S21 - Round 1 - Adelaide

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#1 Michiel Pompert

Michiel Pompert

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Posted 24 February 2018 - 10:34 AM

My gosh, the venom cup was not empty yet from last season....

Qualified unknowingly on race fuel, after thinking hard and long whilst lapping why it was so hard to drop even below a mid 30 lap, until with 2 minutes to go after spinning out and getting out I saw I had taken on 50 laps of fuel, LOL.

Considering this I wasn't too displeased with the pace and steady lapping, clearly my setup liked the heavier fuel load anyway so I was optimistic for a good race anyway.

That ended in a mess at turn 1 however. I was having a Brabham hot on my heels but still wanted to gently enter the chicane but i saw tangling was to commence ahead of me anyway, it slowed down even more and even avoiding to the right or left was not possible with someone on my left and the giant kerb going to unsettle the car too much going that way. I ended up getting in the thick end of the collisions and then my rear got shifted upwards and in a rather comical yet sad way the car rolled onto its side and then tipped over completely. Race over and seemingly the only one there in the melee that wasn't able to continue. Only positives I hope to take is that the car didn't take too much damage in the melee besides a scraped roll hoop.

I seriously hope it woke everyone up. I don't feel like protesting despite the plenty warnings about the corner pre-race but I do expect, really expect a more cautious opening lap in the remaining rounds.

Good luck to the remaining guys!
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#2 Iestyn Davies

Iestyn Davies

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Posted 24 February 2018 - 10:59 AM

I didn't have anyone directly in front of me for T1 having qualified 2nd behind Rob, but still went off across the gravel going deep as I was concerned about how hard it was going to be to fall in line and take the chicane, by which point I was braking too late. Coming out the other side, Roy and Ed passed, and I looked in the mirror as I rejoined to see a humongous pile up in the chicane and no one else left to come by.

Roy went off at the last hairpin, and I passed a generous Ed at the main hairpin. Set about trying to catch Rob, when I went over the exit bump one time and it threw my calibration out of whack! I drove like Seb at Hungary '17 for a few laps before it seemingly fell back in line. Stranger was to come - 14 laps from home, safe in 2nd, and my router resets. Michiel and I had had a disco in the practice session before the race, but this time it was my own line letting me down. A mechanical? :P
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#3 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 24 February 2018 - 12:14 PM

Decided to buy a Cooper 2 hours before the race, just didn't want to take the Lotus and have another boring race, with all due respect. Had done 27.8 in Lotus, and best I've seen was 29.4 from others this week. But as before last season, peaked too early (last night). Was in the zone last night.

Roy did sub29 in practise, and even when I knew I'm capable of sub29 in Cooper, my target was just the front row, not pole. Just didn't get a clean lap in quali, always a mistake, or traffic. My sectors said easily sub29 (you know me, never satisfied) but only got 3x 29.4 :P Still got pole, was close, as Roy also couldn't get a good lap.

After start went too fast in the chicane having a tight line, and went with 4 wheels over the 2nd kerb...was lucky not to wreck. Thought I drove Iestyn off the track but he went in too deep himself...glad no one suffered from my mistake, if anything I got advantage from it. I do apologize for it, it wasn't on purpose, just made a mistake despite having practised pole starts...after start thought I was responsible for Iestyn losing spots, was angry with myself.

Had a little gap to Roy, who dropped early on. Couldn't find a good rhythm, and couldn't generate enough tiretemps, driving cautiously. Didn't have a good focus, I was annoyed with my driving and inconsistency and was counting down the laps. Lapped a few cars, who were exemplary (Burt/Doni etc.). Then pushing for fast laps with about 10 to go spun, and was lucky to keep it out of the barriers. Mistake spinning over a kerb, but I had a big lead of about 40s to Roy (who had more racepace for sure). Late race closed in on some cars who were fighting, and decided to slow down to let them have a clean fight. After my spin my consistency (ribbons) would be bad anyway. Yannick lost it under braking and took out Michi in the last lap (for me), but didn't suffer from it and took the checkered flag. Happy to get a win for the team, also after Enrique had to retire (bad luck buddy).

Looks like a slam with the Cooper, but again, it was more a lucky win because of others' bad luck. A lot of heartbreaks starting already after the start. Great recovery Roy, solid podium Ed at your hometrack, super consistent! Impressive! Well done finishers, and many commiserations to the retirements. A lot of heartbreak and attrition, including freezes/disco's...

