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Philip Island

22 February 2020 - 11:44 AM

Glad to be back racing after missing round one. I qualified 5th and was content to wait behind Tom and Miguel in front, as they had more pace than me, but I knew I could finish with no mistakes.

That said, I then had a small off which lost me 2 seconds. Dag was then all over me, until his own mistake. Tom was unlucky with an engine problem near the end and that gave me 4th. Miguel had a mistake and was slowing down - perhaps to save fuel?

He picked up the pace again and out of the last corner I set it up for a slipstream attempt to the finish line. I got a mega run, but then I saw that Miguel's fuel was spluttering. I had pushed right to the track edge and the closing speed was so fast (with Dag only 50 yards behind me) that I was too late to swerve left (after having looked to pass on the right) and I hit him square on the rear, spun out and lost a wheel, crossing the line backwards :(.

What could have been 3rd became 5th with damage :wounded1:. I am annoyed at myself and for the team, especially as we were leading the teams championship after race 1. But now I can see why Hill hit Schumacher at Adelaide in 1994. It happened so quickly that my only way past was to commit to passing Miguel on the left immediately after coming out of the last corner, but I didn't know his fuel was spluttering until it was too late. Braking would have left me 4th/5th and/or at risk of being rear-ended by Dag/needing him to brake to avoid the same accident if I then went left.

A better analogy would be the Minardi collision at Monza in 1993. I'm glad that Miguel was not affected by the bump but I had just hoped to stay straight as well, like Felix da Costa at Monza (GP3) rather than spearing off into the barrier!

S22 R9 Zeltweg71

10 August 2019 - 10:36 AM

Great to be back racing.. I turn 30 in two races time and on that day is the full memorial GP at Reims! :wow:

Got a slight PB in practice and almost matched it in qually to take 3rd on the grid. Felt like I got a good start, much better than the practice start at least, but still I lost two positions to the flying Frank and Tris.

Coming into the penultimate corner on lap 1, Tris suddenly lost momentum while aiming inside of the corner, perhaps from a missed gear/box of neutrals or possible blown engine. I tried to aim as far inside of him as I could, but still we made contact as I heard the contact noise and could see him flying in the mirror, as I was spun inside onto the grass. :(

Recovering, I passed Marcos, John, Michael (who I was sad to see going off on the outside, as he was flying in the Honda, I hope I didn't crowd him into Dr Tiroch), Yannick (down on power) and Dag, to begin the chase of Frank for the final podium place.

Through the mid-race, the gap stabilised at around 4-5 seconds, when I had one brief over-correction on the steering which threw off the calibration and led to a slow lap fixing it to go straight again.

Coming up to more lappers, I pushed again and did back to back 43s to get to the back of Frank, as we passed Yannick and Carlos. If I kept it up I might have challenged him before race end, but coming into Bosch Kurve, the car did not react as I expected and after 2-3 bumps of the wall, the chase was off, top speed in 5th down to 175mph and I was counting my lucky stars to finish and hope it didn't cost too much damage. :cc_surrender:

The pace at the front was fabulous and Frank drove really well to complete the podium!

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