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In Topic: Can Am 66 Track Selection

14 November 2018 - 10:57 PM

Marcos posted this about ricard in 2012:

Hello. We raced this track at Mybroga in the last season and I found it fantastic! I really liked it very much!

But... among our three divisions we got more than 15 cars with freeze (out of about 45), and it's a shame just to think not racing this track anymore just because these freezes... Does anybody have some clue or fix to these freezes?

Thanks for this fantastic track and for any help.

Cheers, Marcos.

Should we rethink ricard, not only in the CanAm66 series, but for Season 22 as well?


In Topic: Can-Am 66 White Paper

14 November 2018 - 04:49 PM

p.s. In case you haven't noticed, there is a discussion here about which tracks we will run in the CanAm66 series. Speak now or forever hold your peace!


In Topic: Can-Am 66 White Paper

14 November 2018 - 03:24 PM

Tracks for this series are still under discussion. Let's start discussing dates. I am taking the following factors into consideration:
  • Christmas and New Year's day. It might be preferable to keep the weekend(s) nearest those dates clear.
  • Bo is targeting early February as the starting time for Season 22. He is flexible, but I don't want to demand too much of his flexibility.
  • It would be nice to give our D2 drivers at least one week off after Nassau before asking them to jump into a new schedule.
  • Should anything else be taken into consideration?
With these factors in mind, I tentatively propose the following 6-date schedule:

Nov. 24 - D2 Nassau
Dec. 1 - break
Dec. 8 - race 1
Dec. 15 - race 2
Dec. 22 - break
Dec. 29 - break
Jan. 5 - race 3
Jan. 12 - race 4
Jan. 19 - break
Jan. 26 - race 5
Feb. 2 - race 6

If we want to pack these dates a little tighter, I could see eliminating any of the breaks except Dec. 22. What do you guys think?


In Topic: Can Am 66 Track Selection

12 November 2018 - 01:18 PM

Ideally I, like Yannick, prefer to restrict our CanAm schdule to North American tracks. However, I would be content with the 6 tracks that Claudio has chosen, especially if the two French tracks are part of Season 22's schedule. For a modern track like Magny-Cours 1998 (I assume this one?), I can fantasize that we're driving in a kind of Magny-Cours Revival race. Same with Paul Ricard, which I assume is this one? So for me, the tracks don't need to be period appropriate, they just need to feed into some kind of "realistic fantasy."

But I must admit that for the same reason (feeding into a realistic fantasy), I am not enamored with the idea of fantasy tracks. I appreciate the effort of the track builders and admit that many of their tracks feel real and are quite lovely productions. They just don't suit my own, more narrow, interpretation of what I want from GPL. Nevertheless, if those of you who anticipate competing in these races want a fantasy track or two, then I will not oppose it.

Keep in mind, however, that those fantasy tracks wouldn't be part of oAo's Season 22 schedule, so we'd lose the advantage gained by familiarity. With that in mind, I side with Claudio's choices.


In Topic: Stardust

12 November 2018 - 12:06 PM

I think I peaked in training on Thursday evening. Saturday morning I felt OK, but not perfect, and it would have taken perfect for me to keep up with the guys in front.

A Q4 starting position, with a time about 1/10s behind my PB, was pretty satisfying.

From my perspective, the race was kinda blasé. I led Greg in the early laps until I contacted one of the half-buried tires in T1, which killed my momentum, caused a little damage, and allowed Greg the easy pass for 4th position. From then on, I (or was it the car?) never really felt sharp. The steering wasn't cockeyed or anything, but I never quite found the rhythm, especially in the rumba through the Esses where I'm usually pretty comfy. I didn’t make any major mistakes, but was never threateningly fast. The lap times were respectable, the consistency stats good, but I simply couldn’t keep up with the four in front of me. It was a lonely and unremarkable race to P5.

Thank you, lapped traffic, for not using Esteban Ocon as your role model!

Congratulations to the podium.

Special congratulations to Robert for winning his second Drivers Championship in a row. You are the class of our field, a great champion, Team Leader, and contributor to the oAo culture that Bo is trying to develop here. You make it easy to root for you even though you're beating me in the process!

Congratulations to Iestyn for 2nd in the championship. It is an honor and a pleasure to share the season-long podium with you both.

Thank you, Greg, for returning to oAo and driving for HBR. You have helped us tremendously in our quest to win the Team Championship. It was an honor and pleasure to work with you as team mates.

Thank you to my fellow Race Stewards, Bob H. and Burt. I hope that we will continue to share duties in the future.

Thank you to Claudio and the TSG for again selecting a challenging and diverse set of tracks.

And finally thanks to Bruce for your tireless work in organizing this league. This is your brainchild, and your devotion to it ensures that it keeps getting better and better.


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