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In Topic: Oao 2D Half Of Season

Today, 04:37 PM

I will be ready when the flag drops. Right now I'm not ready, haven't touched the wheel for some weeks. But the racing virus starts to itch again. :)

In Topic: Fulldistance/pitstop Patch

02 July 2017 - 03:36 PM

Might be helpful to post the link to the patch for those who haven't installed it:

Personally I have used it before in a few (practise) races and it works OK. Indeed stopping will be less favorable since losing way more time refueling rather than a quick reset.

In Topic: Fun Race At Road America

01 July 2017 - 11:57 AM

Fun race, but Yannick was too strong in the Fezza. We both had some offs but Yannick always would have been prevailing. Great track to drive, it's a blast! Thanks for racing and Bruce for organizing! :)

In Topic: Spa67

17 June 2017 - 11:48 AM

Thanks guys. :) As Claudio mentioned, you can learn from replays. I've also gained a lot watching and analysing replays of "aliens" and still do. Remember a setup always will be personal, it matters the wheel you use (MSWFF here), the srtg linearity (100%), driving style and preferences. I like a car close to neutral but just on the loose side. Basically setting up to get the best tire readings, gearings and overall handling for a track. At faster tracks with 67s I might sacrifice some grip for lesser rolling resistance/better topspeed, but never in the amount of you can get away with with mods in general...

In Topic: Spa67

15 June 2017 - 02:07 PM

Thanks guys. Progress with other cars is slow, if I want to sweep 65 and 67 GPLRank records still need 67 Eagle, Ferrari, Brabham and Cooper. hPod, Gerd and Iestyn have very sharp WR's though. :thumbup: Where are Ivan Tierno and Mark Barresi when you need them. :P I believe Mark did 3m17ish in Brabham but he never uploads times at GPLRank. :disguise2:

@Roy: thanks! I believe setting the car up to my driving style and to tracks is one of my stronger points. My driving style is still developing. With triple screens I have more immersion and brought me some extra speed due to the better perspective, it helps for focus and concentration as well. This track is real Zen for me. :)

It's great you will be making races this season, was hoping you still would come back full time after the break but do what you have to do. ;)

PS: sorry Gerd, beat your Brabham time with 2/10s ;)

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