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Server Schedule/summer Break

Yesterday, 01:51 PM

SATURDAY 30 June:  1955 race, on the Zandvoort circuit
Saturday  7 JULY:  1966 CanAm, on Riverside 1966 track
Saturday 14 July:  SpCar mod RACE at Targa!  :o   we'll take to the track in 1 minute intervals.. details to follow.

since there's not been much response to other tracks/mods
after the SpCar/Targa event, i'll go back to rotating the remaining tracks in the season. but putting Brno in the rotation 2 or 3 times so it comes up more often.

as of now, i'm thinking 1 coin for showing+1 coin for finishing each event.

sound good?

Driver Re Classifications For 2D Half

17 June 2018 - 12:27 PM

the following drivers of D1 have been adjusted for races 9 thru 12
Iestyn Davies and Michiel Pompert to g7
Michi Kovacs to g5

in D2 these drivers have been adjusted for races 9 thru 12
Bob Simpson to g4
Bo Bruce to g3
Roberto Balassarri to g2


as the server is running CanAm66 mod...and not seeing much activity, is there a consensus of what you would PREFER to have running?


16 June 2018 - 09:19 AM

i am shocked!
tho never will i be able to create a track from scratch, seeing this video of Reims, compared to what we have in GPL (thank you to the track builder)
the elevation changes alone would make the GPL a very different experience ~

Zero Degree Racing Team Leader

06 June 2018 - 04:01 PM

As of today, i have made the decision - a first in oAo - to ban Gabriele Maruca.
It remains to be seen what the team will do. they are welcome to continue -

the drivers that made up the team, were given the option to continue racing as the team, select a new TL, or disband and race as privateers.
all 3 chose to race as privateers, they will have the ability to join races same as all privateers, that being the lowest (now 5 privateers) on drivers standings page.

Gabriele has been invited to re-apply to the league should he change his manner of discussing the league, its rules, Stewards and myself.

Race 8 - Spa67

01 June 2018 - 10:40 AM

Gentlemen ~
race #8 coming up and on completion, will make the mid point of season.
it will also note the summer break in season with race #9 (D1) scheduled for 4-Aug.
lastly, in the past i've sent this 'reminder' out after each D1/D2 race #8 that NOMINATIONS for drivers to be RECLASSIFIED.

anyone in oAo may make a suggestion, or nominate another driver that they feel is not correctly in the "G" they should be.
no one knows who i get these suggestions from, they are anonymous, from you to me  :)

if you don't want to make a suggestion, that is fine!
but know that it is the BALANCE of oAo Scoring that keeps the championship interesting ~

in oAo everyone has a voice in this 3 times a season evaluation - if you don't squeak about a 'g' then please don't complain about anyone who you feel "should" be classified otherwise ;)

deadline for such nominations will be 16 JUNE
thank you ~

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