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In Topic: Can-Am 66 White Paper

13 October 2018 - 05:00 AM

Hi guys, probably interested, would not be able to attend all venues, but that depends on dates,

One question though, how do you pick your car, dose that just bepend on personal preferences?.

                       Regards Tim.

In Topic: Road America

08 October 2018 - 03:47 PM

Only just caught up on a post from Pepe after P.I.R, he asks what was I thinking, or doing for that matter, trying to un lap myself by chasing him? well no actually, if your are lapped it's obviously because your slower, unlapping would prove nothing, but it is the opportunity to chase, and maybe improve your lap times, at the vey least it's more fun, :bigsmile: so that was it.  

Kayo above, in your post you mention you seem to be able to close down on braking, but the gap opens up again on acceleration, isn't that just a natural occurrence, under braking and accretion?, known as the concertina affect?, Just thinking.

Regards Tim.

P.S.  Hay Pepe, I know your not complaining, I just like to chase anyone, even if it is a lost cause, never stop racing mate, its just so much fun.

In Topic: Road America

07 October 2018 - 08:43 AM

Hi guys, had a great race with Ronny yesterday, was hoping to hang on to 8th but made a mistake at T1, and he was able to take full advantage of that, but in all honesty he was faster than me at that stage, he mentioned he thought my tyres were going off, that could be right, I didn’t notice if they were, my thoughts are that I tend to get a little careless towards the end of the race.

But I really enjoy racing closely like that, as for setting up the car to allow the tyres to stay in good condition for the length of the race well that’s not something I can even think about, but I do have a habit of starting very quickly,  the pace stays with me, but dose not improve very much, whereas others seem to, oh well. That’s racing Guys.

  Regards Tim.

In Topic: Monza

09 September 2018 - 02:57 AM

Hi guys,

This race was always going to be my favourite, the one I really wanted to do as good as I could.

No qualifying here, just wanted to get on the back, and so it was, when the flag dropped I did my usual trick of being out of gear, by the time I'd sorted that out the carnage had kicked off I front so thankfully managed to miss all of that, the two BRM's were slow of the line so I think I passed them before Curva Grande,  the next 10 laps or so was spent passing slower cars that started ahead of me on the grid.

With just TWO LAPS TO GO, my screen went black :weight_lift2: :yucky: :Flush: :wounded1: you can guess how I felt at that moment,    7th was where I should have been, can't remember who was in front by about a mile, and similar gap behind.

Well done to all the back markers who made sensible moves in good time when being lapped. my driver of the day has to be George (with the Honda) great drive, well done.

    Well done to the podium, Regards Tim.

In Topic: Zeltweg

12 May 2018 - 01:52 PM

Hi guys, well I really enjoyed today’s race, I think Andrew and myself had about 20 laps nose to tail, racing with him was just fantastic, a true gentleman racer,.

I tend not to push too hard in qualy, simply because I do not like taking risks, so the 1:48 I got was good enough for me.

At the start mine was not the best, from 8th Pepe came past, then later at the end of that lap I managed to retake, from there I seemed able to hold him at bay, then about lap 6 there was Andrew dehind me, so for the rest of the race we were going round together, he did get past going bown hill before the tight right hander, but I think he got a poor exit off the last turn and I managed to get up the rise before the first bend just in front, then with about 6 laps left he stumbled over something or other and was 200-300 yards back,from there it should have been easy to the end,,,,,,,,,BUT.     I noticed flags waving at the top of the hill and thinking the race was over I stopped.  DAM.   DAM.    DAM.

But the race with Andrew was worth every bit of fun and disappointed.

                                        Won’t make Silverstone. Holiday calls.     Regards Tim

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