Direct-connecting With Grand Prix Legends

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#1 David Fletcher

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Posted 19 July 2007 - 11:08 PM

Here is a guide to direct-connecting to race GPL in instances where the IGOR racelist is down.

First of all, make sure that your core.ini file is set to the parameters below:

to_ip=                                           ; Connect to IP address
via_ip=                                         ; Connect via IP address

[ Communications ]
alternate_ip_addr_lookup=1     ; Find IP addresses another way  0 = No alternate lookup *  1 = Use alternate way
bcast_augment_status=0                                  ; Prepend status with IP address?
bcast_listserv=                                                ; IP address of race list server
bcast_listserv_req=                                         ; Empty string, or start with '?'
bcast_listserv_req_freq=10.000000                  ; Request race list frequency
bcast_ping_disable=0                                      ; Disable response to pings
bcast_ping_port=0                                           ; Ping port number (0=default)
bcast_port=0                                                   ; Broadcast port number (0=default)
bcast_recv_disable=0                                      ; Disable broadcast reception
bcast_send_disable=0                                     ; Disable sending broadcasts
bcast_send_freq=4.000000                              ; Broadcast frequency (seconds)
clock_adj_delay=8                                         ; How often may client adjust clock?  Only used when synch_method = 0 (see [ Tasks ]) original=4  in version 1.1  
disable_ipx=0                                                ; Disable IPX support
disable_modem=0                                         ; Don't look for/use modems
disable_network=0                                          ; Disable network support
disable_tcp_ip=0                                             ; Disable TCP/IP support
ignore_net_read_errors=1                              ; Don't disco if error reading pkt
ignore_net_send_errors=1                              ; Don't disco if error sending pkt
ip_addr_lookup_timeout=2                             ; Timeout to find own IP address. Default = 2 sec.
log_server_comm_errors=0                           ; Log errors for client channels?
log_server_connect_status=0                          ; Issue messages as clients connect
mem_client_send_every=1                            ; Client packet freq via memory
mem_client_send_size=276                           ; Client packet size via memory
mem_server_send_every=1                          ; Server packet freq via memory
mem_server_send_size=516                          ; Server packet size via memory
net_lan_client_send_every=2                         ; Client packet freq on LAN
net_lan_client_send_size=132                        ; Client packet size on LAN
net_lan_server_send_every=2                       ; Server packet freq on LAN
net_lan_server_send_size=388                      ; Server packet size on LAN
net_mdm_client_send_every = 3                    ; Client packet freq on dialup
net_mdm_client_send_size = 84                     ; Client packet size on dialup
net_mdm_server_send_every = 3                  ; Server packet freq on dialup
net_mdm_server_send_size = 384                 ; Server packet size on dialup
net_server_port=0                                        ; Server port number (0 = default)
net_use_mdm_bandwidth_for_tcp_ip=1            ; Use modem bandwidthfor TCP/IP - 1 = Use net_mdm_ settings *
;net_use_mdm_bandwidth_for_tcp_ip=0            ; Use modem bandwidthfor IPX    - 0 = Use net_lan_ settings

(Sorry for the funky way it's all lined up  :) )

Now launch GEM+, and launch GPL. You should be at the main screen. Select “Multiplayer”, and click the green button:

Attached File  page1.jpg   89.09K   59 downloads

You should now be at the Multiplayer menu:

Attached File  page3.jpg   80.46K   95 downloads

Tick the ‘Join’ box. Under ‘Connect Via’ you should see the words ‘TCP/IP node' followed by your PC’s IP. If you can’t see this box or it’s not available with the drop-down, then something is not set right in your core.ini file.

Click in the ‘IP Address’ field to the right of the colon, and type in the IP. The IP for Bernd’s server is the one in the picture, and will rarely change. Should a situation occur where someone else is hosting, the server IP will be posted in pre-race chat. In the extremely race case where the chatroom is down also, the hoster can post the server IP in the forum thread for that event. But remember that most of the time it will be the same as above.

Once you have the IP input, click in the ‘Password’ field, and enter the ADC password. Click the green button, and it should launch as normal.

If anyone finds any errors or additions to this guide, let me know. And here is an Adobe .pdf version of the above information, if you should want to keep it handy.

Attached File  gpl_direct.pdf   215.85K   78 downloads

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#2 Mark Bradshaw

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Posted 20 July 2007 - 02:24 AM

Is there any 'recommended' community upgrades for GPL...Better textures etc? I went digging in the attic the other day and found me old copy of GPL and found it looked a little tired now.

#3 Bernd Nowak

Bernd Nowak


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Posted 20 July 2007 - 02:56 AM

View PostMark Bradshaw, on Jul 20 2007, 10:24 AM, said:

Is there any 'recommended' community upgrades for GPL...Better textures etc? I went digging in the attic the other day and found me old copy of GPL and found it looked a little tired now.

You only need your GPL CD (In your CD drive) and the GPLPS GPL Installer (  first.

Use the downloaded exe file and use this to install GPL

After the installation went well and you have tested access and in game settings as well as racing itself you are ready for the next steps.

For the mods and other stuff including iGOR for online racing you need GEM+ which you can download here:

Start by point 7 from To Do's if You're New to GPL from this site :)
Bob Simpsons FAQ
Duisburg Ruhrort, Germany

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