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Jeff Jones

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Posted 30 April 2009 - 10:17 AM

Hello SpeedGeezers,

I am new to Sim Racing and I found SpeedGeezers quite by accident.

I started out in online gaming 10 years ago, and for the last 5 years I've been doing WW2 games like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and Company of Heroes.  I have done those to death, and although I still play CoD and CoH with friends, I am bored with them.

I now wish to get into Sim Racing, but I have found that Sim Racing is a whole different world of gaming... much different from I am used to, which is exactly what makes it attractive.  But I am also quite "out of place" in terms of in-race etiquette, where/how to find servers, and tolerance for my lack of driving experience.  Since I lack experience, I tend to do a lot of crashing because I find it very difficult to hold a racing line.  I suspect it's mostly because I don't have my wheel set up properly.  It's one thing to enjoy a game because I'm actually driving in the race, but it's quite frustrating if I'm spending all of my time fighting improper setups.  It's a matter of "too many moving parts!"

I have, just in the last month, purchased a Logitech MOMO Wheel, and a good "starter set" of 4 games: GTR2, GT-Legends, rFactor, and Grid.  I intend to purchase the new G27 wheel once Logitech releases it, but for now I am using the MOMO as a hold-over.

Yes, I am the newest of newbies, and I am just getting started.  Regardless, I am looking for a group of mature, like-minded people that I might hang with, pick up pointers, guidance, how-to info, and be able to race with.    Accordingly, I am full of questions, like:

Which Sims are the most popular, and which should I not waste my time with?

Which Sims will let me run my own online server for others?  This is something I've always liked doing.

How do I reconcile the Logitech profile/configuration utility of the wheel, with the in-game configuration of the same?

Does anyone offer "ready-to-run" setups of the wheel and/or game-cars?

I have a special attraction to SpeedGeezers because, quite by unrelated coincidence, I run a similarly-named site for my old-fart gamer friends, and I've been trying to get them to try sim-racing too, but so far there are no takers.  I don't think they know what they're missing.


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Posted 06 May 2009 - 01:09 PM

Hi Jeff

I can invite you to join Mybroga we are racing Grand Prix Legends (GPL) a sim with about 10 years updated by the community, for me it s the best and has the most friendly and competitive community

represents the formula 1 1967 season with 7 cars different in physics, the most difficult of all the seasons, 400hp without wings or slick tyres

we have 3 servers online 24 hours, 3 divisions with 18 drivers each from all America, and ventrilo for talking

gpl demo: it s the full game with only 1 track:


here you can find all for GPL

and here is our league, feel free to put everything you need at the forum



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Posted 12 May 2009 - 01:06 PM

Simracers, stop reading now.
Non simracers, continue.

Welcome, u've come to the right community if u are serious about having fun with other people instead of killing them with a headshot or orc army's. ;) oh yes i like RTS too. But those are game's, we are talking about simulations here. No joke.

I started simracing with GPL wich is still very good and has a wonderful community!
It's the sim that rocked our worlds when it came out.
If u love drifting, this is for you. Take care, it won't look as pretty as GRID (= no sim = arcade).
U also need to do several updates to make it somewhat pretty on newer pc's, otherwise it will look way outdated.
I'm sure these people here will help u update GPL.

Papyrus "Nascar Racing season 2003" was very good and MODable, but hard to find a real copy. (mod=modules are addon tracks, cars ,sounds, plugins....)
Simbim "GT Legends" is also popular, it's very nice and it's big fun (also some drifting here). Hardcore Detomaso Pantera is really something and there are some nice animations trackside, if u have pc power.
Simbim "GTR", is all hardcore GT, faster and harder than GT Legends. The cars will stick. Never really tried it but again, i know it is very realistic and difficult to master.
Then there's "LFS" (Live for speed) great physics! but poor engine sounds, and no mods possible. a bit boring maybe.
U need to purchase it online only, there's a free online demo with only three cars, one track and a rallycross track.
U could always look up reviews about these sims yourself or this will take hours.

AND last but least:

It came with my G25 wheel and maybe this is the platform u are looking for. It's open source, MOD-paradise.
So if u get bored of asphalt, u can always have some fun in an ORR truck or VORRA buggy's.
All the mods and tracks u'll want are all there. Have a look at "rfactorcentral" and have a peek at MOTY (MOD of the year).
Note that there are some very good, but evenly bad mods available, so u will need to pick carefully.
Ratings are not always right. MOTY is.
Megan cup is popular if u look at the players, but i find it a very bad mod, also no real simracers there.
So i recommend u do your crashing and wrecking there.
That last one was a joke, but it's like that when u join megane cup, wreckmania.
So u might as well stick to WW2 then. --> go for the real deal SIMRACING, otherwise race GRID or FLATOUT if u want to wreck.

There is also a small additional "rFActor lite" version wich u can install multiple times on your HD to use for your different mods.
U don't need to be fast in all category's, just one good MOD is enough.
U will learn the others very fast once u are a fast and consistent driver.

