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S21 Brno 1949

04 August 2018 - 10:47 AM

Great to be back with oAo and GPL! :)

Had been away from GPL for 7 weeks, just started monday night again. First lap spun almost every corner, but after 5 laps got the hang of it (again). Was pretty confident challenging for the win in the Brab, even tho I knew Greg would be mighty having a 5m23 in the Ferrari. Since he was using the Eagle, I thought it would be very hard to challenge him.

In pre-quali Greg showed his long track class, but wasn't able to reproduce it in quali. Therefore my lap was good enough, made a mistake in s3, but the aim was a PB that I just missed out on...

Still happy with Pole, and a solid start in the lighter Brabham made sure I had a comfortable lead after a lap, also when Greg made a mistake. No pressure at all, ran pretty consistent, but started to suffer after halfway. Just haven't got the endurance conditioned yet after a long break. Had a couple of close calls, but kept it on the track. Was basically cruising in a consistent pace, longing for the finish I must admit. But fate caught up with me and I got a screenfreeze entering the slowest chicane in s3, in the penultimate lap. Did have one during the week, offline.

All I can do is accept what is, out of my control. I'm not frustrated, but unhappy for the team. If anything wanted to build up the coins tally again.

Therefore I'm very happy with Enrique's performance, you saved the team today amigo! Fantastico! :D

Many congrats to Greg for his (first?) win, I couldn't wish it to a better guy. Also well done Iestyn and Michael for podium, and finishers. One of the hardest tracks in GPL for sure without real brakemarkers as well. Commiserations to the retirements...

Thanks to Bruce and all involved organizing! :)

Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo @ Nordschleife.

29 June 2018 - 03:09 PM

5m19s :Eyecrazy: Incredible, it's like being fast forwarded...

Note they don't use the Sudkehre part of the GPL version, so it's slightly shorter. So the lap starts immediately towards the Nordkehre. Timo Bernhard is the driver. He avoids the concrete banking at the Karoussel. 340kmh (212mph) towards Schwedenkreuz and 330kmh (205mph) towards Adeneuer Forst :P At the Döttinger Höhe backstraight redlining at about 369kmh (229mph). That's real fast considering the downforce this car has. The cornering speeds are simply amazing, it has so much grip and downforce. In fact, this 919 is faster than a F1 car, it also did beat the Spa record (mind you in WEC spec it would be considerably slower, they've tried to get everything out of it, the cars are out of competition anyway).

This mean the old record of the late Stefan Bellof -with a 956- now finally has been beaten. It was done with the permission of Bellof's family.

A Simulated F1 Blast From The Past!

16 March 2018 - 06:59 AM

Nice setup, and then they use a single screen Field of View for triple screens :P

Funrace 65Mod @ Donnybrooke 1971

07 January 2018 - 08:02 AM

Hardly ran the 65 mod last year, but it's my favo mod besides 67s. You can push these cars really hard, and it's also a good mod to race close with.

Seeing testing times, decided to take 1 of the slower 2 cars (BT7/T77). The Cooper lacks topspeed, and therefore it's almost impossible to pass 65 topcars clean. But it handles like a dream! :)

Set a PB in the last lap of quali, good enough for Pole. Iestyn went by me after the start, but he made a mistake on lap 2 also allowing Tris to get in my tow, and easily blasting by on the main straight. Was faster at certain corners, but ofcourse the BRM is one of the fastest cars in 65mod, especially having great topspeed. Sadly Tris made a mistake going off once or twice, and he ran out of laps to catch me.

Well done Tris and John, for podium!

Thanks to Iestyn and Tris giving me a fight, and thanks to all for racing, was fun! :)

S20 Snetterton 1967

04 November 2017 - 11:17 AM

First race with G25 pedals, I'm (almost) fully adapted, since I got them last Tuesday ;)

Quali was difficult getting in some good clean laps. It was mostly my driving and sometimes traffic/trackposition. Looped it out of the chicane in a good lap, but could keep it out of the barriers. Even when my first run time would have been good enough for Pole, was determined to get in at least a low22. In my second run spun again at the hairpin, and then anger can be a funny thing. Improved to 22.45, and then had a real good lap keeping control of the car right on the edge. Still the laptime surprised me, a sub22, best lap ever in oAo beating the Bradbury's and co.! :yeah:

This track has been driven a lot by me back in the day,  recall missing out a dutch.gpl D2 Honda win in 2002, ofcourse the camshaft giving up the ghost late race...also was (one of) the first to get a sub25 here with the Honda back then. Great memories, well not so great running a season with the dutch Harakiri Honda Racing Team mostly having mechanicals. ;)

Anyway, I knew my start and lap 1 was rather shaky. A combo of 36fps, and a difficult setup on cold tires. Having a few bad practiced starts didn't give me too much confidence, having seen how rock solid Michael was at the hairpin on lap 1, when I struggled braking there on my cold tires. Start was ok, good enough, but missed the apex at Sear, and had to correct the car. Michael was on my tail and knew I couldn't afford to screw up again at the hairpin. Just managed to keep the car in front of him exiting and at the Esses, from then on could break away and building up the tire grip. Actually it was quite a hard race, never dull. I like this track, but struggled for fast lap times and almost wrecked on a few occasions trying to do so. Lapped cars were great as usual. Glad I didn't really interfere with some of the fights, it pretty much equalled out for most. Penultimate lap major moment, almost lost the car pushing for fast lap and compromised last lap as well with a bad start of the lap.

Happy that I held it together for the team, will be a shoot-out between the D2 drivers. For the drivers as well as the teams. Good luck!

Grats to Tom, drive of the day, and Michael for podiums. Well done finishers, commiserations to the DNF's ;) Thanks all for racing and a great season, personally. Also thanks to all involved, Bruce, Stewards and TSG, and last but not least all drivers! :)

PS: for those interested, my client replay of the pole lap. Standard shift times, no speedshifts, 100% on track (like Mexico, the white lines do not define the edges of the track according to GPL Replay Analyzer, the tool that is used by GPL Rank to verify laptimes). However, I'm a left foot braker shifting still with paddles. ;)

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