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Show Us Your Racing Setup

15 May 2018 - 02:53 AM

(Oops only now i noticed that the topic's name is wrong... it was supposed to be 'Racing Setup'.. oops)
I'm curious about everybody else's setup... what computer they use... their wheel and pedal setup and so on

I'll start with mine:

Playseat Challenge seat with a shifter attached to it via a modified Garmin GPS mount.

Steering wheel base: T300
Pedals: T3PA modified with custom springs
Dashboard: SRH (Sim Racing Hardware) T300 dash
Tacho: Renovatio SRD 4C (only used in other sims and currently not being used much since i'm transitioning to more and more VR racing)
Wheels: Ferrari GTE rim, 28 GT Leather rim (shown in the picture) and Ferrari F1 rim for open wheel racing
Not show on picture: my desk.. i had to place my seat it elsewhere to take a clear picture. I'm using a 24" 1080P display.
PC: Intel NUC Skull Canyon
CPU: i7-6770HQ 2.6 ghz base, 3.5 Turbo Quadcore 8 thread
HDD: 500GB M.2 main SSD and 1TB M.2 secondary SSD
GPU: External AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box
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