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Clermont-Ferrand S23 D1

16 May 2020 - 09:57 AM

Qualifying was high standard with 4 guys in the 3m12s bracket. Looked like some guys practised a lot for this race ;) My PB was "only" good enough for P3. I might have done a better time, but got traffic...wouldn't be good enough for front row anyhow. Roy and Iestyn did a perfect quali. Also Dag and Yannick were close behind. I knew it could be hard on Lap 1 to hold them off.

Start was OK, and held on to P3. The pace was hot first laps. But Roy went off on Lap 2. Iestyn inherited the lead, and he pushed hard. I had to get everything out of myself to follow him. After 4 laps I was 1.3s behind, but overdrove too much and lost the car under braking, having too much speed.

Went straight and was launched into the air and got "killed". Cooper is a total loss. Sorry team. But I guess it was overdue...

Grats to Yannick, a fine win with great pace! Also another great result and recovery drive by Dag, and by Marcos claiming the final podium spot. Well done finishers, condolences to the retirements.

Gpl 1967 Setup Pack For Original Tracks

13 April 2020 - 02:07 PM

S22 R15 Laguna Seca 1967

02 November 2019 - 11:36 AM

In pre-race practise set a F312  PB 1m05.64s, and in quali got close to it. In my second run already set 5.67 in my 3rd timed lap. The tires were hardly up to temperature...but I was satisfied with the laptime, and proceeded back to the pits.

Had done considerable effort to have a predictable racesetup, keeping the balance close to neutral. Whole week suffered from understeer, overheating the RF tire...but found some good toe and roll bar settings that helped.

Took the lead after the start, but Roy kept me quite honest. We both drove well and had great laptimes for that fuel load. Sadly Roy again blew up after about 10 laps. From then on cruised to the finish, allowing for about 5 push laps or so. Set the fastest lap in the very last lap. Very controlled race from my side, after Roy had to retire.

Sadly a small grid, and after Roy had gone the race was all about finishing. Thanks to all lapped cars for being predictable and courteous! Well done Iestyn for P2, and Ed for a great podium finish, welll done mate! Also Enrique got a great result, well deserved amigo, after all that bad luck :) Well done finishers and commiserations to the DNFs, and DNSs...

I'm gutted for Frank he had this problem...

Guess Who Took The Ra273 For A Spin

09 October 2019 - 04:06 AM

RA272 (65) ofcourse ;)

It's MAX! :)

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Riverside 1966 Racelength

21 September 2019 - 07:15 AM

33 laps seems rather short for this track, we're looking at a potential 45-46 mins racelength for the D1 racewinner. Just noticed/calculated it ;)

I would recommend 40-42 laps for 55-60 mins...

Nevermind :wheelchair:

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