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15 March 2017 - 12:23 AM

My PC was working this morning and I have spent all the day updating the software. At about 6:30pm I had to reboot it and it just stopped working. So the SSD named as C: must be repaired or replaced.
It took about a week to replace a damaged Power Supply, it can take another week to check the SSD and to replace it if it is damaged beyond repairs, not to mentions the need to reinstall all the software.
Since my accute myocardial infarction on October 24 th, I´ve been dealing with MDs, with 7 pills a day and more. And I can´t deal with all this stuff atm.

So I must resign to my current team and I hope to get back racing online after some months, as a privateeer for 2017. My deepest apologies to the team that signed me up, but I am not in the best mood to race online by weekly, at least for 6 months or so.
Again, my apologies to the team, but I can´t deal with the oAo schedule and to deal with my current health problems, all at the same time. I can´t be decently competitive, period.

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