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24 April 2018 - 09:25 AM

Good job Burt, glad you (and Roy) were able to get by me being unsighted after T2, after my cock-up. That could have ended in tears, had to really restrain myself not reversing. Also you're always one of the most aware and easiest to lap. :thumbs:

I'm happy how I dealt with being twice a hazard on the track, however suffered severe damage recovering the first time, kind of panicking trying to stay in front of Tristan and Yannick. This explained why I lost some pace and had a hard time getting by Tristan, apart from the connection. Also everyone did a good job getting by me the second time, particularly Michael. At that point was on the racing line and wanted to reverse. But always, when traffic comes up, you simply have to halt. If the spinning car in front is moving left or right just aim for it and it will be out of the way when you arrive. However it's not always easy to anticipate the right way, Tristan was just in front and spun out of the corner just when I was accelerating, there was simply nowhere to go for me. Also Yannick had nowhere to go.

And it was great to see Roy getting a break for once. Hoping to have some good fights with Roy, Michiel among others the rest of the season.
It's good there are fights and close competition throughout the field. I will continue to try to take slower cars, but also have to keep in mind to score enough teampoints (and yes, driver points as well).

Doni was very unlucky not being able to start even...Francois did an admirable job being aware, and deserved a finish. I tried to use him as a pick to pass Tristan, but it didn't work out. I think he will have more fun in D2 arguably, with all due respect.

In Topic: Montjuic

22 April 2018 - 03:49 PM

Montjuic is a great track, unique in character. Shame it seems unreliable, but enjoyed it. Hopefully D2 has a clean run, fingers crossed. The schedule has many difficult tracks, but upcoming events should be more straightforward (hopefully) ;)

Then, after the Summerbreak, Brno 1949. :P

In Topic: Monjuic

22 April 2018 - 10:09 AM

Gabriele, I can understand you're disappointed and frustrated, but please give respect to Bruce and Michael. Without them this league would be nowhere.

Michael is the last guy wanting to profit by these events. He's an example for most of us on and off the track I reckon, well he is for me.

Because I've been in your position Gabriele, feeling like I was treated unfairly, mostly in S19, I can relate to your feelings. Please just try to accept and let go. As long you keep resisting the verdict, it will only frustrate you, and you'll do only more damage to yourself and others.

In Topic: Monjuic

22 April 2018 - 06:26 AM

You're clearly very passionate Gabriele, I respect that. It's clear your team suffered the most from the mass freeze. It sucks.

I'm hoping for some clean finishes upcoming events for your team, and some positivity and selfbelief. Don't anticipate on damage runs, if anything. It will sit in your mind and you'll attract bad luck.

It's best to start a race with open mind, focussing only on yourself, without any expectations about the result. Together with practise, and selfbelief, you'll be best prepared mentally. It took me many mistakes and years to achieve that mental attitude.

I'm not trying to say how you should think or race, just trying to help from my perspective.

In Topic: Monjuic

21 April 2018 - 05:55 PM

I understand Gabriele, it's nothing personal. For sure it's a huge disappointment for you and the team. Just keep at it, you have two good D1 drivers for sure. Tristan and Yannick arguably deserved their podiums, but they also were very lucky when I got the short end of the stick. Tristan apologized to me, and Yannick also had nowhere to go. That's all good. Just racing.

But we simply can't change the rules after the race. I think Bruce and the stewards did the right thing. We suffered too losing spots. It sucks, but it is what it is. Just try to accept the verdict and move forward. A screenfreeze doesn't take away that you were headed for a double podium, and that holds promise for the upcoming races. Best of luck.

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