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#1 Iestyn Davies

Iestyn Davies

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Posted 10 August 2019 - 10:36 AM

Great to be back racing.. I turn 30 in two races time and on that day is the full memorial GP at Reims! :wow:

Got a slight PB in practice and almost matched it in qually to take 3rd on the grid. Felt like I got a good start, much better than the practice start at least, but still I lost two positions to the flying Frank and Tris.

Coming into the penultimate corner on lap 1, Tris suddenly lost momentum while aiming inside of the corner, perhaps from a missed gear/box of neutrals or possible blown engine. I tried to aim as far inside of him as I could, but still we made contact as I heard the contact noise and could see him flying in the mirror, as I was spun inside onto the grass. :(

Recovering, I passed Marcos, John, Michael (who I was sad to see going off on the outside, as he was flying in the Honda, I hope I didn't crowd him into Dr Tiroch), Yannick (down on power) and Dag, to begin the chase of Frank for the final podium place.

Through the mid-race, the gap stabilised at around 4-5 seconds, when I had one brief over-correction on the steering which threw off the calibration and led to a slow lap fixing it to go straight again.

Coming up to more lappers, I pushed again and did back to back 43s to get to the back of Frank, as we passed Yannick and Carlos. If I kept it up I might have challenged him before race end, but coming into Bosch Kurve, the car did not react as I expected and after 2-3 bumps of the wall, the chase was off, top speed in 5th down to 175mph and I was counting my lucky stars to finish and hope it didn't cost too much damage. :cc_surrender:

The pace at the front was fabulous and Frank drove really well to complete the podium!
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#2 MGL66


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Posted 10 August 2019 - 10:47 AM

View PostIestyn Davies, on 10 August 2019 - 10:36 AM, said:

Recovering, I passed Marcos, John, Michael (who I was sad to see going off on the outside, as he was flying in the Honda, I hope I didn't crowd him into Dr Tiroch) ...

Not at all. You did everything perfectly. In my attempt to provide you with enough room plus a little margin for error, I ran wide all by myself. I think it's a sign that I'm a little out of practice following break.


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#3 mcmirande


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Posted 10 August 2019 - 11:28 AM

I was very excited to return to oAo races and was very consistent with the BRM. But I did a stupid mistake when I fill the tank. I don't no why but I read 24 laps instead of 34.
I did some laps just to corroborate I wouldn't finish the race while damned myself. I preferred to leave, at least to prevent damages in the car.

I still cannot understand "how could I be such a fool" (in Zappa's words)

If I still have a seat in Vulture team, see you the next race...

I'm very sorry team (Bruce, Pepe and Quique)...

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#4 GrandPrixYannick


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Posted 10 August 2019 - 11:53 AM

I am honestly disgruntled with how things went today.
Qualifying was sub-par and the race was just... woeful.

Zeltweg is a track where I just cannot seem to get a decent setup out, struggling to find balance between agility and stability.
During qualifying I was still searching and got only 7th behind people I should be in front of.
I was looking to get a good lap behind Roy until I got impeded at the last turn.

The start of the race was very good.
I managed to get one position on my own merit, but gained two additional places after Tristan and Iestyn collided with each other.
So I jumped up to 4th and I focused on getting to work on my pace.

Unfortunately I messed up on Lap 4 at the Bosch Kurve, as my car lacked began to slide in the braking zone and I overcorrected the car into the barrier.
Initally, the damage did not feel bad at all. I did not had the idea the suspension was damaged, but I as soon as I got to the S/F straight, I noticed something severe:
the engine lost power.

Dag went past me as if I drove a Ferrari 1512 instead of a 312.
And later the rest of the field followed. I tried to do what I can, but lost three seconds per lap purely because my engine was not working well.
In the end I fell to P10 and finished in that position, too.

This goes in my book as the worst race of the season.
I was off-pace, made an unnecessary mistake which compromised my race, barely scored a point and got my team a big damage bill.
Doesn't help with the fact that Michiel was missing today, so I really hope my D2 teammates can fix the mess I made.
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#5 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 10 August 2019 - 12:32 PM

Great to be back with oAo with the Niki Lauda Memorial!

Already on my second timed lap did a PB in quali, and couldn't better it. Only 5/100s off the F312 WR, Roy wasn't able to repeat his pre quali time so Pole was mine.

But start wasn't optimal with too much wheelspin, and lost the lead. Stayed close first laps, but then Roy pulled away with better pace. Trying to hold on pushed too much and developed understeer, which caused my laptimes to drop and had a couple of sloppy laps just before halfway. Roy almost lead 7s at some point, before I made gains second half of the race. I was pretty happy with my laps late race, but ran out of laps to close the gap completely. That said, Roy saved fuel last laps, so had to settle for second this race (again). Had hoped to keep close first half of race, and the balance only returned when half of the fuel had burnt off, and having taken more care with the LF tire.

Congrats to Roy for a commanding win, and another well deserved podium for Frank, what a teamresult! Well done finishers, thanks to the lapped cars for the room. Commiserations to the DNFs and those suffering from damage.

Thanks to Bruce and all involved for organizing! :)

PS: Marcos, you might want to enable Lee's pit stop patch. That way you could have pitted for fuel in the race. It's allowed to use. ;)

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#6 Bob Simpson

Bob Simpson

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Posted 10 August 2019 - 01:08 PM

The first laps were a bit hectic. In front of me, Cullen was slow off the line, while Farina blew his engine. I gained a couple of places, but Cendejas got ahead of me. A lap later Cendejas got sideways in The Bosche Kurve and I got by him. Around lap 5, I was settled in behind Lowrey and seemed to be catching slowly. It looks like he had suffered some damage.

