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08 September 2018 - 01:35 PM

My objective was to qualify under 1:30 and finish the race. That worked out OK. During online training this week I already figured out I wouldn't be able to keep up with the top 4 or 5, so from the start I didn't even try. I was in no mans land for quite a while, and wondered why there was so much distance between me and the guys in front of me. I never considered a pits stop, in hindsight I could have been quicker I guess.
Bob S. ended up behind me after he went off I think, don't remember if he went in the pits. But I saw him closing in fast, and didn't see how I would be able to stay in front of him. He past me clean and I was settling in fifth.
I was surprised to find Bruce behind me a bit later, this must have been after his first stop. He was closing in about a second per lap, and like he already mentioned above lost it during the pass. (a little "there you go" came out of me...). I think I had about 3/4 of mile lead on him, and was calculating when he would catch me. I almost lost it in lesmos while doing that (you idiot). The second time Bruce caught up to me the crash with Ronnie happened. Bruce mentioned his crash with Ronnie already. I still can't believe how I made it one piece through the mess I saw just af few meters in front of me.
Just before that happened I almost collided with Ronnie as well, I have to look at the replay. He surprised me when he was trying to let me pass I think. At least he went off his line is what it looked like to me. I had great trouble saving the car and Bruce passed me and then crashed into him at Lesmos. My AED started working and that's why my heart is still beating (I always wear one during the race :-)).
Then the BruceMaster was again chasing me and I figured out it was going to be very close. I knew that with the fuel state I had, I should be able to go faster, but I didn't want to crash doing it either. So I decided to stay at the pace and which was comfortable for me, and when it would happen to try and keep him behind me. That worked out with the 0,2 seconds difference. I ended up with one gallon of fuel left, just enough to make the finish line and keep Bo behind me :-))
Very happy with 4th. Amazing job by the podium finishers, congratulations!!

Next up, an oval??? What?? We don't have that in Europe, you just drive in circles?? What is up with that?? See you in 2 weeks time guys.

Enjoyed every second of todays race :yahoo:

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26 August 2018 - 12:26 AM

Qualified with a Pb, so couldn't complain about that.
Bob had an amazing start again and took second place before turn one. I believe it was lap 7 where he touched the grass with his right rear, allowing me to grasp second. I felt so sorry for him that I returned the favor about 10 laps later, I believe I called myself a f...ing idiot when I did. I was able to stay really close to him until 7 laps before the end when I lost it at the end of the back straight. Luckily the car kept on driving, although in the report it shows medium damage. And I was so proud to win some coins for the team, we really need them.
From there on just drove it to the finish line. Really enjoyed this race, the close racing with Bob was super. I did have a few close encounters while overtaking some lapped cars, hope I didn't scare anyone. John Snafu was no match for the rest of us again, very solid performance.
Happy with the second podium in a row. Now on to Monza for 68 (!) laps. How are we going to survive?
See you guys in 2 weeks. Congrats to John and Bob, both well deserved spots.

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13 August 2018 - 06:52 AM

it took me a while to figure this out as well. For me, the problem was changing the number of events in season67.ini. It's at the beginning of the season67.ini file. Just up the existing number by one. Good luck.

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11 August 2018 - 12:35 PM

This was one of those days you know when you wake up you're not as hot as want to be. Qualy was 6 seconds off my Pb and  I felt really unsure. Race started off OK, Bob jumped ahead of me at the start but had a moment halfway through the first or second lap. I knew right away that stying in second place would be extremely difficult, Bob was chasing me around with less than 50 mars between us. My first off took care of that. I settled in third and saw that behind me there was no threat. So I started to feel a bit comfortable. 2 laps later I was looking at pribula stuff and completely missed the turn to the finish, spun with 250+ and was absolutely sure my race was over. But somehow I came to a standstill without any damage and drove very cautiously to the finish line from that. Sometimes you need a little luck I guess. Very happy with third, the teams needs every coin we can get our hands on.

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05 July 2018 - 01:22 PM

just visiting. Engine noise is cool, but not every morning

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