If u want to go through with this u must learn to respect other drivers, if u want to go fast, u need to practise offline.
This requires a good controller (for the moment,i must recommend G25!), lot's of patience and perception in learning from your mistakes.
Setting up your wheel can't be that hard, need to fiddle around a bit maybe, depending on the sim u want to drive.
But overall G25 will not be a problem to set up for the right feel. Community is always there to help u out with any problem u have.
I recommend REELFEEL plugin for rFactor when using G25.
note: I started out on a MS sidewinder2 Force feedback joystick 10 years ago, if u have one and are good with it, try it, but eventually u will buy that new g27 u told about, i hope so for you, hehe.
note2: if you are planning on buying a new desk-chair, buy one without wheels! Your seat needs to be fixed.

Djeez this is getting long, i overdid it this time. 2 more paragrafs to go.

U won't be a pro driver in a day, it takes a long time to learn how to stay calm and drive smooth. If u panic, u will crash.
Wreckers are not welcome in simracing-land.
U must learn: cockpit view, how and when to brake, apex, gearshifting, momentum and the weight shifting of a car, learn tracks turns, bumps and curbs, power control, patience and eventually overtaking .....
drive in traffic --> mirrors, slipstream(drafting), recognizing the scenery or brake markers when your view is obstructed etc.......
+ basic set-up like tires, wings, fuel, gears, suspension, differential.
U don't need to be a setup-guru, but the more u understand about it, the better u can adjust your car to your driving style.
U can always start from good default set and go from there.
Surely there are lots of setups available thanks to the great community and lots of guides on setting up your car.
I myself am not a big setup fan, but it's kinda fun and it needs to be there to make it real, which it is.
U can't feel g-forces though u could visually see/feel it sometimes in vibrations and head movement.
U wont smell burning rubber or fuel and wont get hit by birds or rabbits, but the other 99 percent of real car racing is all right there for you to experience.

So, really think about this, it's not a shooter or RTS u install and start playing.
G25 costs money and u will get frustrated a lot in the beginning.
U wouldn't be the first one to have a g25 in the closet or on ebay.
U need time and lots of effort, if u are a rich man or already got a wheel, go for it!. I don't want to scare u, not at all, but that's how it is. But u will, because the immersion and euforia makes u try harder.

So install rFactor or GPL and start practising one track and one car u like. And drive that untill u can drive consistently without crashing. Once u've done this, try to go just a little bit faster, again without crashing of coarse.
Now u are ready to start hotlapping or even try another track with the same car, and everything starts all over again.
And eventually, advance on to leaugue racing championships. U will  need an agenda then, can't race when u are in the local pub.

By the time u are an old and worn out, bored of WW2 games veteran commander, u will be a pro simracer!
Once u are, install GrandPrix 79 mod for rFactor, or race these guys in GPL. And race the bejezus out of it.
When u are going 2 wide, slightly drifting in clean wheel to wheel action, through the fast right hander, power full on, guessing where the two of u will be in 4 seconds, to make the next turn. U will be astonished! I couldn't describe the first time I experienced GPL. and it didn't even have force feedback!

ps: Don't let all my babling scare you.
I just want to make sure u won't loose time and money on a fancy wheel and pedals, or wreck the place up race after race when u should be playing FLATOUT.
If you fancy speed and engine noise, maybe u are good at carting?
u want to know how it feels to have control over something that can't be controlled?
u want a real adrenaline rush, be competetive with real driving skills?
Time on your hands and bored of killing Nazi's?


if u got this far?  :beerchug:  santé, schol and cheers
now go and buy that g25. i paid 210 euro's, but it's much more worth than that!

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#4 Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones

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Posted 12 May 2009 - 10:34 PM

Thank you all for your responses.  This is all good stuff!

Initially, I thought GTR2 would be my sim of choice, but I have since changed my mind.  I am hesitant to go with a sim that is at "end-of-life".  GTL, GTR2, and GPL all appear to be at end-of-life.  I didn't know that initially.  I've played GTR2 and GTL and they definitely show their age, and after spending time online checking out all the various websites, I can see that their fan-base and support is quickly evaporating.

GPL still seems to be going stronger than the other two but it isn't specified to be Vista-compatible.  Modern PCs and their accompanying modern operating systems, i.e. Intel I7 processors and Windows7, make those older sims an uphill (and losing) climb in the long run.  Hence, I need to stick with a sim that has a promising "future".  But you guys have convinced me to also give the GPL Demo a try.  Exactly which download/upgrades should I get to bring GPL up to date?

But for now, it looks like rFactor has a future, so I've been driving (practicing) offline with it for a couple of weeks now, and I think I've got my wheel and controls all set up.  I'm now starting to tinker with the car setups, and I'm proud to say that I'm no slouch in the automotive dynamics department... having had some "book-learning" in the area of performance suspensions and handling control back in the early-70s.

I would indeed like to get more cars and tracks for rFactor, but it is all so confusing concerning how that's supposed to work.  I appears that you simply download more cars and tracks, and just put them in the proper rFactor installation folders.  I tried the Historic GT Mod for rFactor and it completely changed the entire rFactor interface.  I'm sorry, but that's overdoing it.  I just wanted to drive the cars.  I didn't want a whole new interface... so I uninstalled the Mod.  I have enough to learn without also having to struggle with new interfaces.  So, what's the deal with adding cars and tracks to rFactor?  How?  Are they single items (one car per download) or are they packages of similarly-classed vehicles?  Are they going to just pop up in my list of available tracks and vehicles (good) or are they going to mess up my rFactor installation (bad)?

