S7 R12, Silverstone 7/23/09. How Was Your Race?

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#1 Jonathan Stiener

Jonathan Stiener


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Posted 24 July 2009 - 11:07 AM

Really sad to see a low turnout lastnite, but I guess it is summer, and Pablo didn't have his PC to race, so I guess it is the slow time of the year for simracing. Qual was very close for the 8 of us who showed up, Joe was wicked quick in the lotus, and using the same setup as Dom and I, he made us look like old pansies!!  :bowdown:  Hopefully he can share some secrets with us! LOL I wasn't able to get a clean lap in so stated in 6/8. Pulling into my grid position, I turned off the engine, but apparently i shut it off only to have it come right back on, and in my foolishness i turned if off again right as the horns were sounding off! DUH! Then, I I kept pressing the wrong button i had mapped for the started, and it took me 20 or so seconds to figure out which button was actually mapped for the starter.. DUh again. After I finally got under way, I was 30 or so seconds behind Phil. and probably close to 45 or so sec behind the leaders. With nothing to lose, I drove like a man possesed, driving each lap like it was a qual lap, just to see if I could catch up to the field. To my surprise I managed to catch Phil by the halfway point, and he politely let my by in the 1st chicane. With about 20 to go, I went after Adnan, I knew he would be tuff to catch from his qual time, and being in the superior car, but I slowely began reeling him in. With 6 to go I was within reach, and it was shaping to be a gr8 battle, but he spun in the 2nd chicane and I squeaked by for 5TH position. Knowing I had no chance of bettering my position, i set in to just finish, but it was then I noticed how close It was going to be on fuel just to finish. I had added one extra liter of fuel for a total of 81, as i knew you were on full throttle for a good bit of the track here, so fuel consumption would be high. I was unsure if I had enough to finish, so I began backing off in bits, I could tell that even though I was backing off, Dom in front of me was backing off even more, as I knew he had 1 liter less fuel than me! It was then I picked up the pace a bit incase he ran out, From over 25'sec back, I came to within 6 sec on the last lap, and If I had not backed off those few laps i might have caught Dom, as I had less than a liter of fuel left at finish so I know Dom had to be coasting to the line!! LOL

Congrats to Joe on a awesome run, it looks like the top 2 were really having an awesome battle, so can't wait to catch replay!

Cya'll next week, hopefully with a larger field!

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#2 Phil Ashio

Phil Ashio

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Posted 24 July 2009 - 02:35 PM

I had difficulties with this version of Merry Old England. The first version on the server I felt very comfortable with but this one not so much. I guess I had the first track mapped in my mind and that was causing the issues. I spun on the warm up lap. Regained the car caught up to the field and then spun into the wall trying to warm up the tires. The race started and Jonathon just sat there . I waited a couple of secs for him to go but he looked like a cop at a donut shop. I drove around him and off I went. I was able to race with a very understeerie front end. The car was plowing like a truck in the snow. The steering was off as well as a result of the warm up lap crash. I gave it a go but the car was unpredictable in corners. When Jonathon caught me I figured what the heck and I went after him. The car was very unstable at speed and well crash #3 ended the day. Practice time is very limited this time of year for me. Unfortunately the change of track versions did not help. I am not blaming anyone just stating the facts. No biggie. It is not as if I was contending for the lead.  :) Turn out for the race was disappointing. Looks like the writing is on the wall for the best mod for rfactor. On to the next race.
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#3 Gunny



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Posted 24 July 2009 - 03:04 PM

Race replay and xml files

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#4 Adnan Dizdarevic

Adnan Dizdarevic

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Posted 24 July 2009 - 05:11 PM

