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The Netherlands Welcomes Trump In His Own Words

25 January 2017 - 08:24 AM


Merry Christmas And A Happy & Healthy New Year For All!

23 December 2016 - 10:00 AM

Love you guys!


04 November 2016 - 11:29 AM

Guys, beware the race is one hour later scheduled than normal for Europeans, since DST only commences coming Sunday in the US of A, while it was changed last weekend in Europe...

So it'll be 14.30 UK time, and 15.30 CET time for quali ;) Correct me if I'm wrong!

S19 Westwood 1967

24 September 2016 - 09:47 AM

Was sitting pretty for a podium, just had inherited P2 when Gerd went off, but got distracted by some loud noises/booms in the neighbourhood...went off at T2, small hit, but car handling was gone, car went right on the straight, terrible under braking and went off again, got stuck in a fence, got loose from it, and decided to retire since I was a hazard on the track...mechanical report says only minor damage and engine damage, it felt like the car was totally bent...weird...

Could have been good points, but shit happens I guess...good for the championship fight tho :) Sorry to the team, hope Michi can salvage a result ;)

Good luck to those still running ;)

S19 Parco Valentino

29 August 2016 - 11:25 PM

Decided late in the week to take the Brabham as with the Lotus couldn't get a good consistent handle, and it's fragile...

Qualified P4 behind the Lotus' of Gerd, Roy and Col who all went sub30. Start was good and sensible by all. On Lap 2 Col went wide at Borgo Medioevalem and I just could sneak by at the inside avoiding him. Roy made some mistakes in front of me, also at the forementioned part of the track. As he recovered he clipped the kerb and  went in the side of my car when I tried to go around the outside. On the server replay there was no contact, but on my screen there was. Got lucky there, but kept trackposition. Col was on my tail again tho. Made a few mistakes under pressure of Col, but was able to keep him behind. Had to check up a few times for Roy who struggled, and Col once again got back on my tail. Once had to take a defensive line towards Turn 1. My exits out of the last tight chicane, and Turn 1 were generally good, and Col had no chance to make a move, until he blew up late race.

After that decided to stay safe, even when I was still close to Roy who struggled with his damaged car. Was very happy and satisfied to see the finish this race, and my podium was on merit, despite all the attrition...very hard race being in the mix with a slower car, and it was very rewarding...

Dominant win by Gerd, with a hat trick, completing a triple win, congrats! Also well done to Roy, who got second with a damaged car. Well done all finishers, commiserations to the many (early) retirements. My teammate Michi ran a great race, and could have finished 4th, but a little mistake meant he had to retire...

Thanks all for racing, and thanks to the lapped cars being very courteous this race...the drivers championship is shaping up to a close fight until the end, between Col, Gerd and myself. Interesting what's going to happen coming races, Gerd is on a tear recently...

My effort was for Darren. Two weeks late, but hope I did redeem myself...

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