S21 Brno 1949

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#1 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 04 August 2018 - 10:47 AM

Great to be back with oAo and GPL! :)

Had been away from GPL for 7 weeks, just started monday night again. First lap spun almost every corner, but after 5 laps got the hang of it (again). Was pretty confident challenging for the win in the Brab, even tho I knew Greg would be mighty having a 5m23 in the Ferrari. Since he was using the Eagle, I thought it would be very hard to challenge him.

In pre-quali Greg showed his long track class, but wasn't able to reproduce it in quali. Therefore my lap was good enough, made a mistake in s3, but the aim was a PB that I just missed out on...

Still happy with Pole, and a solid start in the lighter Brabham made sure I had a comfortable lead after a lap, also when Greg made a mistake. No pressure at all, ran pretty consistent, but started to suffer after halfway. Just haven't got the endurance conditioned yet after a long break. Had a couple of close calls, but kept it on the track. Was basically cruising in a consistent pace, longing for the finish I must admit. But fate caught up with me and I got a screenfreeze entering the slowest chicane in s3, in the penultimate lap. Did have one during the week, offline.

All I can do is accept what is, out of my control. I'm not frustrated, but unhappy for the team. If anything wanted to build up the coins tally again.

Therefore I'm very happy with Enrique's performance, you saved the team today amigo! Fantastico! :D

Many congrats to Greg for his (first?) win, I couldn't wish it to a better guy. Also well done Iestyn and Michael for podium, and finishers. One of the hardest tracks in GPL for sure without real brakemarkers as well. Commiserations to the retirements...

Thanks to Bruce and all involved organizing! :)

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#2 BurtAugust


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Posted 04 August 2018 - 11:38 AM

NO screen freezes for me but several brain freezes.

#3 D_J


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Posted 04 August 2018 - 12:28 PM

Feels great to be driving again. That was a fun race.

Almost escaped the start debackle but hooked the front wheel and came out more or less last so difficult start. But no damage so just kept it as clean as I could from there and that brought me all the way to P5 , lol , good stuff. Had a real fun scrap with Tristan and when I finally got passed I went straight off and lost the posistion again , talk about a waste. Took me 4 - 5 laps of hanging by my fingernails behind him and I stayed in front of him for about 50 m before I went off.. haha , oh well...

#4 JMF


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Posted 04 August 2018 - 12:38 PM

Congrats Iestyn, Micheal!

It's hard to believe my luck could be so good. Unfortunately, I'm not real surprised with Rob's bad luck, especially considering what I've done to him at Rouen and Nurburgring.

Rob was excellent, very impressive. Your ability to reproduce 5:22s showed me I'd need a lot of luck to beat you. I tried to keep the pace, but by the time we went through the high speed left with the dip, I would have been asking for catastrophe if I did try to match the pace. You looked far braver than me and the next turn just reinforced that thought. I got off line later in lap 1 and did a quick spin. I figured the loss of 4 seconds is far more than I could recover. I still tried to keep up somewhat, but that 5:26.01 on lap 4 showed I'd be stupid to try any harder. It was nothing more than drive to survive after lap 5 except lap 10. I was so nervous and so tempted to push the car on lap 10 to get fast lap. That was another gift I got.

I feel terrible for Rob. He appeared to be driving beautifully and deserved the win. I earned a podium position. I didn't earn the win or fast lap.

I wish I could have given Rob more of a challenge. It looks like I peaked an hour or two before qualifying. I did my only 5:22 and I ran my best 4 lap stint on race fuel. It was very similar to Rob's first 4 laps of the race.

Congrats to all the other survivors and my commiserations to all the unfortunate drivers. It's a shame to see the most difficult turn for me in the Eagle claimed Michiel. Only once did I drive that turn as well I've often done in the Ferrari. I guess I'm lucky that Iestyn hasn't driven this track as much as me. I think your change in steering wheels has slowed you more to my pace. I still doubt I could beat you had you driven as many laps here as I have. I'd guess Roy didn't practice much or is not feeling well. I thought whoever drove the Ferrari for Pist'n Broke might beat me.

Thanks Micheal for letting me drive the Eagle. I'm happiest because I did exactly as I had hoped. I finished undamaged. Looking at the possible field for race day, anything from P1-P4 was going to make me happy. It's great that you were able to claim another podium position. We couldn't get much more fortunate.

Take care guys and thanks for letting me race with you.
Greg Taber

#5 Michkov


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Posted 04 August 2018 - 04:37 PM

That was a waste of an afternoon if I ever saw one. And I got only myself to blame. I thought I had the tracks rhythm down when I managed to run the tank dry yesterday, but nope come raceday and I struggle to put a single lap together.

Things went from bad to worse at the start, as I wasn't paying enough attention to catch Frank reacting to a spinner in front of him. Hit him square in the rear and caused the start incident to get even worse. Apologies to everyone involved.

Managed to get through the first village just fine after I extracted myself from the tangle of cars at the start, just to drop a wheel in the dirt and around the car went. As my luck would have it the car came to rest in the ditch without hitting anything. I had to let the pod of Hondas by before attempting to rejoin the race. Engine went up in smoke just as I did that, race over. Not a happy Michi today, at least the car is in one piece.
I just wanna race

#6 Roy


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 03:58 AM

Grats to the podium and Greg with your first win! :)

The last two weeks i hade not much time to drive. I try it but i was way off pace on this track.
I have more time for the next race so lets see what i can do :)


#7 MGL66


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 07:45 AM

Let me start at the end of the story by congratulating Greg on his first win in oAo! I know what it's like to inherit a win via the screen freeze misfortune of others -- as you say, it doesn't feel like you earned it -- but you can only control what you can control, and in this instance you did everything right. You put yourself in a solid and safe 2nd place to be in position to capitalize on anything that happened. Robert, classy as ever, understands and accepts this as being the way of the GPL world: sometimes ruthlessly cruel. You realized your goal of a clean performance on a diabolical track and finally fate favored you. I am not surprised by this, nor will I be surprised to see you win again before the end of the season. I am so happy for you and grateful for the result that you have provided to the team. Keep up the good work!

As for my own race, it could best be described as cycles of searching for, finding, then losing rhythm. It wasn't as clean a performance as I had hoped for, but it was good enough to survive to see the checkered flag. Apart from driving over the occasional curb, I brushed against only two solid trackside objects, enough to inflict light damage to the sturdy little Brabham, but not enough to end my race.

Sorry to all for my contribution to the start line chaos. I got a better start than Iestyn and edged over to his left in case I could take advantage into the first turn. Just as it became clear that I wasn't going to out drag him, his car went sideways. I backed off the throttle to minimize contact and that, of course, caused an accordion effect behind me. I tapped Iestyn, turning his car forward, then Roy tapped me just as I was flooring the throttle. So Iestyn and I continued unhurt while chaos ensued behind.

Once Iestyn passed me later on Lap 1, my position was set until the end of the race. It was a lonely experience after that.

I feel sorry for Robert. Again he was the class of the field, pushing the Brabham to lap times that I can only look upon with envy.  Congratulations to Iestyn for 2nd. I didn't have enough to keep up with you on this day. Congratulations also to all finishers. Not an easy track on which to finish a 10-lapper.

See you all at Aintree (which I believe is Iestyn's home track)!


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