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#1 Claudio Pablo Navonne

Claudio Pablo Navonne

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Posted 08 February 2020 - 10:45 AM

First race, and first anger, broken car and not my fault. Michi texted me last night to replace him in D1 because he had a problem with the steering wheel. I had a problem with the computer in general, a problem with the pedals in particular and I hadn't done a single lap on the circuit since the race with the Mod55 and even less with the BRM! I got up very early this morning, was able to do GPL, but connecting to the server via IP, and had to use the old G27 pedalboard. My goal was to arrive with the car in one piece, let them start and I started to follow the last one, to my satisfaction not so far. Arriving in the middle of the race I started to lose laps to the leaders, I let them all pass accordingly, even a Lotus that was fighting with me, I gave it space on the first hairpin to pass me. But a Honda came along, apparently very anxious, and I gave it room in that same spot to pass me, but it crashed violently from behind and ruined my car. I can't understand it.
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#2 Tristan Bot

Tristan Bot


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Posted 08 February 2020 - 12:00 PM

Bravo Roy and Rob ....untouchable in a cooper !...( Technique Service should have a look in the Maserati engine ... :D  )
I done good qualifs and get 5th on the grid....take a good start .... get 3 rd at the end of lap 1 .... and can keep it to the end ....very happy !...a good season start for the team !
Thx Bo and all racers...cu next one ...;)

#3 GrandPrixYannick


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Posted 08 February 2020 - 12:43 PM

So far, a good season opener was not in my books yet at oAo.
DNF in 2017, 8th in 2018, 8th* in 2019.
At least this is no more the case for me.

* = engine failure with 3 laps to go

Initially I have been trying a setup which had 60/60/4 in differentials but I couldn't get it tuned to counter the oversteer at the throttle.
So reluctantly I went to 85/60/4 and made the suspension adjustments accordingly. Setup geeks who like to point out the problems can have fun with the enclosed stuff below.
In the end the car felt well in time for qualifying.

The grid was full of G6 drivers with a Brabham so I knew that I, in terms of pace, would be about on par with them with the Honda.
So I did put much effort into my laps. I had set myself a marker to be about 1 second of my Ferrari lap time of two years ago here, which was about a 1:26.2.
And I successfully managed so, with a 1:27.1.
Despite seventh on the grid I was happy with my lap time.

The start was good. I got alongside the Brabham (Tristan) and Ferrari (Dag) but yielded before reaching T1 as I did not have enough to get past the two.
Michiel spun in T1, Dag was out dragged to T2 and Marcos got the T3 hairpin wrong, thus making me move up three places and not far off Tristan.
I got close to him for the first couple of laps, but it was too much to keep up through the entire run.
Likewise, Dag also did not manage to keep up in his Ferrari, so I could mostly focus on my own driving.

This race I got bugged by inconsistencies from lapping drivers.
I had a misunderstanding with Claudio, whom did held me up briefly into T2 and I couldn't clarify his intentions on how to let me by.
Personally I always prefer it when they go off the racing line so I can keep driving my thing without alterations. A Cooper did so at the same place as where this incident happened, not sure who.
But various drivers do it differently, and I wish there would come a bit more consistency in it.
Claudio stayed on the line, though, so I thought he might take the outside of T3. Instead, I noticed too late he slowed down significantly in the braking zone, expecting me to move on the inside, and could not avoid flipping his BRM upside down.
Sorry for that Claudio. :(
Later on, there was another BRM who impeded me through T2 until T7 and effectively wasting me a second.
Not that it mattered much for me in the situation, but it still really annoying for me for people to wait unnecessarily long before giving way.
Just go out of the way ASAP, please. Like, when I'm approx. 25 meters (28 yards) behind and approaching. Don't wait till I'm right up your buttocks.

Back to my race, not much to report, apart from one moment where I ran wide in T1. I prevented my car from spinning and hitting a fence, and didn't lose too much time.
In the end I spent the entire race in fourth position. A good result, in my book.
Happy to be competitive in the Honda.
Here's hoping that the upcoming races I can have a seat... that'll be difficult having a occupied D1 and the most points of the privateers now. :oops:

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#4 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 08 February 2020 - 12:54 PM

In quali was close to my pre-quali form, and was satisfied with the laptime, 1m26.19s.  Also when I did expect Roy to set a time unreachable for me in the Cooper, but it still would be good for the front row.

