless he would make a mistake accelerating out of a croner (which he very rarely does) and once I did get by in a hairy overtaking move, we went 2 wide down the chase at 300 km/h, but he saw me coming on the inside and didn't try to block. This is what you can do when you trsut someone blindly. Not once was there any kind of contact, it was close a few times but, I don't know... Samule is the greatest to run close to. Thansk mate. The he kept me honest all the way, I knew that if I'd make one bigger mistake that would be game over. I almost did, going up T3 in 4th, and when I it the brakes and downshifted to 3rd, I got neutral!! GAAH Engine at idle, more than plenty of speed, sphincter going OoOoOoOoO I did not dare to do anythng, not brake (balance is fooked without the enginebrake and didn't dare to put it in gear from idle because that would have locked the rears for sure) so I slid through T4 in neutral, engine at idle :D Cooked my tires in the process and the next few turns were a bit exciting. Sam blowing Marlboro smoke up my arse. Good fun.

I really really wanted to win this one, so bad. And I got a lucky break and did so. I am very happy. Congrats Sam and Maxi, and the rest of the finishers. I knew maybe half would not finish the race, well I thought they wouldn't. but I thought a few more would enter the race. Why didn't you? :(

#2 Gunny



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Posted 18 June 2009 - 08:43 PM

Race replay and xml files.
Also some pic's of the servers usage.

Attached Files

#3 Phil Ashio

Phil Ashio

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Posted 18 June 2009 - 09:01 PM

Joined up early to practice. Life is getting too busy with a teenage son. Anyways I was starting to get the hang of the track. Thanks Dom for the setup. I went out to qualify. Put in a couple of laps. PC locked up just past start/finish line of lap 3 or 4 and that was all she wrote. I got the pc running but I am having trouble getting rfactor to run. I might need to reload it. Oh well.
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#4 Dom77


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Posted 18 June 2009 - 09:10 PM

5th place last running. I was behind Maxi trying to find a way pass to get 3rd place but he held strong and i spun going up the mountain before those fast lefthanders. Damage for 16 laps! but had to continue u never know with the championship!

Next race goodwood its a easy track i hope the others will practice and race there!
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#5 maximica


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Posted 18 June 2009 - 09:15 PM

Well, great podium for me, too hard for my eyes!, team lotus was pushing me hard, but the car was fine all race.
congrats to all finishers, especially "Kimmo and his jet with wheels" :thumbup:  :thumbup:

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#6 Samuel


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Posted 25 June 2009 - 03:24 AM

Ooops , i thought i already wrote my race report but obviously i only did it in my head :D.

Well...anyways the race went much better than i expected and the 2nd position was a good result after the very disappointing race last time where i put it in the wall early on.   Had a busy week and didn't have much time to practice but once again Kimmo helped me with the setup and once again it turned out to be an excellent one. I had some small issues with it still on a raceday but the last tweaks suggested by Kimmo cured the slight oversteer i had in slower turns  :thumbup: .

Already on practice i saw that Kimmo was really flying here and the same trend continued into the qualifying where he totally obliterated the rest of the opposition :). I was pretty happy with 2nd place anyways and a front row start gave a good chance to get into the lead if things go well.

Start went fine this time and i could jump into 1st place before the 1st corner , but looking at the replay it seems like the starting grid is a bit strange here by allowing the cars to line up side by side and that helped me a bit   ;).

Could hang on in the lead a couple of laps but when Kimmo had burned out some fuel , he started to close in and took the lead after the loooong back straight where the Renault could really stretch its legs. Didn't really put up a big fight there because there wasn't any point to put us both in danger by aggressive blocking on such a high speed corner. After that Kimmo pulled away and he could control the race pretty easily , did my best to keep him on sight thou to keep the concentration level up and keep myself motivated to the end of the race. A small mistake from Kimmo on the mountain allowed me to close up a bit but there wasn't any real chance to challenge him today.

Awesome pace Kimmo and a well deserved victory, really happy to see you win here mate  :v: :rockon:. Congratulations also to MM for the 3rd podium place  :thumbs: and thx all for the race.

Next race already today and still haven't even touch the track yet , so it's going to be a tough one but thats the way it goes sometimes :) , cya there   :drive1: .


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