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In Topic: P.i.r. Race Reports

22 September 2018 - 06:24 PM

Really glad to have that one behind us. No time to rest at all. Struggled during qualifying and never really got my act together. Had to sit out most of it due to colliding with an upsidedown BRM with about 25 minutes still to go. Car was still drivable but way outside track limits and I couldn't find a way back. :(

Watched my time slowly drop down the grid and despite improving during the final 5 minutes couldn't make any places up so lined up in 4th.

Start seemed to be just about perfect watching the replay. and I settled down behind Alain and we all waited for the 1st person to crack under the pressure. Alain finally made his move and got 2nd off Bo and I followed a few laps later. Mick and Alain certainly seemed to have the set up today to take the top podium spots. I was playing the long game prepared to sit in 3rd and happy to still be in touch with the front 2 and wait for a mistake. I got my reward when Mick clipped the barrier on the exit of T2 promoting me to 2nd. Alain a few laps later exiting the same corner had a coming togeher with a Honda and I found myself in 1st with very little effort on my part.

Although I had seen a few hi 28's around here during practice I didn't get anywhere close to that today, happy to circulate at a speed which kept the RF temps under control. I did clip the barrier exiting the final turn on 1 lap but managed to keep it very clean for the rest of the race.I did wonder if I had bought a knife to a gunfight when I found I was the only ferrari on the grid and thought perhaps everyone knew something I didn't but in the end I think it worked in my favour as those who were lapped were just about perfect considering the lack of passing opportunities around here. Probably having the only red car in the field helped. :)

Really unfortunate for both Mick and Alain. Although I would have tried to make a move later in the race in all honesty I don't think I had the pace to keep up let alone put myself in a position where I could have contested the top 2 spots.

So steady rather than frantic today. The track kept it exciting enough all on it's own.

Interesting what Andrew said about my name on Prib. It happened at Monza (I mentioned it in the race report) and also again today. No warping was evident and my connection seemed solid but my name dissapeared of the Prib display. Everything else was updating as normal (Distances to other cars, Driver colour - I could see Bo was still on the same lap etc). I need to investigate as it's happened twice in a row now and I have no idea what's causing it. :(

Really sorry Bob couldn't make the race. Glad it's nothing more serious than just a loss of power. We had 60mph winds over here during the past few days and while nothing like what Bob experienced my Internet was up and down like a brides nightie on Thursday and Friday.

Congrats to Bo and Alain for the other podium spots, thanks to those who were lapped and commiserations to the retirees.

On to Road America, Whoohoo a proper track..


In Topic: Goodwood Revival 2018

18 September 2018 - 03:21 PM

No one can say they aren't trying.

Top saves of the weekend.


In Topic: S21 R12 Phoenix International Raceway

15 September 2018 - 01:08 PM

Very well done, Having just watched the replay I can't say how impressed I was with everyone, Plenty of cooperation and patience shown throughout the field.

An terrific example of how it should be done. :thumbs:


In Topic: Regarding Race At Pir/ Rolling Or Standing Start Debate

14 September 2018 - 11:36 AM

I've been dropping onto the server most nights but not seen many on, and when I've been there no one has stayed for the race. :(

So I've been preparing myself against the AI, My conclusion... This is going to be a very busy track :drive1: and no one should expect to be lapping at anywhere near their PB during the race (Or Qualifying for that matter). It's going to take a lot of cooperation if we are to get anywhere near the full grid of drivers to the finish.


In Topic: Regarding Race At Pir/ Rolling Or Standing Start Debate

11 September 2018 - 08:32 AM

I do wonder why we got into the rolling start  mentality. Was it just because "It's an Oval so we do a rolling start"?

The S/F straight has no camber at all, It's very flat. T1 is certainly no more hazardous than say Interlagos, Ardmore, AintreeR to name just a few.. One could almost argue the slower speed drivers would be travelling as they enter T1 from a standing start could prove less catastrophic than everyone heading towards T1 with 100mph already under there wheels. I think the no overtaking until you cross the SF line will be very hard to police.

I'm not going to argue against it but was just wondering about the logic. I personally would have preferred a standing start, staggered 1X1 grid with a bit more spacing than usual.


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