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Season 50 Of Mybroga Coming Soon!!

30 January 2018 - 08:01 AM

Mybroga is starting its 50th season. YES 50 !!!

This very important season will held also in the 20th year of GPL

So, our idea was to celebrate it with a CLASSIC Papy tracks + Original 1967 F1 cars combo in the division A and honour modders with the 1965 mod for Division B. Divisions will race at tuesdays (B ) and wednesdays (A) nights.

In the Div. A we'll race with free chassis along the season with only two constraints:
(1) Each chassis can be used as much as in two races.
(2) The BRM has to be used at least once (penalty of 20 points if it's unused)

In the Div. B the chassis is free but fixed along the season.

We're also in Facebook as "Mybroga (Grand Prix Legends)"

We still have some slots, especially in the B.

Cheers and Long Live GPL!! :)


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