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S20 Rouen - Darren Mclachlan Memorial Grand Prix

29 July 2017 - 12:02 PM

Quali was great with a 312 PB, but Michael put in a stellar lap towards the end, didn't expect that, and it made for an interesting race early on.

Start was so-so, noticed Gerd was close and held the outside in T1, but Gerd backed out at the same time. Michael had a few carlengths, but I had a better pace early on also because I was on a 1 stopper. Gerd stayed glued to me, when Michael both held us up slightly. Did need 3 attempts to outbrake Michael towards Scierie, wanted to make a safe pass so was rather cautious.

Then I could run my own pace, had a little gap initially but Gerd was on a better pace and closed up, making me think he might be on a 2 stopper. And he was, so it was great to still lead him when he had to stop. After 30 laps I decided to pit for fuel. Rather cautious stop, but I had the luxuary of a big lead. Led Gerd by 7s after the stop, but he closed up again, especially when Tris refused to yield for me when I was about to lap him. When I gathered he wouldn't let me go backed a bit off, also since his connection to me is always very bad. After 4-5 laps had to close up to Tris since Gerd was arriving behind me, and then Tris made a mistake at Beauval and nearly took me out when I passed him.

I've talked to your teamleader Tris, but I should file a protest...everyone behaved great when lapping them, apart from you. It almost cost me the win and finish. That was either bad awareness or bad courtesy fom lap 36-40...

Anyway, after having dodged that bullet -and having a great solid driver like Gerd behind me who didn't pound on Tris' antics- I was able to hold on the lead until Gerd had to pit again after 40 laps. After that managed the car to the finish, last 10 laps were hard with a leg that I didn't feel anymore, but my right foot still did it's  job. ;)

This effort was for Darren McLachlan and his family and friends! Was a great show early on especially! Thanks to all drivers, great job so many finishers! Grats to Gerd and Iestyn for podium! Also great job Greg, another excellent teamresult! :)

Drive of the day by Michiel in the Honda, P6 and lead lap!

Commiserations to the DNFs, in particular Michael, he did deserve to see the checkered...possibly the chassis damage might have triggered the engine to blow...that's how I sometimes experience blow ups...

PS: can someone edit topic title, it's S20

The Netherlands Welcomes Trump In His Own Words

25 January 2017 - 08:24 AM


Merry Christmas And A Happy & Healthy New Year For All!

23 December 2016 - 10:00 AM

Love you guys!


04 November 2016 - 11:29 AM

Guys, beware the race is one hour later scheduled than normal for Europeans, since DST only commences coming Sunday in the US of A, while it was changed last weekend in Europe...

So it'll be 14.30 UK time, and 15.30 CET time for quali ;) Correct me if I'm wrong!

S19 Westwood 1967

24 September 2016 - 09:47 AM

Was sitting pretty for a podium, just had inherited P2 when Gerd went off, but got distracted by some loud noises/booms in the neighbourhood...went off at T2, small hit, but car handling was gone, car went right on the straight, terrible under braking and went off again, got stuck in a fence, got loose from it, and decided to retire since I was a hazard on the track...mechanical report says only minor damage and engine damage, it felt like the car was totally bent...weird...

Could have been good points, but shit happens I guess...good for the championship fight tho :) Sorry to the team, hope Michi can salvage a result ;)

Good luck to those still running ;)

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