Quite typpical race on my side. Decent Qualy with not too far away from pole time was satisfactory. Not so that I blew in last sector of my last lap -0.3 improvement which would put me in 3rd.
I was quite surprised with warm up laps. Especially Joe was inspired :beerchug: .
In race, obligatory spin in lap one put be behind leading group. I could start to get closer to Leo and also noticed that I am catching slightly Dom as well. Second spin damaged my front wing and get both of them 10 seconds more in front of me... With damaged front the car was not as quick but I was still able to reduce gap to Leo. Dom was long gone :D
I noticed that Jonathan is catching up with me, but up to that point he still was far away. I figured that he will get close by the end of race. In slow sections, car was understeering badly but I it was o.k. in fast sections which gave me a hope that I will be able to defend my position when Jonathan comes and also that I will be able to race Leo when I catch up with him. Unfortunatelly, Leo destroyed his car and we never got to reace each other last night. :(
Smaller mistakes in slow corners I did offten, were bringing Jonathan faster to me that I was anticipating and I figured that if I do no big mistakes we will be nose to tail some 3 laps to go. I went little more conservative with fuel (85 liters) so this was not concern. Left front tyre running up to 120 deg was a concern. Some 5 6 laps to go with Jonathan some 4-5 sec away, I had a third spin in the same chicane  :blowup: and lost fifth. Too bad, it could be interseting, as my car still was quite o.k. in first sector and in other fast ones, so it would be a good racing last few laps. You can imagine that this damn chicane is not my favorite spot in Silverstone. I think track that we originally were supposed to race would not have it...
As always thanx to Gunny and Dom for getting us to race and congrats to Podium. Great pace guys.
With two weeks to the end of championchip, it is time to update standings, so we know who runns for the champ and what are point differences.
Now to two tracks that never in last two seasons were good to me. May be time to change it (finish, finish finish)... Hope many others show for MRC classics.

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#5 Samuel


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Posted 24 July 2009 - 09:35 PM

Had a feeling that this track would be a tough one , lots of high speed corners and demanding corner exits which required a good car and precise driving. I did some testing just before the event and car felt pretty good , didn't do any long runs thou and there was a slight concern about the tire temps but i was quite confident that the car would be better with the lighter fuel loads.

In qualifying Joseph put in a nice lap and i couldn't answer to that , the missing brake markers on T1 were surprisingly disturbing  , even thou i know that you shouldn't ever rely on any brake markers that can be taken off , but didn't have enough laps in practice to find alternative braking points this time. Don't think i could have beaten Joseph's time anyway thou and a front row start was ok :).

Race started and Joseph had a bit slow launch , so i could grab the lead and build a small gap while he and Daniel were fighting for the 2nd position. Early laps were promising but then Joseph upped the pace and reeled in the gap quite fast , so i had to up my pace also. Had a slight off in T1 and the car dragged over the curbs , slowing the pace so much that Joseph could take the lead. Didn't give up thou and pushed like mad to keep up to his pace and then Joseph did the exact same thing and we swapped the positions again.

There's where the problems started to raise their head , to be able to keep infront i had to push the car over the setup limits and that meant a bit sloppy driving with way too much sliding. Rear tires didn't like that at all but i kept on pushing in hope to see Joseph getting into some troubles but he was keeping the pressure on relentlessly , without any chance for me to slow down and cool those rear tires.

We had some tight wheel to wheel action every now and then and even some slight contacts once or twice, but nothing to worry about..just some hard racing  :). My problems got worse and worse thou and specially the last turn exit was starting to be really challenging , also had some problems with the 1st turn entry.

Finally after 24 laps the rear traction gave up on the last turn after i had totally ruined the tires and i lost the car on corner exit , even if i was already on 3rd gear there. Car stepped out to the right and when i corrected it , the rear felt really soft and 'greasy' and i went over to the left side and into the grass. Didn't loose so much time there , maybe 1-2 seconds but Joseph got through and did a blindingly fast next lap and really checked out into the distance. Tried to chase him but just couldn't do anything at that point anymore and had to settle for the 2nd position this time.

It was a bit desperate fight overall but i didn't want to give it up just like that and decided to push over the limits rather than just give up and settle for the 2nd without a fight , didn't work out but it sure was an exciting race and a nice battle with Joseph.  T-shirt was dripping and had to take a shower after the race thou ,who needs workout when you can just race these great F1 beasts  :sweatdrop:   :lol: .

Well done Joseph , deserved win after a smooth and consistent driving...Congratulations  :1a:  . Grats to Daniel also for the 3rd place  :3a:  and cheers to all the finishers.

Hopefully we'll get a bit more drivers into the next rounds , 2 classic drivers tracks with awesome layouts  :punk: .

Cya there...


#6 pai


    Gabriel Legnini

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Posted 25 July 2009 - 10:56 AM

Congrats to Joseph, Sam and Daniel! Nice to see another winner in this season :) it's amazing how quickly can Joseph adapt to a track and a setup with very limited amount of practice. You are a true natural man ;)

I'm updating here HTML export of standings, if anybody wants to check them before they are uploaded in a webpage.

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