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Today, 12:24 PM

Participating in this race was not something I had really anticipated as I was leading the D1 Privateer Championship.
There are four others whom go ahead of me, and the D1 grid seems to get full easier this year, so I carefully told myself I would sit this one out.
I did a little bit of preparation but not much.

This afternoon, things were significantly different from what I told myself.
Not all team drivers were present and three of the other four privateers did not show up.
As it turns out, there was plenty of space for me to drive.

Now Phillip Island is a bit of a technical circuit with slow and long corners, so I am not considering myself competitive in the Honda.
Tenth place did not really surprise me so it saved me disappointment.
The start was pretty good, as I beat the Brabham of Miele off the line and got myself into ninth.
At the end of the lap Ed suddenly went into the pits, for reasons mysterious for me.
Lap three, Mati Falas spins his Repco at Repco, and thus I was in seventh.

The top six were way above my league in their cars so I concentrated on keeping the position I am in and maximize the potential.
Two times I went wide in Siberia but prevented the car from getting in a spin.
It costed me a bit of consistency, but my position was never really in danger.

I tried to finish on even lap, but the leaders caught up with me on the last lap.
A small bummer, but the result is there, a decent score on the board, and no damage to speak of.
In fact, I got a bonus for being the first to note a new feature somewhere on the website ;)

Two pretty solid races down, but I think this is where I will have a bit of a break.
I anticipate being occupied for the upcoming three races, though it may turn out otherwise.
Either way, I expect the other D1 privateers to get ahead of me in the standings by that time!! :D

In Topic: Das Legal Or Not?

Today, 08:14 AM

I think may be one of the few that feels F1 should just move on from the pinnacle of technology/innovation and go for the pinnacle of entertainment (the racing I mean, not the glam around it).
Isn't that why the have the Formula E now as everything goes electric anyway? :P

In Topic: Zandvoort Changes

09 February 2020 - 10:47 AM

First layer of tarmac for the banking has been layed.

In Topic: Buenos Aires

08 February 2020 - 12:43 PM

So far, a good season opener was not in my books yet at oAo.
DNF in 2017, 8th in 2018, 8th* in 2019.
At least this is no more the case for me.

* = engine failure with 3 laps to go

Initially I have been trying a setup which had 60/60/4 in differentials but I couldn't get it tuned to counter the oversteer at the throttle.
So reluctantly I went to 85/60/4 and made the suspension adjustments accordingly. Setup geeks who like to point out the problems can have fun with the enclosed stuff below.
In the end the car felt well in time for qualifying.

The grid was full of G6 drivers with a Brabham so I knew that I, in terms of pace, would be about on par with them with the Honda.
So I did put much effort into my laps. I had set myself a marker to be about 1 second of my Ferrari lap time of two years ago here, which was about a 1:26.2.
And I successfully managed so, with a 1:27.1.
Despite seventh on the grid I was happy with my lap time.

The start was good. I got alongside the Brabham (Tristan) and Ferrari (Dag) but yielded before reaching T1 as I did not have enough to get past the two.
Michiel spun in T1, Dag was out dragged to T2 and Marcos got the T3 hairpin wrong, thus making me move up three places and not far off Tristan.
I got close to him for the first couple of laps, but it was too much to keep up through the entire run.
Likewise, Dag also did not manage to keep up in his Ferrari, so I could mostly focus on my own driving.

This race I got bugged by inconsistencies from lapping drivers.
I had a misunderstanding with Claudio, whom did held me up briefly into T2 and I couldn't clarify his intentions on how to let me by.
Personally I always prefer it when they go off the racing line so I can keep driving my thing without alterations. A Cooper did so at the same place as where this incident happened, not sure who.
But various drivers do it differently, and I wish there would come a bit more consistency in it.
Claudio stayed on the line, though, so I thought he might take the outside of T3. Instead, I noticed too late he slowed down significantly in the braking zone, expecting me to move on the inside, and could not avoid flipping his BRM upside down.
Sorry for that Claudio. :(
Later on, there was another BRM who impeded me through T2 until T7 and effectively wasting me a second.
Not that it mattered much for me in the situation, but it still really annoying for me for people to wait unnecessarily long before giving way.
Just go out of the way ASAP, please. Like, when I'm approx. 25 meters (28 yards) behind and approaching. Don't wait till I'm right up your buttocks.

Back to my race, not much to report, apart from one moment where I ran wide in T1. I prevented my car from spinning and hitting a fence, and didn't lose too much time.
In the end I spent the entire race in fourth position. A good result, in my book.
Happy to be competitive in the Honda.
Here's hoping that the upcoming races I can have a seat... that'll be difficult having a occupied D1 and the most points of the privateers now. :oops:

In Topic: Pro Level Racing Considerations

29 January 2020 - 01:10 PM

Adding to John's concerns also adding my concern, as I mentioned in the mail, some sort of recession for teams
with many damage bills resulting in higher risk of multiple teams being on the edge all the time or get stuck in the negative.

As Pepe mentioned, reducing bills for just D2 drivers is no good idea, hence why I prefer to reduce it for both D1 and D2 if possible.

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