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Race Start Tips From The Pro

06 October 2018 - 10:40 AM

It seems that my race starts are getting to be legend. I still think that I have faster reflexes than most but the lead-up to the flag drop helps too. Here’s what I do:

First, understand that in the final count-down before you have to jump into the car on the grid at the race start is 15 seconds less than when the flag drops. So at 15 seconds on the count-down, the flag will drop 30 seconds later. That just gives me a smaller window of when to super-concentrate.

I have a clock with a second hand visible just above my monitor so I can track that.

At around 5 to 3 seconds to go, I get ready, but rather than looking at the flagman, I focus down the track past the Start line with the flag in my peripheral view.

I usually practice my starts and, depending on the car, fuel load, and track surface and levelness, pick an RPM where it won’t over-rev, and the wheels will spin just the right amount. Not to mention that you don’t want to blow the engine. Then it’s moderating the throttle/revs so that the wheels spin just the right amount for grip and control.  From there it’s just reflexes.

I assume that everyone knows that the fastest way to start is to rev the engine and then just dump it into 1st gear, rather than using the clutch, if you have one.

At 70, I still seem to have good reflexes. In life, what big benefit does that give me? On my gravestone, it’ll say “Dead. But at least he had quick reflexes”

Summer Break Fun Race #3 Targa

09 July 2018 - 04:34 PM

I'd like to know if the Targa race with the GT cars will be run with Pro Damage mode?

Or what I'm asking Bo, is just how much of a Sadist are you? :)

But seriously, how will this be run? Are you going to seed the drivers, then get them to enter the server fastest to slowest, then run the race as a time-trial in practice mode? That way, drivers can get in two to three laps in the 120 minutes and you can just see who got the fastest lap.

Otherwise, the practice will likely be too short for qualifying, then after the first driver in the race finishes, the last driver(s) will be cut off by the time limit.

How To Get The 60 Fps Patch Running

02 May 2018 - 08:10 PM

It's pretty simple...

Get the 60fps files at SRMZ:



Then you put the 60fps patch files into the following folders...

Goes into...

Goes into...

If you have problems getting the 66 GP mod running with 60fpsv2newmod, I just did this after the Full DL at the 1966 site at http://www.grandprix...6/downloads.htm
1 - Delete the "gpl66" folder from gpl\Mods\GEM+
2 - Run the "1966mod_PATCH_v2.0"
3 - Delete "gplc66.exe" from the gpl folder

And it runs fine with 60fpsv2newmod

You should enable vsync for 60fps in the GEM+ graphics options (Rasterizer button) and your graphics card setup and to make sure, in the core.ini, you should see:
VSync= 1

To take part on an race with 60fps, first you check the box in GEM+ after selecting the correct mod. Don't forget to uncheck it if you join a 36fps server!


Which version you use with which mod has mostly to do with AI performance and I think the following is correct:

60FPSv1    -> 69X and GT
60fpsv2newmod   -> 65, 66GP, 67, 67F2, CA66 and CA71

However, if you never race the AI, I don't think it matters. In fact you don't ned to replace the AI ini files if you only race online.


If you mismatch the right checkbox or forget to check, you won't get on the server (36 fps trying to join a 60 fps server) or get the "every 3sec flash" (60 fps joining a 36 fps server)

If you use the GPLRelay analyzer, you'll need the newest version to make sure that you can view and save 60 fps replays (v.7.91 beta I believe)

Dan Down Under The Weather

16 April 2018 - 03:16 PM

Well, maybe a little more serious than that.

I got this information from Bo Bruce over at the oAo league...

"i just got word from Dan Down's wife that he had a stroke this morning (Sunday). He is doing well..... well enough that he had his wife logon to Speedgeezers and report his absence"

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