For the race didn't expect to keep pace with Roy so I did anticipate a lonely race. Also missed Iestyn on the grid, hoping he's back next time. Anyhow, nailed the start and took the lead. First half of the race I drove very well, and Roy never had a chance to pass. Surely he could go faster in clean air, but I did hit my braking points and exits, despite being on the edge. We started to lap cars, and at some point had too much speed in T1, missed the apex and had a very bad exit. Roy was close behind whole race so he took profit and went by towards T2.

He couldn't break away despite he was faster, and I was very happy with my drive and performance. P2 would always be the max normally. It was a great race from my point of view and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Congrats Roy, good win after a patient drive. Also well deserved and solid podium by Tris, congrats! :) Well done finishers and commiserations to the DNFs. Thanks all for racing and it's great to be back with oAo! :)

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#5 mcmirande


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Posted 08 February 2020 - 02:14 PM

Hi guys! Congrats to the podium and especially to Roy and Rob that did a superb race!

I did a surprisingly good qualy. My aim was reaching to 26.6 or 26.7 but got a third position (my best in oAo so far) with a 26.9.
My race wasn't that good. I was pretty fast but made several mistakes that made me got stuck in the middle of the pack and raced most laps almost 1 second slower than the rhythm I could had.

I wanna thank John Hammond and Ed Cullen, that left me room to surpass them instead of fighting for the positions. Really they were in full conditions and rights to fight, but preferred not to.

At the end I had a very entertaining fight with Killer Miele that I enjoyed a lot.

See you the next!!

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#6 Killer-Miele


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Posted 08 February 2020 - 02:30 PM

hallo D1 racer

first D1 race of the new season
car completely relaxed and place 6
a great run
most of the time a great duel with Marco mirande
had a super close and fair
it's great to be able to compete with such safe riders on the track - without being afraid someone is overdoing it
it was great thanks marco

#7 snafu


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Posted 08 February 2020 - 08:17 PM

I just wasn't feeling the car today for some reason although I qualified roughly where I expected. Had a great battle with Ed punctuated with two errors. The 1st when I should have let Roy and Rob through on the SF straight. Instead I pushed for T1 and in my haste to get through without holding them up caught the inside curb and spun off stage left. But only a minor touch on the fence so no damage. But Ed followed Roy and Rob through so 8th became 9th. :( Next was weird (And a little worrying). While driving through the complex after the hairpin the car kept jumping into neutral, then into gear. I'm hoping this isn't the start of a shifter issue, I don't want to have to strip that down during the season. End result was I got spun around but fortunately didn't hit anything but it did put me into the clutches of Michael in his BRM and a healthy gap of around 16s suddenly became 6s. Fortunately I was able to keep it all together until the flag.

Great drives by just about everyone, Start was clean (From my end).

Congrats to Roy, Rob and Tris for the podium. It's good to be back in the 67's.

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#8 Tames


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Posted 09 February 2020 - 01:52 AM

Hmmmm, not really what I was hoping for, but I have to admit I was a bit worried before the race it would turn out the way it did.
Last season in D2 a lot of races I could just do my laps and the only worry was not to get hurt when lapping other cars. For this season realistically the optimal is to have battles in midfield. And that this also includes the occasional contact with others is unfortunately also part of that.

During practice I managed to set a PB of 1:26:4, but for some reason in the last two days I just couldn't manage that any more. But I was happy to end up where I did, it gave me the chance to get a feel for the pace without having to push right from the start. I ended up in 6th after the first lap, and was happy with how things we're going. Mati (Falas) was close behind but couldn't really make a pass anywhere as long as I kept my pace. In lap 9 I went wide coming out of the chicane and tried to get off the line because I was sure he would use the opportunity. Next thing I knew my car went into orbit.

It scared me and I shook my head. This caused the wire from my headset to be disconnected from my pc. So I spent about half a minute below my desk, you can probably imagine how it felt and also how it sounded. My wife told me it sounded like world war 3 had started after the race.

