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Mybroga Is Alive And Starting Its 48Th Season!!!

17 January 2017 - 06:34 PM

Hello everybody.

We're about to start our 48th season, during first half of this year. We'll race the original 1967 GPL cars in 11 races, wednesdays nights (from Argentina. GMT-3).

Our schedule is at GPL-Weekly:

We're in contact mainly in our facebook page "Mybroga (grand prix legends)"

If you don't use FB and wanna race with us, just send me a message (private or not) in this forum.

Long Live GPL Posted Image

And LLM !


Mybroga News

19 July 2016 - 12:11 PM

We're about to start our 47th season, with the great 1967x mod (carset 7)

This is the first season in which we'll coordinate schedules with our "brother-league" Clandestines Trophy, alternating wednesdays in order to allow drivers to race both championships.

The 1967x mod proved to be a great one for online racing and we're with the enthusiasm of discovering a "new" GPL with it. Every car-track combination is a new experience that we're discovering just now.

This league is one of the first ones to race GPL online (from 2001) and the "home-league" for many drivers in the GPL history.
Our server is located at Córdoba, Argentina and we have an excellent ping to race all over South America (although several of our drivers are from North America and Europe and race without any problem).
For additional data, or if you wanna join us, let us know (for private message or in the report of some of our races).

Schedule of 47th Season:

We're also in Facebook as "Mybroga (Grand Prix Legends)"

Cheers and Long Live GPL!! :)

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30 June 2016 - 03:25 PM


Vamos a correr alternadamente los martes (F2 o 66) una semana y miércoles (67 o 67x) a la siguiente (sólo una carrera por semana).
Avisen quiénes van a correr por aquí o en el grupo de facebook "Mybroga (Grand Prix Legends)"

Todas las novedades de la liga estarán en



We'll race alternatively on tuesdays (F2 or 66) one week and the wednesday (67 or 67x) at the following one (only one race in a week).
Let us know if you'll race by here or in the facebook group "Mybroga (Grand Prix Legends)"

All the news of the league will be at

Saludos / Cheers


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