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#1 Oliver_Kloesov


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 09:28 AM

A bad pun in the title, will you guys forgive me?


Post your bio information here so Gord can transfer it to the web pages.  As a minimum put:

Driver Name:
Forum Name:
Real Name:
Location (Country, State, City):
E-mail address:  Format  "John at Comcast dot net"   <=== So you don't get spammed
Season Started with Mybroga:

(Whatever else you want! )

Sticky Team BRM S13 Speedy Cup

Musarama => Matra
Eagle => McLaren
Cooper => Lotus 63

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#2 Oliver_Kloesov


    Mashed Potatoes are Yummy !

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Posted 01 November 2005 - 09:58 AM

Driver Name: Oliver Kloesov
Forum Name:oliver_kloesov
Real Name: Scott Smith
Location (Country, State, City):  USA, Virginia, Springfield
E-mail address: mybroga at gmail dot com
Season Started with Mybroga: Season 5

It all started a looong time ago.  I was minding my business in a public Monza BRM spec race and I wound up winning it by literally .01 or so.  Just a part of a nose.  One more lap and this guy Cesare Ascari would have easily passed me.  In the post-race chat, Mr. Ascari asked me if I wanted to join a league.  And like an idiot I said yes.

So I joined up and when he found out that my real name was "Scott Smith" he said "We've already got one.  Can you choose another name real quick?"  Being a Simpsons fan I chose "Oliver Kloesov."  I guess it's kinda stuck after all this time.

Hobbies:  Girlfriend, money, GPL, FPS games with friends,  a 1968 Firebird

Turn ons:
GPL 67 at Nurburgring, Silverstone, and Schottenring.
Rush, King Crimson, Yes
60s and 70s Muscle cars

Turn offs:
GPL 65 at Reims

I registered at Speedgeezers on 5 November 2002 - Here's what I remember as  my first noteworthy post. Look for CA's reference to "Swank" and my comeback.  Ahh the good ol' days when I used to make PJ spew morning coffee at his monitor...  :P
Sticky Team BRM S13 Speedy Cup

Musarama => Matra
Eagle => McLaren
Cooper => Lotus 63

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#3 RLHofer


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 11:08 AM

Oliver_Kloesov, on Nov 1 2005, 03:58 PM, said:

Turn offs:

GPL 65 at Reims

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?????!?!?!?!!!!??!      :moon:

Not ONLY do I want to race the 65's there sometime, I want to have a BT-7 spec race there! Can you imagine the inane, droning of a grid full of mosquito-sounding engines, all "drafting"(if you could call it that in a BT-7) each other down those LOOOOONG straights?!?! It'll take 20 minutes to do a lap! You could eat a sandwich, drink a beer, steer one-handed and talk to each other on Ventrilo for a while before finally saying "Hmmm, is that a turn coming up? Why yes, it looks like a turn! We'll pick up the conversation after the turn, OK?". IT WOULD BE INSANE, I TELL YOU!!!! HAHA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!  
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ex-MYBROGA - Division A
AtlasF1 Legends League GP Division

R & R Racing

Remember: Two wrongs don't make a right...... but 3 lefts do .... only you're one block over and a block behind!

#4 davido53


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 11:31 AM

Driver Name: David Ogden
Forum Name: davido53
Real Name: David Ogden
Location (Country, State, City): Cincinnati OH
E-mail address:  letters at
Season Started with Mybroga: 9

I was recruited by Oliver during a race at Zandvoort after I outbraked him in T1 (probably the last time I'll beat him into a corner)

undoubtedly he recognized a fellow wanker


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#5 Oliver_Kloesov


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 12:44 PM

Yeah DO, that was awesome.  Wasn't it Ferraris?
Sticky Team BRM S13 Speedy Cup

Musarama => Matra
Eagle => McLaren
Cooper => Lotus 63

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#6 Nilo


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 01:43 PM

Driver Name: Danilo Petricca
Forum Name: Nilo
Real Name: Danilo Petricca
Location (Country, State, City): Argentina, Mendoza - Maipú
E-mail address: danilo dot petricca at gmail dot com
Season Started with Mybroga: Season 13

It all started in 2002 when I was told to really give GPL a try. I did it by the end of that year, when I could get my 1º wheel. After that I couldn't leave it, and I raced almost continuosly during this whole time. Except for a brake from Sept. 2004 to February 2005. After that Horacio told me to join Mybroga, but these guys were racing 65s and I didn't want to have another season on those cars. When Horacio told me that this league was moving back to 67s, I became mad and started persuiting CA to let me in. Fortunately (for me) I got a free spot in Div C, where Horacio was racing, and the Ferrari was the free car. So not only I got a place in the same division as my friend was, but I got a great car!!... The joy was even more when I saw another known name in Div C roster: Adrian Canepa. OH MAN!! I was really lucky to get in here, with these guys, in this great division and my friends!.