I saw in the replay that Mati did what he could to avoid contact, why it caused such a mess is higher science.  
So, here I was in last position and for a lap or two considered ending the race to keep the car in one piece. Amazingly the car appeared to have no damage and I did what I could until the finish line. But my focus suffered (it's always between the ears) and I made a lot of small mistakes. Ended up behind Dag who was one lap ahead, and passed him after about 5 laps. I could then chase down Claudio and Dan and ended up right behind Doni over the finish line.

Too bad, without that incident I think I could have battled it out in 6th or 7th place. Lots of lessons learned for me.

Better luck next time. Thanks everyone for a clean race. Congrats to the podium!

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#9 D_J


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Posted 09 February 2020 - 05:19 AM

Grats Roy , Rob and Tristan. Well done!

All in all a fairly quiet event. A bit of drama in the first lap but it settled down very quick as I expected. I popped the engine in offline practice leading up to the race so after I realized that even if I could keep up with Yannick and Tristan there would be no chance of passing them so I backed off a little to save the engine and just settle for a P5 with no damage in the first race. Not a track I enjoy very much either so good to get it over with.

Shame about Claudio , seemed very unnecessary.

#10 daniel0099


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Posted 09 February 2020 - 09:28 AM

Had A good start and gained 2 positions.
Even with 3 monitors, it was very difficult to see the flag of the flagman from P16. Next time I will bring binoculars.
Managed to negotiate T1 safely side by side with Enrique.
At T4 nearly hit Michael L. who was braking to avoid another car.
Been following Michael for many laps but then he started to take a distance.
P13 at lap 19,  I ran wide in T1 (concentration) and hit the fence but I was lucky to be able to return to track with no damage. Lost two positions.
Lap 23, hit Enrique who was returning on track after a similar collision with Carlos.
Finally managed to finish P14.
Great fun race.

#11 MGL66


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Posted 10 February 2020 - 08:48 AM

Must. Earn. Koins.

So BRM it is. No problem. I've done this before. My only realistic goals for Buenos Aires were to be fastest of the BRMs and finish without damage. I accomplished both goals, although I held the edge over Enrique just barely.

Big, big thanks do Dan for not rear ending me in Turn 4. It was one of those accordion situations where I had to brake unexpectedly to avoid Ed. I haven't yet looked at an exterior replay, but I must have missed him by a gnat's eyelash. I still can't believe that we avoided contact. Just at that moment when I was breathing a sigh of relief for not hitting him, it occurred to me that I would certainly be hit from behind. That's how it usually goes, right? But thanks to Dan, that didn't happen,. I owe you a beer, buddy.

I stayed with Ed for a while and Dan with me. Gradually the gaps increased and I got lonely. I could see two cars gaining gradually from behind and assumed that it was Roy leading Robert, or vice-versa. Once I jumped out of their way, I got concerned that Carlos was closing the gap to me. In the final laps, I tried to pick up the pace, but couldn't restore the lost ground. Clearly he was faster than me at that stage of the race. But mercifully we ran out of laps and I retained 10th place.

All-in-all, I did about as well as I could have. The single point earned doesn't look very impressive on the score sheet, but 8 koins earned does -- and that's what this race was about.


#12 Carlos Cendejas

Carlos Cendejas

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Posted 10 February 2020 - 11:59 PM

Hola amigos! :)

I had trouble with my pedals at the beginning of qualy and lost 15 minutes "fixing" that.

Then, i could not make a good lap during qualy so i got behind the grid in 15th. I was extra careful during start and lost a place to Dan.
When we came out of T1 i was behind Enrique. I was held for 6 laps until Enrique went out and i could pass him. Then i started to gain in on Dan, and luckily for me, he also went out in lap 17 (i think). I started to try to gain on Michael, but i lost the car in lap 20 after T2 before entring the esses just when Roy and Robert where getting closer to lap me so i decided to let them thru since i was out of the track already, but Enrique was close enough to try to pass me and i thought he was going to, but we touch and fortunately for me i could keep going. By then i think Michael was far enough from me to try to get 10th place from him. I tryed, but run out of laps.

Anyway... i had a lot of fun on this season opener event.

Grats to Roy, Robert and Tris.
See you all next event.

Cheers to all!
Salud a todos!

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