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In Topic: Introducing ~

27 December 2017 - 11:56 AM

Welcome Xavier

If you need a hand setup Triples just shout out , one of us will know.

In Topic: Magdalena Mixuca - November 18Th

19 November 2017 - 09:01 AM

Well how cool is this! I'm not usually the one in the winners cycle. I haven't played GPL for over
10+ years and it was a itch I had to scratch. Finding a league to suit my spare time was another
factor, I live in the worst time zones going, everyone start when going to work or just
finishing. So finding oAo was a jackpot +12 hour suited me down to the ground.

So my 1st Thanks go's to Bo Bruce and Admins at oAo that provide the Servers and Web pages
for us to race. I for one appreciate you putting in your spare time to make it all happen.

2nd Thank go to Bert August for taking a chance with a unknown privateer from down-under,
at the half way mark (8 races) I was struggling to put points on the board with just 1 top 3 finish
and 3 races zero points scores. Its was his guidance and patience that set me up for a better second half.

3rd go to BEND RACING team mates Gerd Hofferer man you are so quick in the Eagle you
were my yard stick. I was away pushing myself to get close to your times, never did get there
maybe next season. Claudio Navonne mister consistent in the first half you carried me and
showed me how to keep the points and coins following.

D2 Championship was a team effort from the first race with out the coins gained and
managed. I wouldn't of had a quick car each race. Finishing 3rd in the championship not
to shabby boys.

4th thanks to all of the drivers of D2. What a Championship it was so close right down to the
last race. Competition pushes a man and man you guys shoved me forward, 7 difference race
winners, 6 difference pole sitters, 6  difference fastest laps (Shoot out to Roberto Baldassarri 7 times)
To all other drivers never once did I get hit or taken out Thank You.

In Topic: Sim Sox

17 November 2017 - 12:29 PM

Lol my wife complains about all my socks having holes in the heels.

In Topic: Snetterton

12 November 2017 - 09:39 AM

Pepe you are a living Legend ! My ribs are always sore after ready your post.Thank You

Noticed John and Roberto missing early on.

Qualy went to plan 1st was hoping for a high 23 but thing got busy out there,
needed to show a lot of patience.

Race I was always feeling the pressure from Alex he was always there around 5sec
Once again I had to be patience found a Honda in the middle of turn 3 had a Brabham spin
in front of me after the hairpin some Ferrari go bush on me the last lot of S's so plenty going on
Happy with the Win

Lots to race for in the Last race, Only 8 points between me & Alex and the first 2 Teams fighting it out
for top stop.

Special Shout out

Alan: Welcome unlucky mate well done in Qualy
John: To even make the race awesome effort Mate.
Claudio: Our thoughts are with you, he couldn't make the race is mum
was rushed to hospital.

In Topic: Dayligh Savings Time Reminder

30 October 2017 - 10:49 AM

I check daily mate. thank you for your efforts :thumbs:

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