S21 R10 Aintreer

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#1 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 18 August 2018 - 09:46 AM

In quali did enough for Pole, but always a little mistake in every lap, surely sub41 is on the boards somewhere...

Start was slowish, and Roy nailed it taking the lead. But I had a good run at the backstraight, Roy defended the inside line, but braked early and I could pass him on the outside, mostly because Roy gave room and braked early as said. Nearly I went off at the exit though...

Built a comfy gap, without too much pushing, and already had a 8s lead or so after 5 laps. But I put my RR tire against the white line/kerb while braking for Anchor Crossing and looped it clubbing the wall with my RR. Wheel fell off, had to retire...it seems the white line acts the same like out of the last turn, as a little kerb, unsettling the car. No excuses, should have left some margin...

Together with Enrique's forced retirement, this is a major disaster for the team's bid, and my personal bid. It's funny, was telling myself to pace it, and take no risks whatsoever and then not realizing driving to close to the edge of the grass in a braking zone...no pressure, was determined to finish when I saw Enrique FFing DNFing.

Just one of those deals, driver mistake. It caught me out by surprise, nothing I could do to save it...this season I've been making mistakes too often, I got away with it at Adelaide looping it 360. At Montjuic it put me back in the pack with damage, and today it's a DNF. It's a good lesson, not to use up the track so much (but respecting the edges a bit more), and I apologize to my teammates...

Good luck to the runners ;)

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#2 JMF


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Posted 18 August 2018 - 09:48 AM

That sucked! I got a black screen exiting the pits. The car was still responding but I had no video. Bad luck! 5 minutes for 3 laps didn't yield much. The lack of practice assured my bad luck compounded. I almost did get lucky and get into a comfortable 6th but I had to spin the car to keep from hitting Frank.

I got distracted on my first off. Not long after I missed my braking point after Doni let me pass. I missed it again for turn 1 and that was the end for me. The car seemed to working fine until that point. The driver could have done a lot better.

Thanks for being so nice Alex and Doni.

My apologies for my poor performance teammates. I hope D2 can do better.
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#3 GrandPrixYannick


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Posted 18 August 2018 - 10:03 AM

For this race I had only three goals in mind:
> be consistent
> stay on the track at all laps
> keep it clean all the way

My pace was not my primary concern, as I did expect to qualify around the lower mid-field.
And where do I start on the grid? Fifth. Fifth place. In a BRM.
Now it is so that I did a similar stunt before at Monacane last year, but again did I not expect to get this high.
Looking at the starting grid it seems to me that a lot of the drivers within my realm seem to be starting where I expected to be.

So, I had a good getaway and maintained the outside because I was not sure where Michael/Iestyn was (don't remember which one of them it was).
In my attempt to take the outside line through T1 I went a bit too far wide and spun onto the grass. Way to start off the race with already failing one of three objectives!

> stay on the track at all laps

So I dropped to about P-outisde-the-top-ten and see how the field appears to be a bit wayward, with drivers spinning and hitting each other.
One of the drivers got flipped over. In the end, I think I got a few places back.

Coming lap 2 I was doing okay until one of the retiring drivers disconnects from the server at the most inappropiate time possible, aka the middle of the corner,
and my FPS glitches in such a matter that it succeeded in removing the back-end of my car and have one of the cars behind me hit my car and make me do a 540° while going up in the air!
That is another objective I won't accomplish!

> keep it clean all the way

Of course this hurts the consistency, but we are only at the beginning of the race, so this can be made up.
I dropped back again, but at this point, things would get better. After passing Doni in the Honda and I had clear space for about 15 laps with a group of three a few seconds ahead.
While keeping up with the group they gradually disintegrated leaving only Dag Johnson ahead and moving me pretty back where I started the race.
During those laps I noticed the disappearance of Robert and Tristan and suddenly I got up to P4.

And this is the point where I get to my downfall. Seeing P3 was a possibility in the BRM I got eager. I started pushing and went against the philosophy of staying consistent.
Immediately after setting my PB for the rest I brake too late, and in the almost succesful attempt to save the car, my rear wheel got once again in the grass of T1 and spins me into a hay bale, nose in first.
My car was trapped and efforts to get escape were all in vain. I just threw away the race by the method of greed.

> be consistent

I at least think my car has very little damage as my handling throughout the run didn't feel harmed.
But this is a very bitter disappointment and way to waste coins.

