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Today, 02:37 PM

i have to disagree Kayo.. maybe for road courses, but oval are a different animal

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Today, 02:22 PM


Most of the faster cars did pass cleanly... however there was 1 Lotus that did something... dirty (for me): At the front straight i tend to keep it on inside line so that the faster cars could pass high before the corner, but this guy has the audacity to jump to my inside, which caught me off guard, thankfully i was just about to enter the corner so i went wide, and thankfully kept it together..

well, i've never been called 'dirty' before - that's a new one :(

all i can say is the passing line when the car being overtaken is high, IS, to the low side ... check my other overtakes, there is no overtake going into T1 on the high side!
its too difficult to maintain speed - and the line - and that's why slower cars should stay high when giving the faster car the wave around :)

check the D1 race, i suspect you'll see similar, tell me if i'm wrong ~

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Today, 10:40 AM

can't type much, my arms are numb :P
start from p2.. end p2  - but in between was non-stop intensity.
couldn't even take a drink!

good racing, but the challenge was overtaking backmarkers - and i've NO COMPLAINTS - the track just did not lend itself for 'moving over'

John is a gracious winner - could easily have lapped the field (all but me) but was on my rear as we crossed the S/F :o  
Alain... possibly the fastest had he not had to stop -
and poor Mick!!
haven't seen the replay.. but saw him (?) tumbling in my mirrors after i got by a slower car.. possibly that car didn't see Mick behind me :(

very happy with my race!
on to Road America :D

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17 September 2018 - 10:08 AM

well done DeeONE'rs... i'm so proud of all of you ~

In Topic: Gurney Eagle At Goodwood

16 September 2018 - 08:44 PM

seen it several times, and once or 7 more still won't be enough :)
thanks for thinking of me!

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