Honestly, I have to say: Mybroga has hooked me up. I'm not, and I won't be planning for leaving it. The group of guys here is awesome, the friendship that you can smell everywhere is great, and the races are pretty damn funny!!. And now, I have to add to my personal enjoyment, that almost all Div. D guys are old friends who were racing with me since my very beggining in GPL and online races. Many of them were the guys who helped me when I was starting and I was a kind of emergency car at the back of the grid. So this league has definately become the best place where I could race.



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#7 garrys


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 01:53 PM

Driver Name: Garry Singer
Forum Name: garrys
Real Name: Garry Singer
Location (Country, State, City): Canada, Northwest Territories, Yellowknife
E-mail address: garry_singer at hotmail dot com
Season Started with Mybroga: Season 5

I answered one of CA's classified ads at the end of season 4, and ended up in the A division for season 5, based on a decent GPL Rank in the minus teens.  I had just switched to using a shifter and clutch, though, so those former times were just a faint memory for a while.  This league has to be the biggest entertainment bargain ever.  Intense competition, adrenelin-fueled racing, and a great community.  All for the occasional $20 bucks to Speedgeezers.  I won't count the three new computers, wheel, pedals, and shifter, but even then - well worth it.

#8 dbaldi


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 01:53 PM

Driver Name: Damian Baldi
Forum Name:dbaldi
Real Name: Damián Baldi
Location (Country, State, City): Argentina, Buenos Aires, San Antonio de Padua
E-mail address: iguana at uolsinectis dot com dot ar
Season Started with Mybroga: Season 14

I know GPL before it borns when I had read about it in a spanish magazzine. From that moment I was waiting for it. I started to play it in 1999 driving with a really bad joystick designed for fly hehe. I left it for a while and rejoined months after when I bought an used 2 axies wheel. I started to play online in 2001 and won my first race at Spa, on a Eagle FD car.

I drove F1 on GLPj league and FD on Hispano league for several seasons. I won a F1 championship there. Then started to drive F3, FV and FD on a canadian league called CF3 (then CF65). I won 2 championships there.

Then I joined Mod 65 test team. Several months of testing left me from 67 cars. When the mod was released I won a championship at the ITEV hispano league and that was the end with GPL for a year. I started to drive GTP cars on the WOSEC league. With the Comet Racing Team we won Spa 6hs night.

I think GPL is really exiting because it is hard to drive, and is not easy to be so consistent. With mod 65 was easy to do the same time every lap. That little difference is very important in a race. Any little miskate give you the chance (or think about it) to make a pass. That and the difficult to keep the car on track is basically the things I like about GPL. The cars and history is very rich.

Now I'm back to drive these beasts and hope to make happy my old, fat and uggly BRM. I want to say good bye to these beautyfull cars before mod 69 will be out.


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Comet Racing Team

#9 maximica


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 02:27 PM

Driver Name: Maxi Mica
Forum Name: maximica
Real Name: Maximiliano Mica
Location (Country, State, City): Argentina. Buenos Aires, Pilar
E-mail address: micca at speedy dot com dot ar
Season Started with Mybroga: Season 14

es mi primer año en la liga, realmente me sorprendio la cantidad de gente que juega gpl en todas partes del mundo.
Descubri GPL hace un año gracias a un amigo (Augusto), quien me mostro cuan hermoso y divertido es este juego.
Yo suelo correr carreras reales en una categoria nacional (Turismo Pista), solo que este año corri pocas por falta de tiempo y dinero!.
Sin mucho mas para decir, espero esta temporada aprender mucho en GPL, conocer mucha gente y sobre todo hacer amigos!

This is my first season in the league. The amount of people in the world who drive GPL really surprised me. I discovered GPL thanks to Augusto, who showed me how beautyfull and fun is all this.

