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#1 Arturo Pereira

Arturo Pereira

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Posted 06 December 2011 - 11:13 AM

Hi guys,

I thought it would be nice if I post some notes about these cars. I have driven mostly the Aston Martin this year, but I had also some experiences with the Corvetter and less with the Saleen, so here they go. Feel free to ask quesitons and we will find the right answer :)

Basic Characteristics of Each GT1 car
Dry Weight
Aston Martin >> 1230Kg-2712Lbs
Corvette >> 1230Kg-2712Lbs
Saleen >> 1230Kg-2712Lbs

Center of Gravity Height
Aston Martin >> 0.270mtr - 1.063in
Corvette >> 0.270mtr - 1.063in
Saleen >> 0.260mtr - 1.024in

Fuel tank
All cars >> 90lts . 23.77gal

Optimal Brakes Temp
All cars >> from 250C to 900C - from 482F to 1652F

Optimal Oil Temp
All cars >> 100C - 212F

Optimal Tire Temps
All cars >> from 85C to 105C - from 185F to 221F

Max Power
Aston Martin >> 597HP @ 6500rpm
Corvette >> 599hp @ 5750rpm
Saleen >> 597hp @ 5750rpm

Aston Martin >> 2.755mtr - 108.46in
Corvette >> 2.687mtr - 105.79in
Saleen >> 2.700mtr - 106.30in

All these characteristics are exclusively valid for the GT1 cars and in the cases of the Oil, Brakes and Tire temps, also for the P1 and P2s. They are NOT valid for the GT2s.
There is a very useful software named CarStat, currently version 1.3. You can get a lot of information about the car, including the one for the different types of tires (super-soft, soft, mediums and hards). Just unzip it to any folder and use it. Check the readme url anyway!!

I will add more information later !!

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#2 Arturo Pereira

Arturo Pereira

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Posted 07 December 2011 - 06:54 AM

Some notes about temps. They show slightly different values from the above mentioned, but this does not make any difference on the track.

Engine temps >> 100C - 212F
Brakes temps >> GT2s from 150C to 600C - 302F to 1112F
Brakes temps >> GT1/P2/P1 from 250C to 900C - 482F to 1652F

Tire temps >> from 85C to 105C - 185F to 221F


As you know, there are 4 types of tires available. SuperSoft - soft - mediums - hard

Super soft tires: they should be used ONLY for qualy sessions. Usually, they do not last for more than 4 or 5 laps at average tracks.

Soft tires: from my experience, running at race pace, they won´t last for more than 20 minutes in relatively good shape. The difference between soft tires and others is that they get into the proper temp fastar and have a bit more grip, but they last for less laps.

Medium tires: under racing conditions, they are ok to last for about 45 minutes IF you treat them well and do not block. You will notice you get less grip from them after 30 minutes of racing, but if you drive carefully, they will be ok.

Hard tires: in theory, they can last for about 60 minutes, up to 75 or even longer than that.

I have attached 3 graphics taken from CarStat where you can see perfectly the different answers you will get from eacy type of tire

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