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#4 Michkov


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Posted 18 August 2018 - 04:33 PM

That went better then expected. Not much time for practice and the blazing pace of the field left me well down on the grid and I missed the flag at the start too. At least that opened a gap to the front runners making the run into T1 much easier for me.
Busy first lap saw me catch the guys in front by the time we exited Beechers and I could gain some spots on my way to Village. Lap 2 I gave them back by overcooking Country, man I hate this turn.
Things settled down and I made slow progress towards the front with some nice battles with a Honda and an Eagle. Suddenly my board showed me behind Rob, didn't watch my position that time round but I figured I was second and pulling away a bit. Easy now I thought and promptly went wide at Beechers. I could hold the car for the first part of the turn but coming back on I lost the rear and nearly collected 3 or 4 guys with my stationary car.
Mutter some cursed, got the car pointed the right way and set of again in P6 now. Managed to get up to 4th on my own. I wasn't able to catch Dag though, at least not at a rate that would get me close to him till the checker.
Since Ed caught me towards the middle of the race I still had company. Made for an interesting run to the flag, nice clean racing, very well done Sir.

In the end it turned out to be P3 with the top runners having an off day. I'd been happy with a finish, happy Michi for today.
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#5 D_J


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Posted 19 August 2018 - 01:35 AM

Grats Iestyn and Michi on the podium , grats all finishers and commiserations to those who didnt make it to the end.

Shit Robert , dont I feel like an a**hole for shooting my keyboard off and making silly jokes about crashing. :sorry: Sry for your DNF , havent seen the rpy so dont know what happened. I guess with the outlandish pace you show I thought you had it in the bag.

I guess the whole front of the pack must have had a real bad day cause I was just chugging along in the Honda and somehow ended up P2. :Oo:
Seems a massive fluke and a one off but I`ll obviously take it. Q was better than expected so starting P7 wasnt bad. Got away clean and was tucked in behind Burt for the first few laps. There was a lot of stuff going on in the beginning of the race and the surreal thing is I was passed by a whole bunch of cars in the first laps and I dont think I overtook anyone in this race myself so how this translated itself to a 2nd place is really beyond me.

Yannick was pressuring me from behind midways and that was a busy period of the race , pushed all I could to keep him at arms length and then he wasnt there anymore and I had 20 + sec to Michi behind me. That gave me a big enough cushion to bring the car home without risking too much.

Incredible result for me. :yahoo:

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#6 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 19 August 2018 - 05:37 AM

View PostD_J, on 19 August 2018 - 01:35 AM, said:

Shit Robert , dont I feel like an a**hole for shooting my keyboard off and making silly jokes about crashing. :sorry: Sry for your DNF , havent seen the rpy so dont know what happened. I guess with the outlandish pace you show I thought you had it in the bag.

No worries Dag. Yes I had the pace, but made a mistake that completely caught me out. But that's also racing. It comes at a very bad time for the team, also when Enrique was punted off on Lap 1.

But personally, I did need to make that mistake to learn from it. Most of the time when prepping for a race, I'm ironing out possible mistakes. But at this track this hadn't happened to me while testing. Surely got stuck a few times in the wall at Anchor Crossing, but by braking too late. Now I was too close to the edge of the track or a transistion unsettled the car. First I thought I hit the grass, but I didn't.

Anway, grats to Iestyn for a great recovery race, and grats to Dag and Michi for their podiums! You both are among the most solid drivers, so it's no surprise you step up in a race of attrition as well. Special mention for Roy, who lost the race by taking not enough fuel.

Well done finishers, commiserations to the retirements!

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#7 MGL66


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Posted 20 August 2018 - 08:42 AM

From the moment I started practicing in the morning, I wasn't feeling the car very well. I don't know why, it just sometimes happens that way. By the end of the pre-race practice session, I had set a new personal best, but that proved to be an illusion. In qualifying I couldn't come to within 6/10 of a second of that time. Nevertheless I ended up starting in 4th. Of note, I am particularly impressed with Yannick's grid time in the BRM. Off the line, he outdragged me into Tatts, but I had the inside line, so took the corner. Yannick, I haven't yet reviewed the replay (I am still too disgusted with myself to watch it), but I know that mine was the car you were trying to avoid. I hope I left enough room for you through the corner, and that I did not contribute to your slipping off the edge of the track.

I survived the opening lap, having gained a position when Iestyn spun exiting Canal. Avoiding him cost me time to Roy in 2nd, but I was prepared to settle in, warm up the tires, and be consistent. Unfortunately I blew the chance. On lap 4 I made a bad entry into Bechers, slid across the grass and into the outside railing, knocking off the right front wheel in the process. Race over.

I am very disappointed because until now I had finished every scheduled lap of every race I started. This is my first DNF. I seem to have at least one of these performances in me per season. Hopefully there won't be another.


#8 Iestyn Davies

Iestyn Davies

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Posted 22 August 2018 - 04:36 PM

https://www.youtube....h?v=S5VOFFpKrgM - This is how Yannick did it :). Impressive line through Bechers and into Canal, but as Andrew pointed out, good control at low speed, the BRM almost looks nimble!

Nice for me to win my 'home race', even if it was a lucky win.
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