I'm a real driver in a local series called "Turismo Pista", but this year was too expenssive and I didn't had the time. I don't have too much more to say, I hope to learn all I can this season about GPL, know new people and make new friends.

                                                                           Maxi Mica
                                                                         Ferrari Team

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Season 29 -Team Ferrari - Div C. - CHAMPION!!
Season 30 -Team BRM -Div B. -3rd Place

#10 Kike Kotzberg

Kike Kotzberg

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Posted 01 November 2005 - 05:07 PM


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Div C - WWRC  (White Whale Racing Team)

#11 MeTaL


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 05:21 PM

Making a seperate topic... this may get lost in here.

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#12 efarina


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  • Interests:cars, beer, and womans. obviusly money.

Posted 01 November 2005 - 05:22 PM

Driver Name: Enrique Farina
Forum Name: efarina
Real Name: Enrique Ponce
Location (Country, State, City): Colombia, Bogotá DC
E-mail address: eponcef1 at hotmail dot com
Season Started with Mybroga: 5

Sarmiento called me and asked me if I wanted to join a GPL league. I told him OK and joined with my wonderful dialup-connection with it's disconnection and clocksmash problems. I liked it a lot and I got a adsl connection so Ascari didn't try to kill me online. Since then until now, I have only missed 5 races in 9 seasons. I enjoy the races very much and I have improved my driving with all the aliens I have met in this time. I think I have made good friendships in this league even with my primitive english (you understand me).
(This has been translated and written by KK, because with my english you would have never understood me)

Hobbies: Karts, Fast Driving, Bowling, Ping Pong, Walking, TV, Sim Racing

Turn ons:
Beer, Beer, Food, Beer, Latin Jazz, Beer, Money, Beer

Turn offs:
Not having money for beer, warm beer, Bogotá Traffic, Public transport, shops with no beer
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#13 G_Forcin'


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 05:31 PM

Driver Name:Gary Fourson
Forum Name: G_Forcin
Real Name: Gary Fourson
Location: USA, Pennsylvania, Mechanicsburg
E-mail address: g4son at verizon dot net
Season Started with Mybroga: Season 9...ah, yes, I remember it well.  Oliver allowed me to keep up and have a little fun at Zandvoort or Watkins Glenn or some Papy track on a public server.  Next thing I knew I was the last man to get into the inaugural season for Division D with the likes of Richard (Tex) Hofer, Sam Dobie, Michael (T-dog) Muldoon, JD Bentcam, Andreh Cunha, the Cookes, and many others.  What a blast these seasons have been thanks to Ollie, Cesare, and many other people who contribute greatly so that we may race each week, see results, get help, and generally share a good time.  Also enjoy the Half Life, Doom, and jumping into the Battlefield to name a few.  Tennis provides a nice break from simulation.
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#14 Rodrigo Munoz

Rodrigo Munoz

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Posted 01 November 2005 - 06:00 PM

Driver Name: Rodrigo Munoz
Forum Name:Rodrigo Munoz
Real Name:Rodrigo Munoz
Location (Country, State, City): Chile, Santiago
E-mail address: rodrmuno at gmail dot com
Season Started with Mybroga: Division D, Season 14

Well, my simracing career starts with the old "Indycar Racing 2" from Papyrus in 1996, from 1998 to 2001 I raced in a Chilean league of ICR2 with a lot of friends from Chile, of course the league was offline. Then in 2001 i started to race GPL in the "GLPj Hispano League" was awesome to race "live" with real people and with a great simulator. I the Hispano league I raced in F167, FD and F165. In 2002 i joined de "Atlas Oval League" and won two championships in a row. Then raced in F165 in Hispano League and then switched to GTP leaving behind GPL for a while... But GPL wasn't death! about two months ago reinstalled GPL an raced in a reunion race of the Hispano League, there Danilo told me about this league and was like "Ok let's do it!!". Now i'm back in GPL with the Cooper and I'm looking forward to start the season!


See you at track!

#15 C_Valenzuela


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 06:03 PM

Driver Name: Cristobal Valenzuela
Forum Name: C_Valenzuela
Real Name: Cristobal Valenzuela
Location (Country, State, City): Chile, IV Region, La Serena.
E-mail address:  samahell at yahoo dot com
Season Started with Mybroga: My first!

