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will AWARD 5 coins to all who FINISH
this event ~

PRO -50 laps

Too Bad No Video/but Good Read!

16 January 2018 - 07:51 AM


New To Sim Racing?

27 December 2017 - 06:17 PM

S21 Changes

26 December 2017 - 03:14 PM

This first item is not a rule or scoring change, but to alert you the 4 categories on the COIN STATUS page were eliminated. We already have the race to race leaders in each category, and the combined total on respective pages.

BIG CHANGE points>> The POINTS Chart for Finishing Positions have been changed. Not exactly as 2 seasons back, but more points paying positions than last season.

BIG CHANGE Zero Coins>> In previous seasons if a driver or team dropped to zero coins, there was a restriction on how many team drivers could qualify, and/or how many laps could be run in qualifying.
Not wanting to eliminate 'some' aspect of being low on coins, now any driver (team or privateer) at or below zero now may do qualifying laps but ONLY in final 5 min.
The amount of qually time would be modified to increase time at any track that requires more than 5min for a hot lap.
Failure to follow this restriction will require that driver to be limited to 1 out lap + 1 hot lap of next race.

As always, BOTH sessions have same restrictions of ANY pit exit on to track, must end in a PIT BOX, or the remainder of that sessions is forfeited.
REMINDER... any collisions in pit lane, before a car gets to pit exit, may re-set and try again, including the zero coins drivers.

CHANGE Engine damages>> The reporting of engine damages has now been added to the Damage Reports page, per race, and eliminated from the 'yellow' far right of spreadsheet on Coins Status page. So Engine damages will still be as costly as before, but no longer auto repaired. They will affect the overall status of cars not able to race until admin is notified and repairs made.

The title of slight damage is replaced with LIGHT and light damage is replaced with MEDIUM just word changes, levels of repair and significance of reports stay same.
However light damage now 1/6 the car cost (last season it was -2 coins)
New levels of damage repairs will be: from 1/6 – 1/3 – 1/2 - 2/3

CHANGE division blending>> No racing down (from D1 to D2 stays in place) but this season No more racing UP (D2 to D1)

BIG CHANGE Coins/Chassis>> All returning drivers will start with 75% of whatever 'carry-over' coins they ended the previous season with, and all new drivers, and drivers returning that didn’t race previous season will start with zero coins.
What car can they race?  They can buy any car they have enough coins for, or use a loaner the choice is theirs.
For TEAM drivers:
This means if a team has enough for 2 cars they must buy them.
If not enough for a 2d car, they can use the loaner.
A loaner car must be paid for and returned in race ready condition, before a team can buy another car.
CHANGE >> Honda and BRM gain 4 when you race and finish at least 75% of race distance

BIG CHANGE >> Top Cars cost less, but not much.
12 Hon OR BRM
18 Coop
30 Brab
36 Fer
48 Eag
60 Lot
Slightly lower Costs will be offset by potential increase in repairs and you will be required use a "loaner" if zero or less coins.

A LONER Car can be the BRM or Honda. There is no ‘cost’ to loan a car. When there are not enough coins to repair a damaged car, or buy a replacement, use of a loaner car is the only option.
Coins not repaid will deduct CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS at season end!

NEW End of season 'coupon' reward for completing 75% of race and 100% ON TRACK - same as other categories top 6 get coins.

NOTE!  Draft of new teams will begin on 1st Jan

Brm Or Honda?

20 December 2017 - 01:24 PM

If everything is equal, costs/coins/track etc and you can choose between Honda or BRM
which is for you?

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