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14 October 2017 - 11:00 AM

due to (-) coins our team was limited to 1 out, and 1 hot lap. i must have done 200 practice laps in an attempt to find an ideal Q setup for my 1 hot lap. best i could do was an 1.06.5 in practice. come official Q time i go out and do a 1.07+... ?? what ??  then i look and see i loaded the wrong setup :P   not that it would have made much difference, even my PB of 105+ would have only gained me a couple spots. wow.. some fast shoes out there today!

after the drop of green it was mostly just 'finish' ... we need coins and after chasing Niky (his crash at top of esses was scary close) and then got around a spinning Nilsson... it was watching the mirrors to stay clear of lead cars, and try to catch TIm... each time i'd gain a second, it seemed i had to back off a fraction for a lapping car :P  so i gained nothing ~  it was pretty boring for a short circuit as the Glen.

congrats to teammate Don for gaining much needed coins!!
hats off to Ed for another win... tho, had Roberto not had a problem i think this was his race.. wow...

so D2 is now off til 11 Nov... see you then/there~

In Topic: Vrg At The Glen Video

13 October 2017 - 01:22 PM

Burt.. so have you taught him, or has he taught you?  :)

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11 October 2017 - 08:28 AM


In Topic: Attention - Schedule Change

10 October 2017 - 11:20 AM

so far.. with out massive outcry 'against' the move, i'm planning to reschedule. more after WGlen race.

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30 September 2017 - 11:07 AM

a little bit of everything for me.
qual, disappointed 9th but about where i've been time wise 29.7
finished 6th. so ok not a bad result - considering

race start, and i get the jump on Claudio and  BobS- yay! but then people jumble up at the lesmo and i take avoiding action and restart near last (16)
lap two Pepe and Claudio tangle and i manage to avoid (1st close call) i don't know how i managed to squeeze thru. (2d close call)
later chasing Tim and Mick ... Tim just gets around Mick and as i close on Mick he loses the back and i barely miss him (3d close call)

from there i chasing Tim.. lap after lap.. and catching him .. but in the area of 2/10ths a lap. finally i get along side as we charge down to Ascari.. i'm on the outside wondering "is Tim going to back off?"
as we're going into the apex (?) i touch the grass and lose it ~ regained direction, and carried on.. but that was as close as i got to Tim. from there is was holding off Mick, which i was able to do, but finished on fumes... one lap down... had i gone 40 i would have had to stop for fuel :P

good field of cars.... i think the 60fps saved 1/2 the field tho, from all the contact. that lap 2 tangle could have been much worse!
congrats to the podium - on to Watkins Glen!

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