Atlasf1 Legends League - Oval Division - Season 26 Cart 1988 - Schedule & Rules

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Posted 15 July 2015 - 12:17 PM

AtlasF1 Legends League

Oval Division - Season 26 – CART 1998

1.    Mod to be used
We will run the CARTfactor mod for rFactor. Season 26 will start on July 28th, 2015.

2.    Schedule

Race# Date Track Laps
1 04/08/2015 Pocono 150 USPitsPocono 60
2 18/08/2015 Milwaukee 150 Milwaukee 1998 100
3 01/09/2015 Toronto 100 Toronto 2007 56
4 15/09/2015 Texas 150 Texas_CFM 100
5 29/09/2015 Chicago 150 USPits Illinois 100
6 13/10/2015 Long Beach 100 Long Beach 1998 64
7 27/10/2015 Michigan 150 USPits Michigan 75
8 10/11/2015 Spaghetti 150 Monza67 42
9 24/11/2015 Florida 150 Homestead 1998 100
10 08/12/2015 California 150 JNS Fontana 75
11 22/12/2015 Watkins Glen 100 Watkins Glen Nascar 41
12 05/01/2016 Indy 200 Indianapolis_500 80

3.    Races
All races will consist of a 60min Practice session, a Qualifying session when only 6 timed laps are allowed, including the out lap and the in lap, a 5min Warm-up session and next the official race. All races will take place on Tuesdays, according to the Schedule.
Official races will be set to 2x tire and fuel wear.
Our server is named as: AtlasF1 Legends League at the rFactor race list.
The password to access the server will be send to each driver through a PM at our forums:


You will need to register at the Speedgeezers forums to race with us. All drivers must use their real names to join the server. We prefer if you also use your real name at the forums, but this is not mandatory.
The Practice sessions will start at 24GMT, 20EST.GMT startime will change when DST is in use.

4.    Race Format and Starting procedure
All races will be 150miles long, except the ones at roadcourses which will be 100 miles long and the Indy 500, 200 miles long. The starting procedure will be the standard pace lap and double file rolling starts. It is not allowed to pass before the S/F line when the green comes.
Full course yellows are on.

5.    Championships
We will host a Drivers Championship and, if there is interest, a Team Championship.
Before the start of the season, all drivers must select a car from a list posted at our forum, and use that car for the full season, though one change of car is allowed if there are free slots.
Teams of up to 2 drivers are allowed.
Drivers will receive 20 additional points for finishing the whole race. If you do not complete the entire race, you will be awarded a percentage of the 20 points depending on the percentage of the race you completed. All drivers that start a race will receive their % of the basic 10 points, even if they finish the race in 13th position or higher.
In addition, the top 12 finishers will receive points as follows:

Position    Points
1    20
2    16
3    14
4    12
5    10
6    8
7    6
8    5
9    4
10    3
11    2
12    1
Best 10 out of 12 races will count for both the Drivers and Teams Championships.

6.    Chat
No chatting is allowed after the official Qualifying Session starts. Only 'Pit In' and 'Pit Out', or similar, are allowed. If it would be possible, leave the 'sorry' for the post race comments.

7.    Incidents and Protests
If you feel an incident has unfairly affected your result then it's your responsibly for bringing it to the attention of the League Admins by submitting a protest. A description of your accusation is required together with a replay of the incident.
While normally the Admins will only review protested incidents, it is in his rights to review anything that took place during qualifying or a race. If an offense is serious enough, a penalty may be issued without a formal complaint being filed.
All complains/protests must be send to the Admins up to 24hs after the race is finished.
Penalties can range from just issuing a warning, to adding seconds or laps to a driver's race results, to loss of points, disqualification, suspension and banishment from the league.

8.    Race Reports
All drivers are encouraged to post his comments about each race, either positive or negative. However, we will not tolerate any flame war here. If somebody would want to discuss an incident in public, it is ok, BUT keeps flames out of the thread. That discussion/analysis must be useful to avoid other incidents, not to find a guilty of charge.
All other AtlasF1 Legends League rules are in effect.

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Arturo Pereira

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Posted 23 July 2015 - 08:57 AM

New Schedule posted!!

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