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In Topic: S22 - Mt. Panorama

10 March 2019 - 05:40 PM

hello drivers.
   a very "complicate" track and  especially if at the start we didn't have space between the cars,
  the turn 1 was a complicate, because some cars brake before and cause a small blows, I'm a victim of that and loose 3 places for that, but reiterate, was because of such a tight start.
    I can still runing after that incident and I think I have some fault in that, because, I need to take the turn over the grass, and if I want to return to track, tristan make a strong evation for avoid to hit me, and start a big incident in that turn.......
   I can still runing  ( 3 places before) and just concentrate  for end the race because this track it's are very dangerous, and a litlle mistake you are out.....
   I made more than 4 mistakes  ( 1 bigger)  but I was able to race welll.
  end in 5 place for me is wonderfull, specially in this " hell" track,
  congrats dutch drivers for the 3 places in podium....you'rs guys are impossible catch, but i'm working in that....... :BoomSmilie_anim:
    congrats my teamy mikele, for that recovery, start in last position ( for problems whit freeze) and end the race in 7 place, great job teamyy.
   cya next race.....A race for humans, because, last  3 races are for " suicide drivers" :bigsmile:
  cheers and thanks for all

In Topic: And Another! Argentine

08 March 2019 - 09:23 PM

View PostPepe Higdon, on 27 February 2019 - 08:55 PM, said:

¿Qué es eso? Primero de todo tenemos Farina y entonces Cendejas, Lima, Silva, Palud, y ahora Mirande. ¿En serio? ¡Es la reconquista, verdad!  :)

:yu: :yu: hahahaha
   and you forget miguel palud,,, the latin america powerrrrrr.... :yeah: :yeah:

  hola marcosss, good to see you hereee :bigglasses: :beerchug:

In Topic: S22 R2 Punta Fria

24 February 2019 - 03:57 PM

thats great migue, you are a gentleman in track, and I know, that thinks, never happen again, buddy
   next races, are better for you teamy, lets go friend still runing like you know, alwais clear and clean... :bigsmile:

In Topic: S22 R2 Punta Fria

23 February 2019 - 08:21 PM

congrats rob, for your victory, and roy for that very good recovery..
  my race are solid, and I drive first 40 laps, very concentrate, but after lap 41 I don't know  what happen to me ( maybe my brain disco :-) ) and brake to late in t1 and go outside, anyway, I can in to the track again, and still runnig, but in next lap, same problem, go outside in t1, $%&/)(/&%&/.....ok, lets go again...and you know what happen i next lap????
  yes same mistake in same turn....god demond....what the matter????', I loose my ilution for catch killer an lowery, for fiht for the 4 place,  and just still runnig softely, for end the race in 6 place.
  anyway, thats great for me, and my team.
   cya next race gentlemans and happy birthay BO :disco:

In Topic: Our Latest 'rookies' To O-A-O

22 February 2019 - 10:20 PM

hohohohohoooo, welcome miguel to this amazing league, i'm so happy you can enjoy races, whit us, but more happy you are member of the super power, "vulture club team" ...thats wonderfull for our team...
  I hope you enjoy to much this races, and belive me. you can do that.....
  ( hey....robert fleurke put his eyes in you...becareful....)    :whistling:

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