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Today, 02:19 PM

Great to see Peter back, but it's a shame Michael can't run spa67 :(

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Today, 02:17 PM

Nice, happy for you and have fun Bob! :)

Hopefully there will be a TV broadcast of the Indy 500 here, otherwise I guess I'll find a live stream one way or the other. First I'll be watching the Monaco GP ;)

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19 May 2018 - 01:18 PM

In quali it wasn't easy to pull off clean laps, most laps were about managing the tires and balance for an ultimate effort. Anyhow pulled off a sub25 which was my aim. Another PB, but have to admit I ran wide at S/F after missing the apex at Woodcote.

Start was OK, made some tweaks after a poor practise start before the event. Held off Roy, and never looked back. Race was rather uneventful, lost focus after midrace, and had a couple of bad laps, but held it together. Iestyn almost stole fast lap, didn't realize it, but was planning to do a few fast lap attempts late race anyway. It was pretty close tho.

Iestyn was stuck behind Roy, but when he got past him almost had the same pace. Roy did great holding off Iestyn for that long, shame Roy went off after a nice crossover move a la Alonso. ;) Great drives throughout the field, a lot of consistency, with still 8 drivers in the lead lap, despite I was running the Lotus ;)

Grats Iestyn and Roy, well done finishers. Thanks to the lapped cars. Commiserations to the retirements, saw Alex blowing up his BRM engine. Sadly Enrique wasn't able to join the server through IP for some reason, very tough luck amigo :(

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15 May 2018 - 12:47 PM

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@ Heusinkveld's

Some older pictures (my phone camera doesn't work properly). Right now have a G25 wheel and pedals, wheel in good shape, pedals were unused. Also I have 16:10 21" sidemonitors now (instead of the featured 19") combined with my 16:9 24" main monitor.

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PS: nice picture Michiel, with your son :)

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07 May 2018 - 12:05 PM

Good points guys, the fights in the subtop/midfield are very close, it was a very good race in general.

PS: to the (Brabham) drivers, I take a wider/later entry at T1, to be able the get earlier and harder on the throttle. I did gain 4-5 tenths on others there in Brab. Also used slightly higher tirepressures in quali, hotlap setup. Also only using 3-4-5 gear, with Brab you can get away with it.

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