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In Topic: Targa Participant Lineup

14 July 2018 - 11:55 AM

I am so impressed with everyone who participated. You all did really well. And I can't believe how many of you went for the second lap!

Really well done, guys.


In Topic: Summer Break Fun Race #2 - Canam66 @ Riverside Ca

11 July 2018 - 05:41 PM

OK, I've unpacked all the CA66 car dat files and here is what I found:
  • Most dats have numbered car skins for numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,16,20,22,30,33,43,65,66,73,81,86,88,95,96,and 98. That's 24 available skins, one of which (#2) is reserved for the server.
  • Some dats are missing some of these numbers. Specifically,
    • The Genie (c09.dat) is missing numbers 3,43, and 86.
    • The 289 McLaren (c08.dat) is missing number 86.
    • The 361 McLaren M1B is repeated twice -- in folders bra (bra.dat) and c10 (c10.dat). The mod uses the former. It appears to me that the latter is superfluous. For what it's worth, bra.dat is missing none of these car skins, but c10.dat is missing numbers 3,43, and 86.
In Saturday's race, the server assigned me number 86. My car skin was unnumbered because my car's c08.dat file lacked a #86 mip. So that makes sense.

What isn't clear to me is why the server assigned #25 to Alain and #91 to Claudio. Alain's car folder (c07.dat, the 333 T70) has a number 25 in it, but one that is available only to an AI driver, not to an online driver. By contrast, number 91 does not appear on any car skin in any dat file.

So the only question that remains is why did the server assign numbers 25 and 91 for Saturday's race?

As for the missing mips, I'll create them and offer them to the community.


In Topic: Summer Break Fun Race #2 - Canam66 @ Riverside Ca

11 July 2018 - 02:15 PM

View PostMichkov, on 11 July 2018 - 01:20 PM, said:

I seem to remember that the no number skins are used when the numbered ones fail to load. Happens sometime when one is too quick to go on track iirc.

I'd check if the problem is reproduceable before messing about with your install.
That may be true, but it's not the problem in this instance. I unpacked the dat files for the 3 affected chassis and found that the mips/3dos associated with those numbers (25, 86, and 91) did not exist in their respective dat files. That's why I asked the question about how the server assigns the numbers. Either the CanAm66 mod creators did not include mips of all possible numbers for all chassis or Bo's server assigned some improper numbers.

This evening I will look in the dat files again to see whether there are 20 car skins included. If there are <20, then the creators must not have provided enough.


p.s. Like I wrote, this is not a major problem. The mod works just fine whether a car has a number on it or defaults to the generic, numberless skin. If correcting the problem is a matter of creating skins and 3dos to dump into the car folders, then I can do that, and I'll happily share it with the community. I just wondered whether anyone else's replay showed the same thing.

In Topic: Summer Break Fun Race #2 - Canam66 @ Riverside Ca

10 July 2018 - 08:49 AM

I have a question regarding our CanAm66 race that relates to GPL in general. It's not really important, but this weekend's race has me asking.

We had three drivers in our race who were assigned car numbers for which my install of CanAm66 did not have the related mips. Alain (driving Penske #25), Claudio (McLaren M1B #91) and I (289 McLaren Mk.2 #86) all drove the generic car skin with no number.

My question is -- how does a server assign car numbers for any given mod? In original GPL a server will assign only numbers 1-20 (except for #4, which is reserved for the server itself). How does a server know that in the CanAm66 mod it must assign numbers like 43, 66, 98 ... and why would Bo's server have assigned 3 numbers which my install of GPL did not have mips for? Did anyone else show Alain's, Claudio's, and my cars without numbers?

It's not important in the scheme of things, and it's an easy problem to fix after the fact, anyway. I've already fixed the problem with respect to our just concluded race. I created the necessary files to give us three guys our assigned numbers, so the replay looks proper. If any of you want those files, I will post them for you.

Anyway, just curious.


In Topic: Summer Break Fun Race #2 - Canam66 @ Riverside Ca

09 July 2018 - 11:53 AM

View PostJMF, on 07 July 2018 - 08:04 PM, said:

Am I reading this correctly? Look at that entry list! Thirty-eight cars actually raced, 5 additional cars showed up intending to race but failed to either start or qualify, and an additional 26 cars submitted entries but didn't show up! That makes 43 cars that actually took to the track that weekend out of 69 total entries received.

Can you imagine a GPL starting grid of 38 cars?


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