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Fernando Alonso's Indy Thanks

31 May 2017 - 10:55 AM


Italian To Join Oao

30 May 2017 - 11:07 AM

please welcome Gabriele Maruca of Italy ~
currently in Rome... we're still working out where he best fits.


20 May 2017 - 10:27 AM

couldn't get a clean lap in qual and started p8

had a great start and got by Alex on the green.
a few laps later was able to get by Ed..
BobS had contact with Don and i squeezed by just short of mid race for 4th a few laps later my right front caught the hay in the left hand (T3?) anyway, Bob squeezed back by and i was 5th again. when Tom dropped out i got p4 back, but it was short lived as with 6 laps remaining i was down to 2 gal's and had to pit :P   lost p4 to Alex... and barely held off Ed... strangely, i set my fastest lap on about the third lap after the sh-R and on near full fuel :o

good race, the field was excellent (in my view) and backmarkers did a good job too.. again, this is before seeing the replay, but MY race was good ;)
and intense!
somewhere between going all out and easing off to insure a finish.... tough day.
congrats to Tames on the win!
John H for P2 and Bob (the dog man) for filling out the podium :)

also... fine effort by Tom Oud - taking pole 1.5 sec's quicker than p2 :o

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14 May 2017 - 08:13 AM

Tom Oud joins the league and will be starting his oAo career at Syracuse.

as you might suspect, Tom is the son of Tames.
at this moment i'm not 100% sure what 'g' to place him - but from rumors of his ability it'll be 5 or 6

please make him feel welcomed


29 April 2017 - 10:52 AM

as a D2 driver, i'm disappointed to be first to post :(
qual was good, about what/where i expected -  10 of 14... wait - 14?  where was everyone?!

well... green Flag! GO!!! nO  -  WAIT!... Stop! CRASH.. into car ahead, and crash from behind, airborne (race over?) no! landed on my feet :o
goooo .... but it didn't feel 100% and ended up being the a contributing factor in 3 or 3 mistakes, one that involved David J, and his retirement :(  sorry Dave

strangely enough lap 25-ish i turned my fastest lap (huh?)   .. even better than qual and better than anything in practice leading up to the race!
why? what is the secret?
just smoother i guess.  fear of crashing?
anyway, i was up to 7th when Yannick let me by (he too was suffering damage)  but another spin allowed him by and i felt better about that.
was chased by Doni for most of the last half, but felt as long as the mistakes stopped, i could hold p8 and did.

grats to Roy, the podium and all finishers.

.... now lets see if we can't get a better turnout for Syracuse!

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