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In Topic: Silverstone - Aug. 19Th

Today, 12:42 PM

apologies Andy... i was surprised to see (what appeared to be) you losing and spinning off :(

In Topic: Silverstone - Aug. 19Th

Today, 11:25 AM

the start had contact between others, i got involved, and shuffled off to the side and re-started last :P ... 15th
early on (lap3? or 5?)  i was closing on Niky and the Stowe corner (?) short block wall on right?... anyway, i was to Niky right rear, and as he was turning in, it looked like he touched the wall - but there was almost a full car width between him and the wall :o    no idea what happened, but Niky ricocheted off as if he had hit it, and i thru.

later some move aside, others required a small fight, but when i got to p7 it was Folkard.. then Navonne, and Nilsson proved to be the hardest challenge, not sure if we touched Andy, i was on the inside of last corner, and suddenly i saw your nose coming across, and you were off/left :(   i felt nothing.   all these battles required full concentration and close to my best driving :)

no damage and a climb to p5 at the end, chasing Simpson, but i don't think i could have taken that back ~
i'm happy

Gabe. i assume your start from pits was due to late return to pits at end of qual? i think i saw you slowly entering pit entry when GPL switched to 'gentlemen to your cars' (take to grid)  just a guess.

In Topic: S20 Silverstone

12 August 2017 - 11:58 AM

not much to say... Honda engine coughed on lap 29... i babied it around, off track, stopping in pits twice to let laps unwind and hoped i could finish and complete 75% required distance.
i did 31 ~ yay

a rolling obstacle is best i can say for being in D1.
Vulture needs to hire a D1 when we need a stand in, i do not belong there :(

sigh ~

congrats to podium and those that had an enjoyable race!

In Topic: What Controller Do You Use?

10 August 2017 - 11:41 AM

g25... sequential shifter.. RFB (used to be LF, but found i wasn't lifting as i was braking... horrible results)
i like the 25 so much i bought a new one, still in the box, just in case this one (now how old? bought it when it came out new)

buttons on wheel for left/right glance, and 2 buttons on shifter for Sh-R and raise arm (pit stop patch)

the only weird thing i encounter, is if when i load GPL and i press the mouse button for any reason (close email window for example) while GPL is loading then GPL loses contact with the G25.

In Topic: Rouen

05 August 2017 - 09:55 AM

sometimes it all goes side-ways after the break. too many don't practice enough, some not at all and think they can pick up where they left off.
oh, sorry - i'm talking about myself.

please gents, lets keep negative comments til we can see a replay?

just wasn't in the right frame of mind today. i messed up qually twice, and was no where near my best time of 58+.. not that it mattered much as there were (?) 5 drivers in the 57's?! wow....
my 'race' was ended early on a rookie mistake. end of back straight i got loose under braking and slid straight off... luckily between the tires! but then i reversed, to exit, and impaled the car on the tire i had missed.
wait, it gets worse, while trying to free myself, i somehow pressed <esc> and was retired :P

not the best of races for me... but self induced at least~
next up - Silverstone.

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