Well after this rather critical review, I have to say it was hard. Was ill last 10 days, and only started practising wednesday night. But improved each night, already tried Ferrari for 15 laps and also the Cooper, since I didn't want to take the Lotus. Peaked last night, was in the zone....but then while still driving on the backstraight (Bob Holada was behind me, he might have seen my car all over the place) I choked up trying to swallow fluids. Couldn't get air and panicked. My eyes wanted to pop out, so much pressure. Spew the fluids all over the room, and felt really bad and tired. Was afraid it would affect my race today (my eyes suffer still). So all in all I should be happy with the result, but I wished I did enjoy it a bit more and wished to have to fight harder for it. Still it was a struggle today, physically and mentally, and you don't get these results in a Cooper too often!

Thanks all for racing, and thanks to those making it possible! :)

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#4 GrandPrixYannick


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Posted 24 February 2018 - 02:18 PM

Because the budget of my team is a little tight we don't really own high-end vehicles.
With that, I had to drive a Honda for this race, and it really didn't suit this track to my taste.
Throughout pre-practice I struggled finding a setup in which I felt most confident.

So by qualifying I still hadn't it so I just made some minor adjustments and cope with it.
I came no further than twelfth in qualifying despite setting a personal best.

There was havoc at the start but I pretty much managed to get out without damage.
I won four positions in the opening laps, mostly due to the misfortune of others. I peaked 6th but that was as high as I would get.
My teammate Tristan was quicker in the Brabham so I made sure he didn't lose time, and eventually Roy went ahead as well.

Most of the race was a fight with Michi. We each had ups and downs over the remaining 30 laps,
but the decider came when I lost the back of my Honda in the penultimate lap at Brabham Hairpin and took Michi with me.
Both of us got out -lapped in the process by Robert- but ultimately I got ahead of him.

I think 7th is decent in the Honda.
Let's just hope we get more nice results in D2 and Interlagos and hopefully get ourselves a stronger car :)

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#5 mellilore


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Posted 24 February 2018 - 05:00 PM

I've been looking forward to do the race, even though as usual twisty add-on tracks are real pain for my poor old 2008 laptop (took a look at this season's schedule, OUCH!!!! :MissileSmilie_anim: ), but 30 minutes before race start wife started feeling ill (strong headache), and I had to take care of the kids= goodbye racing.

Well done all of you guys (specially Robert, podium and finishers), CYA the next very hopefully


PS editing just to add, as she started feeling ill I stopped feeling Hill :freak5:

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#6 Ed_Cullen


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Posted 24 February 2018 - 08:11 PM

Had one of those races that went to plan. PB in Qualy and a podium finish. Had extra pressure being my home track
and carried the weight of my nation on my shoulders.

Set out with a conservative race plan and setup, that payed off for me,

The race. good start hope for a single file thought first chicane could quickly see thing did go to plan so I ease off
got a love tap from ML nice square one no damage saw ID in the sand, So was in 3rd after L1.Roy had a spin and into P2 I went
thinking to myself surely it cant be this easy sure enough ID came flying up really quickly and did what a fight so let him though,
it turn out to be a good thing, I tried to stay with him the gap being 2 to 5 sec's he drag me long to the halve way mark ,opening a
10 to 15 sec gap to 4th. Then on lap 27 found myself in second again. Unlucky ID you were going so well. Checked pit board and saw
RV catching me about 2sec a lap, so let him though with 6 to go he was clearly SO much quicker and was happy to bring the car
home in 1 piece and some coins & CS points to boot.

Shout Outs
Rob: awesome mate!
Roy: Amazing fight back !
Alex: Top 6 good job.
Honda Boys
Bert and Yannick Wow driving the whale for a Hour.
and finishing.

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#7 Michkov


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Posted 25 February 2018 - 11:39 AM

Managed to avoid the T2 fracas on L1 and ended up in 4th after everything had settled. Mike Claridge was hot on my heels, followed by the rest of the field. On L6 or L7 I lost the rear into T4 managed to keep the car pointing in the right direction but was hit by Mike as I was about to set off again. The impact spun me into the gravel and Mike seemed to get stuck in the bales.

When I rejoined I was 7th behind Yannicks Honda, whos rear end I'd be starring at for the remainder of the race. Pretty soon Tristan and Roy would come past. Roy managed an awesome overtake on myself going around the long way at T5. Though most of my time was spend with me trying to pass Yannick with Frank waiting to pick up the pieces. The Honda struggled through the twisty bits but would gap the Brabham by a big enough margin that only a dive bomb would get me by into the hairpin. Both of us made mistakes but the I never could pull of a pass until 7 laps towards the end when Yann lost the rear and I may have bumped him a bit at the hairpin, with Frank just seconds behind I had no time to wait so I just took off.

