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In Topic: S21 R12 Phoenix International Raceway

15 September 2018 - 01:22 PM

Congrats Rob, Micheal, and Iestyn! And congrats to all the drivers! We did a good job.

That was somewhat interesting. I didn't get sleepy. And I can't think of any oval in the US other than Indy that I'd rather drive.

I did every thing I wanted to do except I didn't average less than 29.5 seconds. My "dead" setup got me to the finish with little trouble. It liked to plow into the turns and seemed a little weak in the middle but it was smooth and good exiting the bankings. It stayed the same throughout the race.

It was fun trying to keep Micheal and Iestyn behind me. I may have done it a lot longer if I could have driven exceptionally well. Once while practicing, I had been able to use Micheal's slipstream but I couldn't do it today. There was no keeping up with him once he had a little gap. I knew Iestyn was faster too but question was, can he actually pass me? He took good advantage of me when I lost a little momentum in lapped traffic. I had every intention of keeping him behind me.

Iestyn saw my only real mistake. I hit the wall exiting the last turn. It appears it altered my alignment slightly. After a little practicing I don't remember seeing any more than 2F degrees difference across my tires. I ran the last 80 laps with the outside 3 degrees hotter. I'd guess that took about 0.1 seconds off my lap times. That wouldn't have been enough to match Micheal's and Iestyn's pace but the proper alignment may have kept me a little closer.

The only other "mistake" I made was I didn't make it as difficult as I'd have liked for Rob to hit me. I got off the racing line and braked heavily but didn't think I had left him as much room as I'd have liked. It looked better in the replay than I thought I had done in the race.

I often thought through the race that this is child's play but every time I got near lapped cars, I quickly forgot that thought. You guys did a good job letting others through.

View PostRobert Fleurke, on 15 September 2018 - 11:04 AM, said:

I did start the race in the wrong lane just noticed in replay!

You had me a little confused but I didn't see that it mattered. Before we started I think made it clear to Micheal and Iestyn where I was going.

Thanks guys and see you next time.

In Topic: Adc / Vor 69X Mod @ Mount Panorama, September 12, 2018 36 Fps

11 September 2018 - 06:00 PM

I hope things aren't too disastrous for you TJ. Unless they're predictions are very inaccurate, somewhere in the mid-Atlantic is going to get hit hard. If I were in the Carolinas or Virginia, I'd soon be on my way to somewhere several hundred miles away.

In Topic: Pir Graphics Update/track Version

10 September 2018 - 01:57 PM

You're getting sleepy, very, very sleepy.

This track is hypnotic. It reminds me of the late 1980s, early 90s. I'd sit down to watch some Nascar and I'd be asleep within 10 minutes. Once the droning stopped, I'd wake up. Those were some good naps.

It's ironic that the sound of US V8s used to make me sleep well, considering how often those PsOS wake me up now.

In Topic: Goodwood Revival 2018

09 September 2018 - 09:29 AM

Thanks for the reminder John. I enjoyed watching the old Can Am cars racing. Turner's pass for P2 was a real beauty. He might have made the race for the win very interesting had he been able to get into P2 much earlier. Whittaker wasn't challenged much in the Team Surtees car.

In Topic: Aintreer

26 August 2018 - 07:11 AM

View PostMK3424, on 25 August 2018 - 09:44 AM, said:

Untill somebody disconnects when i'm in the middle of a corner.. causing the game to drop in framerate and i lose control... straight into a tree and upside down...

I'd guess you're using a Nvidia GTX video card and oglv2? I bought a GTX 1050ti a little over a year ago. It can handle anything GPL can throw at it except the join/disco messages.

At 36fps, you may be able to use the d3dv2 raster, but it will suck at 60 fps. You could try complaining to Nvidia. I've thought about it but haven't done it. They could probably fix it in their gpu drivers but they're unlikely to since this probably effects so few people.

The first time I tried the GTX 1050ti online was at Watkins Glen - 60fps. Once in qualifying, as I approached the Loop, I got a huge stutter. I couldn't see the Loop yet but by the time the normal frame rate returned I was at the middle of the Loop. I was so rattled by all the stutters, that by the time the race started I couldn't concentrate well.

I thought the GTX 1050ti was going to be great for GPL. Offline, it would give me a steady 60fps starting at the back of a full field of AI GTs at Spa67. And it only uses 37 watts while running GPL 60fps versus 35 watts while idle on the desktop. It's a shame I haven't been able to use it online and that I've had to revert back to a Radeon HD7850 for online use.

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