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S22 R8 Nürburgring

18 May 2019 - 11:52 AM

Prior to the race, my teammate Michiel and I agreed to swap cars for this race.
Meaning he takes the Ferrari, while I have the Cooper.

After a fair amount of practice and getting the car setup right, and I was pretty happy with the setup going into qualifying.
I went for three flying laps, but unforunately spun on the last two, unabling me to get the best merit out of my lap times.
I would have probably not improved my position, but I think I left about 3 or 4 seconds of potential left to waste.

The start was not one of my best. Tristan went like a rocket behind me and took me into T1.
Michael had warp contact and went wide, so I went passed him, leaving my win/lose marge to 0.
I still wanted to make something out of the start, so after a good exit on the Sudkehre, I went behind him and went for a very cheeky divebomb into the Nordkehre,
and with success! Thus I gained one place at the start.

I managed to keep him reasonably with the front runners in my Cooper and aimed not to lose too much ground.
Even more fortune hit me when Roy apparently spun into the Karussell, so I got his place as well.
Later on at Schwalbenschwanz, Iestyn spun and I merely avoided the Ferrari. Roy, however, was less lucky.
But at the end of lap 1, I was in third.
And let me tell you, I did not expect to get myself in this position at all.

Michiel (who was having the time of his season) and Robert were far away, so I focused on staying ahead of Tristan.
Unfortunately, the Nürburgring was also after me and I bottomed out at Fuchsröre.
My car got the inside line for the curve before the Tree Of Death, hit the enbankment and threw my car into the barrier, severely damaging my suspension.
Trying to recover, I immediately felt the fractured suspension preventing me from doing a burn out and recover myself from the spin.
I had to wait till nearly the whole went past to get my car back into the right direction.

I tried to measure the severity of the damage, hoping I might be able to contest with the backmarkers.
But it became quickly clear there was no chance. At every left turn, the understeer was bad, and the car would snap incredibly easy at every right turn.
There was no way I could keep up. My race, thus, was pretty much over.

Almost any sane driver at this point would get out of the car to avoid making things worse. Except, I was everything but sane.
I decided to keep going forward and get to the finish line, because I wanted to get a few things done:
- in case the car has extreme damage, finishing would mean I have not destroyed one of the team's cars. Save us some money.
- I also get some coins myself for the team and compensate for the damage.
- If lucky, with retirements, I may scramble one or two points.

I toiled for 5-and-three-quarter with a limping leg, and in the end, managed to actually get cross the line.
Throughout the journey, I gradually grew a little more accustomed to the car, and almost gave me the illusion that the car was 'healing'.
Whereas I first struggled to get it under 9 minutes, I became much more doable, with the last lap being around 8:46
As it turned out, the damage calculated only was in the 'Heavy', so the costs are not as bad as I thought it would be.
And with the finish, collected enough for the D1 team to keep a netto score in the positive numbers.
Last but not least, I scrambled one point. Better than zero :)

I'm dismayed by throwing away what could have been P3 at best, but on the otherside,
a bit proud on managing to carry a very badly driving car to the finish on one of the most difficult tracks out there.

Huge congratulations to my teammate Michiel for absolutely dominating the ring and a well deserved first place!
That has to be a huge relief after several misfortunes this season.
Also congrats to Roebrt and Iestyn on the podium, and all with got to the finish line on this track.

Whew... a lie down and a season break is what I can use after such an intense race.
This was probably one of my most difficult runs I have done yet.
But hey... pulled it off, y'know?

Oh yes! Two more things:

I livestreamed this race on YouTube because... why not.
It's unlisted for now, as I'm going to do some editing, but once it's done processing, I'll throw the video in the topic.

And speaking of, I was asked to dropped my folder because some liked of the graphics. Simply put a mixture of GAMMAWORX and =XK= updates.
And some other stuff, I guess.
I'm making a Dropbox folder now which should be done later this evening/day.
The evil mistress that is the Nürburgring will have an even better disguise for all. :devil:

S22 - Mt. Panorama

09 March 2019 - 12:56 PM

I needed a race like this pretty badly at oAo, I think.
Strong qualifying, good race, no drama, no costly errors, and finish with a good result.
It is exactly what I got today.

At qualifying I managed to set a lap of under 2 minutes, much to my surprise.
I was estatic about it, as I was also ahead of Robert for a while during the session.
Couldn't help dreaming of actually having a front row seat for the race until getting a wake-up call.

Had a good start as I maintained position, didn't notice the havoc in the midfield.
Few laps later either side went their own ways, with Roy and Robert dashing off ahead and the pack of John/Dag/Enrique/Frank gradually falling further back.
That said, this was the rest of my race in a nutshell. I had one small moment early in the race spinning at Forrest's Elbow as well but no damage was recorded.

Third position came as a sense of relief for me.
After all, I have been dry from taking a step on the stage since Nürburgring 2017, 1½ years back!
And a good position was also welcome after a P3 was already savagely taken from me.

So, eh, yeah... I'm smiling after today :D


10 November 2018 - 10:39 AM

Well, nothing really went my way this race.
Apart from the start, maybe, as I gained two places.

Only on lap 2 I got caught one of those atrocious tyre kerbs at T8, got spun round and made a little mess of the midfield.
And after that the car just didn't feel right anymore. I assume the rear right suspension had been dislocated.
Then I spun again in T6, tried to get myself together for a number of laps only to go into the catch fence at the chicane. (which is a horrible section if I say so myself)

So, well, nothing good came out of this one.

Looking for something positive...
This sh***y season ended early for me.

Road America

29 September 2018 - 10:20 AM

Pre-session I discovered that my potentometers were acting werid so I decided to clean the pedals.
After doing so the issue still persisted. To give an idea of what it was doing, you can watch here.

Needless to say, it makes it really difficult to go full throttle and control the amount of power I want to use when exiting the corner.
And that costs me approx. 2 seconds of my merit.
I thought there is some possibility to challenge some of the midfield pack in qualifying, if the throttle was perfect, but given this wasn't the case, I was more concerned with keeping the Honda behind me!

Knowing I had no chance at this point I again wanted to go for finishing ahead of the Hondas in the race.
That plan worked until I got wide at T1 about 3 laps in and I was all the way back.
Keeping up wasn't as easy as I hoped, mainly due to the throttle issues, which got a bit lesser as the race progressed.

I made one ambitious divebomb on Alex at Turn 6 which almost worked out, but I didn't let go of the brake in time and as a result, a collision occured.
At the end of the lap I gave the place back to do it the appropiate way at attempt #2. Afterwards he fell back due to the damages of the touché.

With the retirement of two drivers I finished P9.
I'm somewhat bummed because I hoped to fight for at least P8, but obviously that wasn't on the cards this time out.

Now, on to do a higher level of maintenance.

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