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Can-Am 66 White Paper

12 March 2018 - 01:20 PM

Unlike the “Gurney White Paper” which expressed profound dissatisfaction with the existing governing body and ultimately led to the formation of CART,  this White Paper proposes an idea to augment and enhance oAo. There is no rebellion here! I’ve had an idea kicking around in my head in recent weeks. I presented it to Bo and he authorized me to present it to the league to gauge interest level. So here it is ....

During the recently-concluded off season, Bo hosted several Fun Runs, participation in which earned coins for the current season. Would there be any interest in organizing these Fun Runs around a short, less-formal mini-series, complete with Drivers Championship (and possibly Team Championship)? Specifically here is what I have in mind: a six race series of coin-earning races based on the Can-Am 66 mod. Goals and structures of this “mini-series” would include the following:
  • It would free up Bo from doing any of the work. I would effectively serve as Commissioner of the series -- I would perform all administrative duties, keep track of races and coins earned (quantity per race to be determined) for oAo’s Season 22. I would maintain the web pages. Either Bo or I could launch the server on race day.
  • The series would employ some oAo systems already in place. In particular it would adopt the g-rating system, the stepped point system, and the general code of behavior.
  • It would not employ the oAo coin system. Participants would earn coins for Season 22 of oAo competition, just as we did this past off season, but there would be no expenditure of coins for the Can-Am 66 mini-series.
  • The coin system would be replaced with a simple set of rules to restrict chassis choice (and hopefully result in chassis diversity).
  • The races would be intended primarily as Fun Runs and coin earning opportunities, Any team or individual championships should be regarded as being of secondary importance. With that in mind, we would not be employing the whole protest and review system.
  • The series would introduce the Can-Am 66 mod to people who otherwise would not have given it a good, long look.
  • We could perhaps solicit driver participation from non-oAo people. This might raise the level of interest in oAo's regular '67 series. But priority for grid spots would go to oAo regulars.
  • The actual 1966 Can-Am series consisted of only 6 races. Six races might be a good length to fit into an off season. It shouldn't be too long for people to lose interest, nor is it so long that it will be considered a huge amount of work.
Mostly for my own fun, I've already created prototype web pages that outline series-specific rules and structures based around Season 21’s teams and ratings. You will quickly recognize that they were produced from oAo's DNA! As you look at these pages, please keep these caveats in mind:
  • The pages are based on full league participation, which I assume would never happen. In reality, I would expect maximum participation to consist of about enough people to fill one grid per venue, not two. So any depiction of a D1 and a D2 division is at this stage theoretical, nothing more.
  • The Schedule page uses only placeholder dates. Again, it is only theoretical.
  • There are other specifics in these pages (like for example the car choice rules) that are only in the proposal stage.
  • The Team pages are theoretical as well. Depending on level of interest, teams might need to be re-formed, or dispensed of entirely with everyone competing as a privateer.
Whether this proposed mini-series happens at all and what form it takes will depend entirely on the level of interest shown by you guys between now and the end of Season 21. So I pose to the league the following questions:
  • Are you interested in participating in such a series?

  • If so, would you prefer to run the series entirely during next off season? During the mid-season break? Split between the two?
Obviously there is no hurry to answer. It isn’t realistic to demand a commitment right now for something that (if it happens at all) won’t likely begin until Autumn. But please give it some thought. If you have any ideas, please share them. This is very much a work in progress.


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You have to admit, that looks pretty sexy.

Gpl Setup Comparator

31 January 2018 - 02:07 PM

Don pointed out in e-mail that the GPL Setup Comparator page located here is no longer available. If you miss GPLSC as much as I do, go to this SRMZ thread, where post #4 directs you to a standalone alternative.


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