Well, i started in 1998 running in Indycar Racing II offline league for about 3 years. I win the championship and the oval crown and the road course too. I did runnig too in a CMR2 offline league where i was champion. I had participations on NASCAR offline league too, but i really didn't like NASCAR cars. So, it started the need to run against "real" drivers. Online racing was a paradise !  and GPL an addiction. I run in AtlasF1 oval league making 2nd in overall standing and some records. At the same time i started to race in Hispano league, GPLj league in F1 cars and FD cars. Right now i'm running WOSEC that is about sport cars endurance races, a pleasure!. And this new challenge that means mybroga, i hope to do well with you guys! i love simracing at all expresions! (not NASCAR or actual F1 :P )


#16 HoracioOstoich


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Posted 01 November 2005 - 07:06 PM

Driver name: Horacio Ostoich
Forum name: HoracioOstoich in others gringocordoba
Real name: Horacio Ostoich
Location: Cordoba Argentina
E-mail adress: horacioostoich at yahoo com ar
Season started with mybroga: season 12

well i always wanted to be a real driver but you know it s difficult ($$$$) and here in argentina more. I owned a kart-indoor track (10 karts honda 160cc) here in my city cordoba for about 5 years and then sold it.
Then i started a new shop, a cyber where i rent pcs for hour with internet and games. I started playing gp4-f1 2000 and found everywhere in the net that gpl was the best, but didnt know what it was. march 2003 .I downloaded the demo tried it and wowowow was great, started to play lan games with my friends here in my shop. Then i realized that a wheel was necessary (i bought 8 for my shop) and then online!!!!!!! i started at itev-hispano where were driving damian baldi, rodrigo muñoz, danilo petricca and others latins more. The first race i lost a complete lap!!!!!at monaco!!!!! with 65!!!!!!!
After i found mybroga servers at vroc and mailed to join the league and cesare confused with me, he thought i was jack brabfarm and let me race in division d and i wasn t either at the waiting list!!!!!! i won that race and cesare put me in d the next season.
I could win the championship season 12 division d with ferrari 65 then 4th in the tank in season 13 division c and now the second champ in division b season 14 with the cooper!!!!!!!!!!! heheh!!!!!! not yet  :P
and tried to make that all my old friends join this great league too. nilo first then adrian and the others.
this mybroga community is awesome and i m very happy to be a member of it.


not only the races the forum too its incredible, now i m looking metal s map and i m laughing.

#17 guto rocha

guto rocha

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Posted 01 November 2005 - 07:20 PM

Driver name: Guto Rocha
Forum name:Guto Rocha
Real name: Otavio rocha
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Season Started with Mybroga: 11

A good friend of mine,Ricardo Werther told me he was racing at this great league, with great peolple and clean driving...I tought, thats for me, cause i was tired of racing AI's and the insanes racing on-line in open races(mostly at monza).I was not disappointed at all, Mybroga is the best league in the world!
I discovered GPL in 2001, when i got the free waktins glenn download....i was hooked since then, and untill now i'm tring to figger out how to really master this cars!!
Hobby: running(im a preatty good 10 km runner), GPL
Profession: Musician


#18 Kinst VonSterga

Kinst VonSterga

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Posted 01 November 2005 - 08:04 PM

Driver Name:  Kinst VonSterga
Forum Name:  Kinst VonSterga
Location (Country, State, City):  USA, Oregon, Hillsboro
Season Started with Mybroga:  4

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#19 guto rocha

guto rocha

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Posted 01 November 2005 - 09:45 PM

hey kinst!
i saw you like bicicletours>U know, back in 86 i went to bolivia from rio, took a plane to mexico city, cross the whole country to baja california and went all the way up to san francisco.All this with a 10 gear bike we used to have here in Brasil(well, i still got one, but quit touring...)
that was a hell of a bicicle trip, i can tell you!!
see ya


#20 Rhys Gibb

Rhys Gibb

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Posted 02 November 2005 - 04:36 PM

Kike Kotzberg, on Nov 1 2005, 11:07 PM, said:

Turn ons:
Beer, Cowboy Whopper, High speed turns

I find it astounding that this turn on could be there for a whole day without Ollie saying anything.  :bangin:

I'm assuming (and hoping) that Cowboy Whoppers are some kind of Burger King fast food product that isn't available in Canada. Not that there's anything wrong with that.  :D

Sorry, just bustin' your chops KK.  :moon:

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