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D22 Cet To Est Dst Race Start Time Changes

28 January 2019 - 02:23 AM

This is mostly for those of us circling Jupiter, due to the baffling practice that is DST the start time of

D2 Bathurst
D1 East London
D2 East London
D1 Laguna Seca

will be an hour earlier then usual.

I checked only for Austria but assuming the EU changes at the same time it should hold for CET at least. For everybody else I highly recommend checking Time and Date and checking when the race starts using this link just replace the date with the one of interest and location with your town.

Regarding Race At Pir/ Rolling Or Standing Start Debate

03 September 2018 - 07:43 PM

How are we all feeling about the start here? Usually on ovals we used rolling starts, mostly due to the sloped track making it hard to get going. Bruce mentioned that he'll go with the opinion of the league on this, so league have your say. Rolling starts, yes or no?

Summer Break Fun Race #1 1955 Zandvoort

30 June 2018 - 10:10 AM

Not sure this should be here but Bruce can move it if it doesn't fit.

On a whim I took the Gordini fun little car on it's own. Sadly everyone else got warp drive compared to it, maybe that contributed to the lack of in class competition. Still managed to get a 42.5 and a mid grid spot, but stalled the car on the line. Still I found myself in 2nd somehow after 2 laps. John who spun on the first lap got past rather quickly and the unnecessary push to try and keep up with him cost me a good 15 seconds. Luckily I had a big gap behind me, so I settled down and hoped for the two guys in front to make a mistake or two.
Second half of the race saw Enrique catch me by 2 seconds a lap. It was going to be a close call as he'd catch me with 2 laps left. In the end I got held up by Pepe through Scheivlak and EF powered by with his Ferrari. I had one more attempt at getting the place back going into Tarzan the next time round, but that went somewhat wrong. Essentially I divebombed Enrique, hoping he would see me and leave the door open. Well he turned in and went up the banking as did I. Let him back by and that was that since 3 corners later I started to run out of fuel. Sorry about the bump EF, didn't really have much choice than that move.

Very interesing set of cars to drive, I'd be interested how everyone got on with the problem at hand. Brakes in particular, I had near full stopping power into T1, T3&4 where a bit iffy but round the back I didn't need to touch them very much.

PS: Did anyone have hot brakes from the start? I found I had 2 laps of decent brakage but on the race start the temps where in the red by the time I got to T1.

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