I've been to rFactorCentral... a veritable shopping mall of all-things-rFactor!  That's where I got the Historic GT Mod (and was disappointed in the way it worked).  But in rFactorCentral, I'm like a kid in the candy store. :unsure:   You've pointed out a few specific add-ons that I want to check out.  Any others?

Again, thank you for the advice and pointers.  Someday you may see me in your rear view mirror!

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Posted 13 May 2009 - 10:48 AM

I sure do hope so Jeff.
Try GPL, GT Legends and rFactor.

It's a good thing u already know some things about setups. It will come in handy.
I wouldn't say simbim is end of life. I thought GT Legends is still popular.
It's really a good sim with nice graphics and control.
Don't hesitate to try it! Ok i admit it's no mod-paradise, but don't let that fool u.
It doesn't mean that a sim with only a few cars in it, is bad, and one with 700 cars, is good.

Same goes for GPL, it's worth a try.
But for GPL u have to look around to see wich updates u need. specially graphics, the original are hidious aren't they.
I'm sure there are some very fine guides on doing this. But don't ask me, it's been ages since i updated or even drove GPL.
Don't get me wrong, i would still love to drive this against real drivers.
I think it's still VROC these guys use for online play. Ask in the GPL section of the forum.
It will always stay a good sim, no matter what.

U would like more cars and tracks for rF? I think there are already too much cars and stuff.
good mods by my knowledge are:

* F1 GP 1979 !!!
* F1 2006 CTDP
*ORR 2 2.10 by Madcowie is good off roading
* also VORRA buggy's
  BMW 320 e21 maybe or pcc (porsche cup)
forget about F1 1988 and megane cup,  bad feel to it.
Also i guess the standard cars that come with rF are quite good.
If u really want to know, maybe u could start a post asking about these guys favorite cars and mods?
I'm sure u will have your hands full.
Maybe some Champ cars or Porsche cup mod, don't know wich one excactly is the best.
U really need to ask around more. I stick to the one's i know are best, for me, it's GP79. OK OK IT JUST IS THE BEST!
The only thing to do is install 79, upgrade it, upgrade some tracks and do the brabham sound fix, that's all.

Also i did some standard adjustment in the player.ini and controller.ini files for GP79, this is just for head movement and controller settings like steering angle and force feedback. Standard vibration and head movements settings in GP79 are very cool and realistic but it's harder to keep focus on the track and u get tired more quickly. I also noticed that moving the head movement sliders do not have affect immediatly, i believe u have to restart.
It's the way in how and when the game loads up the ini files. U can save the ini, give it a name and then check out the ini with notepad.
I attached my ini files. Note that i use reelfeel plugin, there is also LEO FF plugin, also good they say, haven't tried it yet.
I like reelfeel, others don't. try it. setting will vary between these plugins.
also certain mods u need to reverse the force feedback.
U can do this with the ingame FF sliders.

Disable all driving aids except autoclutch.
no speed sensitivity! dead zone zero!
Set your "steering angle" in controller.ini file the same as  in your windows/control panel/game controllers
. I use 200 or 180 degrees.
U must try different steering angles to know what u like the most, some want high precision, others sensitivity and quick reactions.
It took me two or three weeks before i knew how much degrees i wanted it and getting used to it.
I don't like too much travel on it, it takes more time, and i like high sensitivity, but that is something u need to figure out for yourself.

Installing these mods could give u some issues here or there. That's why there is an rF-lite version available for your mods.
U could do a few with only your favorite mod, one with offroading mods, and one to install all kinds of new mods u want to try.
If it gets messy, or somethings are wrong, just delete that instance and reinstall.

If installing is complicated there mostly are guides on how to do it.
For tracks it's simple, they are all in the "gamedata/locations" folder.
Just extract the rar to "locations".

Note on your interface:
Some mods change the interface, but this is only when that series is selected in your player settings.
When u select another series, and restart the game, your interface will be back to the original.
type ISI_BABYFACTORY ingame chat , it will give u all the money u need to buy cars.

I hope this helps. It takes some time to get things right for yourself, but once this is done, u can purely focus on your driving.

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Posted 12 January 2011 - 05:09 PM

GPL, however, seems to be stronger than the other two, but has not been determined to be compatible with Vista. Modern computers and are accompanied by modern operating systems, namely the Intel i7 Windows7, Sims do their parents up (and lose) to rise over the long term. So, I stick sim is promising that "the future". But she took me to write at fuel demo to try. Just a download / upgrade should I get to bring up with the GPL? But now it seems that rFactor is the future, so I was driving (practice) is not in line with a couple of weeks, and I think I have a bike and oversees all the bases. Now I started to fiddle with camera settings, and I am proud to say that has not left the automotive industry dynamics department ... that he had some "book-learning, performance, suspension and steering back to the early 70s.

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