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Yesterday, 05:54 AM

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06 May 2019 - 09:52 AM

The whole session went as expected for me.
4th on the grid was the best I could do, setting a time about equivalent to my time two years ago.
If I wanted a shot at 3rd and pass Iestyn, I had to make a monster of a start. What adds to the difficulty is that he is on the inside.

So, my start was better than his, but not good enough to even threaten the position.
So fourth it was and the three ahead pulled away from me. Knowing I couldn't keep up, I aimed for scoring high on the consistency scoreboard.
Seeing I was third in that regard, I'd say I did well.

Apart from one Honda which took its time, I feel the backmarkers did a job well done with the blue flags :)

Iestyn had one moment towards the end of the race, but it wouldn't matter for my result.
I finish fourth, where I expected to be finishing.

One more race left till the season break, and a tough track to add.
See you at the Nürburgring. :)

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21 April 2019 - 09:12 AM

View PostEFulghum, on 21 April 2019 - 08:41 AM, said:

Note to TSG:
Never use the Sachsenring again.

Thank you.

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20 April 2019 - 12:35 PM

I have driven my share of tracks with a hardcore diificulty.
But not once have I driven on the Sachsenring.
I'm not sure if just happen to miss the race where the Sachsenring was driven on, or that leagues never picked this track.
And I feel the latter is a lot more likely between the two, because this track has some horrendous elevation changes.
So I went to the grid with the expectation that I likely won't finish the race.

So qualifying I went for two stints.
First stint went okay, though I had much trouble with traffic which held me up during my laps.
When I was going for a good lap I made contact with Tristan in the hairpin out of impatience. Sorry for that :(

Second stint ended very prematurely because I went wide at Guthrie Stein. I hope maybe my car could jump over the gap one way or another,
but instead, the Ferrari tried a BACKFLIP and landed flat on its face.

Luckily it happened before the 5 minute interval so I set my car up for one flying lap.
I tried getting heat into the tyres and went one lap all out for my doing on the circuit trying to get a fast time.
Crossing the line, I actually went sub 2:33 to my surprise and set myself comfortably in 3rd place.

The start went good. Robert was slow off the line, but it was too risky to make an attempt on him through Turn 1 (plus that he would get back at me anyway)
so I aborted the attempt and got behind the him and Roy in the third.

My teammate, however, was looking feisty, had much better race pace in the Cooper.
Noticing I was just holding him up, I yielded my place at the end of Lap 2 so he could drive at the pace he was capable of.
And so Michiel pulled away, only to get a screenfreeze a couple of laps later.

Meanwhile, I just lacked to maintain consistency and made a number of unneeded errors which put Dag in third place in the Ferrari.
However, abysmal for him, he crashed his Ferrari at the chicane and wrote off the chassis.
Big shame, Dag, you deserved the podium better than I did today :(

I carried on in third, and started to perform a bit better,
but with three laps left I got wide again at Guthrie Stein, and crashed in similar fastion as in qualifying on the train tracks.

All in all, not a very good day on my part.
A stunning qualifying, but in the race I was just lackluster.
I didn't dare to have the same pace as in qualifying in fear of writing off my own car,
but at the same time had too many instance I could have very well done just that. Too often I made contact with a sidewalk which showed some damages to the suspension,
although I didn't really feel much difference in handling throughout the race.

Cu next in Zandvoort.

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19 April 2019 - 08:26 AM

I'd rather have the European and North American legs evenly divided with each six races so...
Grenzlandring :) (not registered as one but technically an oval, I think)

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