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Today, 08:42 AM

You're arguably right, Eric. Indeed Mansell, (Mario) Andretti and Emerson Fittipaldi all have won both F1 and IndyCar c'ships. But in my mind I believe Alonso rates the Triple Crown of Motorsports even higher. As most know, the late Graham Hill is the only one to have achieved it in his career. Who knows Montoya gets a decent shot at Le Mans next year.

Also Alonso might want to run Chevy engine (with his Honda past), which would put him in either a B-team or a new to be established McLaren ICR team for a whole season.

Also would love to see Alonso running the Daytona 500 :D

In Topic: Indycar And F1

Today, 04:05 AM

I'd love and hope to see Alonso joining IndyCar fulltime, but it could be he's only interested in the Indy500...

In Topic: Indycar And F1

Yesterday, 09:54 AM

IndyCar has done a great job, it has again that early/mid 90s vibe over it, also thanks to the schedule with a lot of old school tracks. :)

In Topic: Ainrtee-R

10 August 2018 - 05:19 AM

That's true Dag, but IMO the racing would be better and safer with at least a working groove.

I might need more laps to find markers, but at certain spots it's a bit of guessing. ;)

In Topic: Ainrtee-R

09 August 2018 - 03:14 PM

Not sure if it was a good idea to select this reversed track for 67s. Apart from missing markers, there is still the original Aintree 1955 groove which is useless. At some parts it's kind of guessing when to brake...also hard to anticipate in close traffic.

Maybe someone has a reversed working groove for this track!? That would make things way better! ;)

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