Bungled my lapping of Burt in the other Honda as I pushed him out of the way at the final turn under brakes. Apologies about that. The incident must have  allowed Yannick to close the gap again as he was back on my gearbox So turning into the hairpin with 2 to go I suddenly have a broadside Honda in my mirrors.

Open the steering to hopefully allow the car to slip by on the inside but I get hit square on and am thrown into the bales. Luckily I'm not stuck and can carry on, in my mind I got another lap to do after that one. Honda is still inside, my own vehicle is maybe crabbing a bit and then the checkered flag drops. Rob had passed us while we where recovering. To be honest I'm not sure if I should be happy about loosing that lap or not.

How did your Honda feel after that crash Yannick?
I just wanna race

#8 GrandPrixYannick


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Posted 26 February 2018 - 06:22 AM

View PostMichkov, on 25 February 2018 - 11:39 AM, said:

How did your Honda feel after that crash Yannick?
My car had no issues. I felt nothing odd when driving the last kilometer and the mech. report said the same thing: nothing at all.

Quite remarkable if you ask me.
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#9 MGL66


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Posted 26 February 2018 - 01:01 PM

Qualifying 5th (on the strength of a personal best) was a pleasant surprise. I thought that 7th or even 8th might be a more realistic aspiration, depending on others' difficulties. At least Mick and Michiel both suffered their own difficulties, so 5th it was.

Off the start line I edged to the right, partly to set myself up for taking the racing line into the Chicane, partly to dissuade Tristan from trying to squeeze in beside me. I tucked in neatly behind Ed's gearbox, both of us being quite conservative with our speed and trying to keep our cars off the curbs. Then it appeared to me that Ed checked up in response to something in front of him. I tapped the brakes but still managed to nudge Ed. The chain reaction was too much for Tristan to avoid, and he gave me a thump which knocked me off track left, where I thudded against the tree wall. None of this was an example of over-enthusiasm or boneheaded boldness. If anything it might have been an example of over caution. Just the kind of chain reaction that sometimes happens when everything up front goes less than perfectly.

Anyway, although I didn't know it at the time, from that moment on I was driving wounded. Four damage reports resulting in 10 damage points negatively impacted my speed for the whole race. Although I felt nothing particular amiss in the steering, I didn't feel particularly quick or comfortable out there. In training on race fuel I was turning laps < 1:31 by lap 8. In the race I didn't turn a single one. At first I thought it was just mediocre driving on my part, but now I don't think so. The damage had to have something to do with it.

I could not put myself in a position to attack Michi in the opening laps, nor could I defend myself against Mick or Roy when they caught me. All I could do was turn consistent laps and stay out of trouble. I was very lucky that in this instance it was good enough to earn 4th place. I didn't lap very many people, but those whom I did were very courteous, thank you.

Adelaide wasn't an artistic masterpiece, for sure, but there were some noteworthy performances. At the very least, Rob dominated from the front, Roy dominated from the back (!), and Ed was steady for the podium.

And a new season begins. See you in Brazil.


#10 bobho-in


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Posted 26 February 2018 - 04:45 PM

Well, that was an ugly start and T1/T2..   I have three other replays of oAo races at Adelaide. D1 and D2  None of them were this bad.  Its hard to determine who or what went wrong.  One factor was a lot of cars moving over to the right to get a good line through T1/T2.  And also the large difference in speed . It appears that some cars were trying to get the fastest start possible and others were being cautious.  This was not the place to try to make the fastest start !  If you were fast enough to be on the front two rows well I don't have any problem with your starts .But further back there was no room for error by anybody. There was little to no give and take in the center of the pack because there was no room to give.
If you had been careful and stayed in your lane more of the track would have been used and there would have been some room for give and take.    No matter how many times we might have tried it would have been close to impossible to get single file and drive through T1/T2 one by one on the ideal line.  Sorry if this is a bit rambling and disjointed. I've got other things to do
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#11 BurtAugust


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Posted 26 February 2018 - 09:30 PM

Not a great race for me.  Never had a lot of pace in the Honda but  I was pretty smooth in it.  My qualifying effort was not good as I expected a mid-high 1:32.

Started from the back which helped me avoid the carnage in the esses.but had Doni followed y several others who went off.  Finished the 1st lap in  9th but that did not last.  I could not hold any of them off and by lap 10 was the last car still running.  I had Doni in sight for a while but he was quicker and soon he was barely in sight.  My objective was to finish and not hit anything.  In that I was successful.

Congrats to the podium and my sympathy to Ies who got disco near the end of a good drive.

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