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S20 Snetterton 1967

04 November 2017 - 11:17 AM

First race with G25 pedals, I'm (almost) fully adapted, since I got them last Tuesday ;)

Quali was difficult getting in some good clean laps. It was mostly my driving and sometimes traffic/trackposition. Looped it out of the chicane in a good lap, but could keep it out of the barriers. Even when my first run time would have been good enough for Pole, was determined to get in at least a low22. In my second run spun again at the hairpin, and then anger can be a funny thing. Improved to 22.45, and then had a real good lap keeping control of the car right on the edge. Still the laptime surprised me, a sub22, best lap ever in oAo beating the Bradbury's and co.! :yeah:

This track has been driven a lot by me back in the day,  recall missing out a dutch.gpl D2 Honda win in 2002, ofcourse the camshaft giving up the ghost late race...also was (one of) the first to get a sub25 here with the Honda back then. Great memories, well not so great running a season with the dutch Harakiri Honda Racing Team mostly having mechanicals. ;)

Anyway, I knew my start and lap 1 was rather shaky. A combo of 36fps, and a difficult setup on cold tires. Having a few bad practiced starts didn't give me too much confidence, having seen how rock solid Michael was at the hairpin on lap 1, when I struggled braking there on my cold tires. Start was ok, good enough, but missed the apex at Sear, and had to correct the car. Michael was on my tail and knew I couldn't afford to screw up again at the hairpin. Just managed to keep the car in front of him exiting and at the Esses, from then on could break away and building up the tire grip. Actually it was quite a hard race, never dull. I like this track, but struggled for fast lap times and almost wrecked on a few occasions trying to do so. Lapped cars were great as usual. Glad I didn't really interfere with some of the fights, it pretty much equalled out for most. Penultimate lap major moment, almost lost the car pushing for fast lap and compromised last lap as well with a bad start of the lap.

Happy that I held it together for the team, will be a shoot-out between the D2 drivers. For the drivers as well as the teams. Good luck!

Grats to Tom, drive of the day, and Michael for podiums. Well done finishers, commiserations to the DNF's ;) Thanks all for racing and a great season, personally. Also thanks to all involved, Bruce, Stewards and TSG, and last but not least all drivers! :)

PS: for those interested, my client replay of the pole lap. Standard shift times, no speedshifts, 100% on track (like Mexico, the white lines do not define the edges of the track according to GPL Replay Analyzer, the tool that is used by GPL Rank to verify laptimes). However, I'm a left foot braker shifting still with paddles. ;)

Gpl @ Heusinkveld Engineering

26 October 2017 - 07:05 AM

Been to Heusinkveld Engineering twice recently, yesterday to install GPL for a client to come next week. They put these images on their Facebook page. It's me with Niels watching.

Gpl Weekly

08 October 2017 - 01:07 PM

Just advertising for GPL Weekly, the news page or many leagues around, previously homepage of Groundhog's League Racing. Results are uploaded for many leagues and you can find all sort of interesting stats (if you're into that). There's also a ranking system for all mods, and there are hotlap competitions.

Jani Posta does a nice job maintaining it, it's a place I do visit often.

All-Ways Racing D1 Driver

02 October 2017 - 01:28 PM

I'm having terrible luck and problems to get an ELIGIBLE (G5 or G6)  subbing D1 driver the last two races. I've asked some before, but either they couldn't race, missed my messages or didn't reply (so far)...

You can choose between Ferrari and Brabham, coins will be for the Privateer, but you would score teampoints. Also a starting spot is guaranteed. And you'd be fighting for the team championship

Please post here, or PM me. I'll check everyday. ;)


S20 Rouen - Darren Mclachlan Memorial Grand Prix

29 July 2017 - 12:02 PM

Quali was great with a 312 PB, but Michael put in a stellar lap towards the end, didn't expect that, and it made for an interesting race early on.

Start was so-so, noticed Gerd was close and held the outside in T1, but Gerd backed out at the same time. Michael had a few carlengths, but I had a better pace early on also because I was on a 1 stopper. Gerd stayed glued to me, when Michael both held us up slightly. Did need 3 attempts to outbrake Michael towards Scierie, wanted to make a safe pass so was rather cautious.

Then I could run my own pace, had a little gap initially but Gerd was on a better pace and closed up, making me think he might be on a 2 stopper. And he was, so it was great to still lead him when he had to stop. After 30 laps I decided to pit for fuel. Rather cautious stop, but I had the luxuary of a big lead. Led Gerd by 7s after the stop, but he closed up again, especially when Tris refused to yield for me when I was about to lap him. When I gathered he wouldn't let me go backed a bit off, also since his connection to me is always very bad. After 4-5 laps had to close up to Tris since Gerd was arriving behind me, and then Tris made a mistake at Beauval and nearly took me out when I passed him.

I've talked to your teamleader Tris, but I should file a protest...everyone behaved great when lapping them, apart from you. It almost cost me the win and finish. That was either bad awareness or bad courtesy fom lap 36-40...

Anyway, after having dodged that bullet -and having a great solid driver like Gerd behind me who didn't pound on Tris' antics- I was able to hold on the lead until Gerd had to pit again after 40 laps. After that managed the car to the finish, last 10 laps were hard with a leg that I didn't feel anymore, but my right foot still did it's  job. ;)

This effort was for Darren McLachlan and his family and friends! Was a great show early on especially! Thanks to all drivers, great job so many finishers! Grats to Gerd and Iestyn for podium! Also great job Greg, another excellent teamresult! :)

Drive of the day by Michiel in the Honda, P6 and lead lap!

Commiserations to the DNFs, in particular Michael, he did deserve to see the checkered...possibly the chassis damage might have triggered the engine to blow...that's how I sometimes experience blow ups...

PS: can someone edit topic title, it's S20

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