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S21 Road Atlanta

13 October 2018 - 10:17 AM

Well, today proved a day of unwelcome extremes.

In qualifying I set a new PB, a 1:21.17, good for 4th on the grid behind Robert, Roy, and Iestyn.

Then on the start line, I did something I had never before done in my entire GPL experience -- I accidentally hit the upshift paddle and jumped the start. Just a little, but I certainly moved off the line. Before I even reached the S/F line, my pit board was telling me "PIT IN."

So as we were climbing the hill after Turn 1, I was already a little bit ahead of Iestyn (I think). But I decided that it didn't really make any sense for me to take the spot since I had to do a stop-and-go at the end of the lap. So I backed off a bit and I think I caused some chaos behind me. I'm not sure for reasons about which I will elaborate in a moment.

So I made my first ever stop-and-go, during which my pit board informed me "JUMPED START" (yeah, no shit!), then just went away. I wasted a couple more seconds not sure whether this was a stop and go penalty or a timed penalty. I gambled that it was merely a stop-and-go and returned to the race.

By about lap 5 I caught Alex or Ed. whom I punted from behind as he lost control over the Bridge Turn. Sorry about that, Alex or Ed. I know you were able to continue, but I hope it didn't damage much.

I then caught and passed Doni and set off after Enrique, some 16 seconds ahead. Gradually I reeled him in and passed on the back straight.

Then I set off after Dag, about 10 seconds ahead. I drew to within 2 seconds when he spun at Turn 2.

That was approximately on lap 41. Then on approximately lap 43 I suffered a screen freeze. That's why I'm not sure what happened to whom.

Bummer. But could be worse. I was only running 6th at the time. Others have suffered screen freezes running higher, I know. Apart from the opening two or three laps (which were pretty awful), I had a pretty good day, I think. I am interested to see what GPLRA says.

Sincere apologies to anyone whom I negatively affected. For the moment, I don't know who you are or exactly what I did. I'll see the replay soon.

See you all in Nassau.


Chapman, Oliver, And Lotus (Especially The 49)

25 September 2018 - 11:30 AM

Not sure how I came across this, possibly through the pages of this or another GPL forum.

And an article in "Motorsport" magazine that compliments the above video.


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