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In Topic: Is This A Good Thing For Us Viewers?

Yesterday, 09:20 PM

agree ZZ ! much better than i hoped :)

In Topic: Interlagos

20 March 2018 - 08:46 AM

we are looking into the grid mis-match at Interlagos. the settings were not as they should have been. 2x2 (side by side) is NOT how we normally grid. nor was the distance back from the S/F line! so, i'm more than a little confused -

In Topic: Tandil

19 March 2018 - 08:04 PM

Burt... as i understand the pitstop patch does NOT repair damage as a Sh-R does. it only refuels you -

In Topic: Tandil

18 March 2018 - 07:25 PM

are there pit guys?  hmmm... well that will be an issue if not.

In Topic: Interlagos

17 March 2018 - 11:49 AM

crazy... CRAZY and another 'never had this happen before' races...
qually was good, but something weird was going on with my sound. not cutting out, but it would be fine, and then change to static, then a buzzing... sometimes deep bass, other a screeching wine... painful. i put in a 56 for 10th son and fam are visiting and my g'son was playing some video game with a remote, i asked him to stop because i thought it was causing interference. age 7, he says "why don't you turn you sound off"  :P   i reply, ahh, no... you'll need to stop for a while... brought tears.. i felt like shit so i exited Qual and told him he had 10 minutes... ok, we're good.
then its time for me to rejoin, and do and see GPL didn't save my time! :o
4 minutes on the q-clock so i go for it and somehow am able to repeat a near dup time of 56 something..and got my p10 :)

race starts..and the sound goes off again!
not off, but not right - well, i'll do what i can and if its bad i'll retire.

lap 1..and chaos ... cars sliding and spinning and that was me Kayo ... i zigged when i should have zagged - maybe. wasn't sure who was to the right and so i took it off track and still gave you a whack, but that spun me and knocked off the RF wheel.... but its still upright and i slog around to pits and sh-R (hoping the issue from race 1 doesn't bite me again)  its good! and i'm off... 1m20 from the back of field :P

ok, so i'll get as many coins as possible and focus on finishing...and then i see i'm gaining on last place... no sooner do i close to the rear than ahead i see the next to last car.. so hey, maybe i can gain a few spots yet... and do. good racing Bob H.. then Gabe :o  not visible and Then THERE HE IS!!! yikes ~! how did we not touch? i'll never know ~

anyway we didn't and we both continued.   from there i was able to catch up and overtake a couple more and then at the end, Bob Simpson retired and magic miracles, i'm credited with p6 at the checker ~  amazing, satisfying - except for the sound issue.

most frustrating is not knowing WHAT it is/was......

grats to John!
tough sledding Mick :(

on to Tandil

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