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My Top 5 Fails And Overtakes In S21

09 December 2018 - 10:32 AM

Top 5 overtakes

Top 5 fails

For the rest added some hotlaps and pole laps. Enjoy ;)

S21 Nassau

27 October 2018 - 01:09 PM

Great track, very flat, and parts that look alike, but it has great rhythm and flow. Quite challenging.

Midweek decided I would take the Brab, also to give Enrique a better chance to fight for P4 in the c'ship. When Iestyn showed up with a brand new Lotus I knew it would be a hard task to beat him on pace.

Ran a PB in quali, and in my very last lap was even faster, but lost it in the final turn trying to snatch Pole. Had a solid start, but Roy was right on my tail and had to defend towards BC Loop at the very right side. This compromised my entry a bit -very tight- and went in a bit too deep, and tried my best to keep on track. I suppose we all braked a bit late, since Iestyn went off, and Roy had the same line as me. If Iestyn hadn't gone off, we probably had made contact. Got very lucky there, but I guess it was simply hard racing.

From then on was able to pull away from Roy gradually, and ran a consistent race after that. It wasn't as easy as it might have looked though. Didn't get too much sleep last night, and had to pull myself together in order to keep my discipline. Pretty happy with my race, all laps on track and most consistent. Good choice to take the Brab, however Enrique had to retire, which is a shame for his own aspirations, and the team's. Still we gained a bit on Bend Racing and now we will try to fight for runner-up in the team c'ship.

Grats to Roy, and good pace by Iestyn, after a difficult start of the race for him. Will be interesting to see what happens in the last race. Iestyn's pretty strong at Stardust, and he still has a decent chance to win the c'ship IMO. Good job finishers, commiserations to the retirements.

Thanks all for racing :)

S21 R12 Phoenix International Raceway

15 September 2018 - 11:04 AM

Arghh...I did start the race in the wrong lane just noticed in replay! I did wonder why Greg stayed on the inside, but in my mind the Pole was inside. I got confused since yesterday Pole was inside, and today it was outside. Really sorry, wasn't intentional to gain an advantage or so...

Race report later. Great job all!

S21 R10 Aintreer

18 August 2018 - 09:46 AM

In quali did enough for Pole, but always a little mistake in every lap, surely sub41 is on the boards somewhere...

Start was slowish, and Roy nailed it taking the lead. But I had a good run at the backstraight, Roy defended the inside line, but braked early and I could pass him on the outside, mostly because Roy gave room and braked early as said. Nearly I went off at the exit though...

Built a comfy gap, without too much pushing, and already had a 8s lead or so after 5 laps. But I put my RR tire against the white line/kerb while braking for Anchor Crossing and looped it clubbing the wall with my RR. Wheel fell off, had to seems the white line acts the same like out of the last turn, as a little kerb, unsettling the car. No excuses, should have left some margin...

Together with Enrique's forced retirement, this is a major disaster for the team's bid, and my personal bid. It's funny, was telling myself to pace it, and take no risks whatsoever and then not realizing driving to close to the edge of the grass in a braking pressure, was determined to finish when I saw Enrique FFing DNFing.

Just one of those deals, driver mistake. It caught me out by surprise, nothing I could do to save it...this season I've been making mistakes too often, I got away with it at Adelaide looping it 360. At Montjuic it put me back in the pack with damage, and today it's a DNF. It's a good lesson, not to use up the track so much (but respecting the edges a bit more), and I apologize to my teammates...

Good luck to the runners ;)

S21 Brno 1949

04 August 2018 - 10:47 AM

Great to be back with oAo and GPL! :)

Had been away from GPL for 7 weeks, just started monday night again. First lap spun almost every corner, but after 5 laps got the hang of it (again). Was pretty confident challenging for the win in the Brab, even tho I knew Greg would be mighty having a 5m23 in the Ferrari. Since he was using the Eagle, I thought it would be very hard to challenge him.

In pre-quali Greg showed his long track class, but wasn't able to reproduce it in quali. Therefore my lap was good enough, made a mistake in s3, but the aim was a PB that I just missed out on...

Still happy with Pole, and a solid start in the lighter Brabham made sure I had a comfortable lead after a lap, also when Greg made a mistake. No pressure at all, ran pretty consistent, but started to suffer after halfway. Just haven't got the endurance conditioned yet after a long break. Had a couple of close calls, but kept it on the track. Was basically cruising in a consistent pace, longing for the finish I must admit. But fate caught up with me and I got a screenfreeze entering the slowest chicane in s3, in the penultimate lap. Did have one during the week, offline.

All I can do is accept what is, out of my control. I'm not frustrated, but unhappy for the team. If anything wanted to build up the coins tally again.

Therefore I'm very happy with Enrique's performance, you saved the team today amigo! Fantastico! :D

Many congrats to Greg for his (first?) win, I couldn't wish it to a better guy. Also well done Iestyn and Michael for podium, and finishers. One of the hardest tracks in GPL for sure without real brakemarkers as well. Commiserations to the retirements...

Thanks to Bruce and all involved organizing! :)

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