At lap 9, I checked my fuel calculations and realized that I had underestimated by around 7 laps. Seems that Marcos and I were equally mistaken. Instead of putting in 22 gallons, I went by 22 laps. I started to see if I could stretch my fuel out to extend to the finish, but in the end I had to stop at about 5 to go after doing an economy run, extremely short-shifting.
Bob Simpson
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#7 snafu


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Posted 10 August 2019 - 04:08 PM

Well, I was very pleased to put in a good performance here as I have always liked this track. Qualified with race fuel as I had no intention of trying any heroics so was happy to be near the rear of the grid in 11th place.

Then the weirdest thing.. Positioned myself on the grid and found I had no engine "Power" sounds overrun was there but pressing the throttle silence.. :( I could still here everyone else engines though. So most of my race was run just listening to other peoples engines and wind noise, interrupted by my own engine on the overrun.

Despite this the start went well, and gained 2 places by T1 courtesy of Enrique's blown engine and Marcos getting slowed behind him off the line so was up to 9th. This then became 7th by the end of the lap after Tris spun in front of Iestyn. Iestyn soon recovered and was all over me so knowing my race wasn't with him I moved over and let him past so back to 8th. Michael then ran wide at Tiroch and I was right behind him I guess he had sustained some damage and I passed him when he had a moment at Bosch so back up to 7th. The lack of engine sounds caused a few worrying moments when I held onto a few gears a bit longer than advisable and I was a bit concerned if I didn't pay more attention the engine was going to be spread all over the track before race end. So started short shifting in a conscious attempt not to cause any further damage.  

Then much to my surprise as the race settled down 2 things happened. 1st my engine sounds began to return and 2nd I seemed to be making up ground on Yannick It took me a lap or so to actually accept he had real problems and wasn't just having a few off laps, so passed him on the run down to Bosch and up to 6th.

From then onwards the front 5 simply got further and further ahead and I was able to extend away from Yannick as he was consumed by the chasing pack and was able to maintain a healthy gap behind. Never got within 2.5 seconds of my PB during the race but this one was simply about finishing unscathed after costing the team a considerable amount of coins when I destroyed our Brabham last race.

Congrats to the Podium, Commiserations to the DNF's

Thanks guys it was a blast as usual.

If anyone has any ideas about my sound issue I'm all ears, did a few laps at the Glen after the race and all seemed fine. :orangeconfused:

Regarding my sound issue, I think I found the problem.

Tried GPL again this morning and everything seemed fine. Then I tried a race against the AI and the problem returned.

Then I had a Homer Simpson moment Doh!! and I realised what is happening.

Over the break I've been playing around with GPLES and I only had 9 sounds selected in the GPL options screen.

So when surrounded by other drivers the number of sounds was exceeded and it seems my own sounds are the 1st to go. I guess this is why they began to return as the race progressed and less sounds from other cars were in range.

So now I have all my sounds back even with a full grid. :yahoo:


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#8 Roy


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Posted 12 August 2019 - 08:52 AM

Great race for me and a good result for our team!
Qual didn't go as planned... i don't know what it was but i could not somehow stick it together.
All what was needed from that point was a good start and trying to catch Rob at T1.
I hade a good start and was able to pass Rob at T1 and from there i just needed to focus that i don't make any mistake's.
I did make one mistake i believe it was lap 2 last corner where i touched the wall with two wheels.
After some laps i saw that Rob was not closing the gap and i saw the gap growing a few tenths every lap.
Somewhere half way i noticed my fuel was going quicker or faster then i thought.
From that point i needed to slow down because i was not so sure that i will make it with the amount of fuel i hade left.
On that point i hade a 7 seconds gap and saw Rob closing in every lap.
Luckily i hade just enough fuel to make it and somehow i didn't saw the checkered flag on the last lap so i thought that i needed to drive one more lap.
After a few corners i saw waving flags so there must ring any bells but still not sure that i finished already haha :D
All in all a very good race for me and i was really happy that i saved enough fuel.
Not happy with my qual time because that can and needs to be way better and for me this is not acceptable.

Grats Rob and Frank! and everyone else who participated :)

#9 MGL66


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Posted 12 August 2019 - 11:08 AM

In training I turned a 1:45.04 in the Honda, but was having trouble matching it. Even as late as race morning I was fiddling with tire camber and pressures, concerned that the tires were running too hot. I never was able to dial in to exactly what I wanted, but I knew I had a predictable, controllable setup, even if I couldn't match my PB time.

Lap 1 was lucky for me: Enrique's engine trouble combined with Iestyn's and Tristan's contact moved me up three places.

There was no way I was going to keep Iestyn behind me -- I simply didn't have the speed. But my mistake in slipping off the edge of the track at Dr. Tiroch Kurve and hitting the guard rail did cause damage to the car which made itself apparent one turn later in Bosch Kurve, where again I clouted the outside barrier. That allowed John to pass easily and contributed further to the damage.

It took me about 5 laps to acclimate to the "revised" handling characteristics of the Honda, during which I seriously wondered whether I would be finishing this race. Once acclimated, however, I tapped the guard rail around Bosch Kurve 2 or 3 more times during the race, but none of them proved terminal, nor did they noticeably alter the handling any further.

Bob S. hounded me for a while, then Ed took up the challenge in the latter half of the race. I was able to maintain just enough cushion so that even those few minor mistakes didn't cost me any more positions. And of course, I was one of the people who took merciless advantage of Yannick's down-on-power Ferrari. Better to have a bent Honda than an engine-damaged Ferrari, I suppose.

Congratulations to the podium finishers! Thanks to Bob S. and Ed for keeping me on my toes. It was nice to back with you all, even if I was a little bit rusty.


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