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In Topic: Zeltweg

12 May 2018 - 01:52 PM

Hi guys, well I really enjoyed todayís race, I think Andrew and myself had about 20 laps nose to tail, racing with him was just fantastic, a true gentleman racer,.

I tend not to push too hard in qualy, simply because I do not like taking risks, so the 1:48 I got was good enough for me.

At the start mine was not the best, from 8th Pepe came past, then later at the end of that lap I managed to retake, from there I seemed able to hold him at bay, then about lap 6 there was Andrew dehind me, so for the rest of the race we were going round together, he did get past going bown hill before the tight right hander, but I think he got a poor exit off the last turn and I managed to get up the rise before the first bend just in front, then with about 6 laps left he stumbled over something or other and was 200-300 yards back,from there it should have been easy to the end,,,,,,,,,BUT.     I noticed flags waving at the top of the hill and thinking the race was over I stopped.  DAM.   DAM.    DAM.

But the race with Andrew was worth every bit of fun and disappointed.

                                        Wonít make Silverstone. Holiday calls.     Regards Tim

In Topic: !"£$%^ Montjiuch

28 April 2018 - 01:22 PM

Hay Pepe, what you trying to say here, I thought we were having a great race, loved every second of it, would have been more than happy to finish behind you here, you were obviously quicker than me here, but as you say we seem to be drawn together no matter where we start, as for the result, well for me itís unimportant where I finished, this was just great fun, itís enevitable that we will qualify next to each other in similar cars sooner or later.       CANT WAIT.

You are right I did run into you earlier in the race, but I did see you were off and away before me, your decision to chase was a good one, that did put pressure on me, and I just lost it later on.

Thanks for a great race, really enjoyed it.

                          Regards Tim.v

In Topic: Tandil

31 March 2018 - 12:04 PM

Hi guys, well, have to say, Iím surprised at the result, 7th on the grid, and of those 7 only 1 finished in front, John came past very quickly, after about 3-4 laps?, have to say iíve practiced the tarmac off this track, so I wasnít put off by it, but by far the worst of it was the last lap, just trying to get to the line!.

Well done to Rob, and John, this is only my second 3rd place in oAo, so needless to say iím Very pleased.

                                    Regarsds Tim.

In Topic: Interlagos

17 March 2018 - 10:55 AM

Alain, I can only say sorry for the T 1 incident felt sure you would have seen me there, but hopefully no harm done.

As for me well, after the first lap I found myself near the front, top 6 ?, but nowhere near the pace, so about 7 laps in my team mate Tamse, and Alain came past doing a good impression of express train on full chat!,

well there's only one thing to do,    GET OUT THE WAY.

The rest of the race was just about bringing it home, then on the last few laps I got two places, one was my unfortunate team mate Tames, dead engine.

                                                                                    Regards Tim.

In Topic: Adelaide

03 March 2018 - 01:31 PM

The sooner I can forget this race the BETTER, frame rate fell through the floor for some reason, itís been fine for weeks, but not today!.
So started 11th, I think, was doing the best I could, but the FPS running at 30 was making it no fun at all, then the engine gave up.

So on to Interlagos.               Regards Tim.

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