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#1 GrandPrixYannick


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Posted 10 November 2018 - 10:39 AM

Well, nothing really went my way this race.
Apart from the start, maybe, as I gained two places.

Only on lap 2 I got caught one of those atrocious tyre kerbs at T8, got spun round and made a little mess of the midfield.
And after that the car just didn't feel right anymore. I assume the rear right suspension had been dislocated.
Then I spun again in T6, tried to get myself together for a number of laps only to go into the catch fence at the chicane. (which is a horrible section if I say so myself)

So, well, nothing good came out of this one.

Looking for something positive...
This sh***y season ended early for me.
"Grand Prix Legends is a drug. I am addicted to it."
- Based on a quote of Harry Schell

#2 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 10 November 2018 - 03:17 PM

Had prepped well, and had a good predictable setup. Pre-quali had a super lap, but still 1m30.4s wasn't too bad and more than enough to claim Pole.

Still the start isn't easy here with a tight approach, but held on to the lead. Iestyn also had a good pace, so the gap didn't grew fast or big. The race went very fast, and was rather uneventful. Lapped cars were very predictable and courteous, as always. Hit the polo's a few times but got away with it, no damage. Late race hit the inside pole in the last corner and suffered slight damage. Quite happy to have pulled off the win and the championship. If I would have had a freeze or mechanical, Iestyn would have gotten it. So close was it in the end. ;) Great drive by Iestyn, keeping me honest, and well done to Roy and finishers. :) Commiserations to the retirements...

Now the team will give full support to our D2 drivers in order to fight for becoming vice-teamchampions.

Thanks to Bruce, stewards and all involved for organizing the league. Thanks to all drivers for competing and the camaraderie! :)

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#3 D_J


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Posted 10 November 2018 - 05:30 PM

Grats Robert , Iestyn and Roy. Again staggering pace from all three.

With only 3 practice stints in the bag it was always gonna be a tall order at stardust. Another tricky track that needs a lot of decoding and understanding to get right. Managed a pb in Q but that only brought me to p6 on the grid. Then I go off in the tire esses on the first damn lap and get some sort of susp damage at the front so the car was crap all race. Clawed my way way back to p7 , nobody except Yannick put up much of a fight so it went pretty easy. Had a good scrap with Yannick for a while until that same tire section got the best of him. Tried to catch Enrique but soon realized with the understeer that the damage brought it was impossible. Then I got lapped by the top three and gave away some time so from there it was only about finishing. Wich I did this time.

That concludes my debut season in oAo and its been a hoot with both ups and downs. Thanks to Bruce for organising this great league and Im definetly back for another season next year. In 2018 Im closing in on 100 starts online and what Ive learned from that is that its 50 races too many. A bit disappointed over the end of the year as I feel pretty burnt out by now , its all a blur by now really and one race just blends in with the next. So next year its cut down to two leagues with more focus on quality than quantity. And hopefully I can keep it toghether all the way cause I must admit its been coming apart at the seams in the last few weeks. Still much to drive for in the team championship and I hope Bob and Bob can finish the season well for us. The team experience has been great so thanks to Burt for signing me and to all my teammates for a real fun year allthough it kinda went south at the end with two engine pops that should have been avoided.

Grats to Robert with the driver championship , awsome pace and consistency and also hats off  to Iestyn for keeping him honest all the way to the last race. Thanks and honors to the rest of the field , there are many very solid and competitive drivers here and Im already looking forward to next year.

#4 Michkov


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Posted 11 November 2018 - 06:29 AM

First time in a long while I managed to crash out of a race. Not a fan of the place, evertime I got the handle on one section and tried to push the next one would start to bite. In the end I locked a wheel after the esses running wide and hitting the only armco in the desert. Lost a wheel, could have happend earlier than 6 laps to go at least it would have saved me some time.
I just wanna race

#5 JMF


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Posted 11 November 2018 - 07:02 AM

Congrats Rob, Iestyn, and Roy!

And congrats to Rob for his driver championship. He deserved it and I'm glad his technical problems didn't prevent him from taking the championship.

I didn't feel good about this race throughout the week. I couldn't drive consistently or fast. I was very glad that within a half an hour of qualifying I began driving consistently. And I started to show a little speed.

This one didn't start well. GPL crashed almost immediately after I left the pits. I worried that was a bad omen, but looking at the lap times I didn't think I would lose many positions. With the full 30 minutes, I may have qualified in front of Micheal but that wasn't assured. Things got worse at the start. I got a slow start which allowed Dag to pass me. I thought I might be stuck behind him for a long time. I wasn't too concerned though. My biggest thought was finishing with an undamaged car. I was very surprised to see how quickly Dag gave P5 back to me. With the lap time that Micheal set during the week, I thought he might beat me this time. I was content to trail him but when he clipped the tires at T1, I figured I should see if I could gain anything on Roy. I might have tried hard to catch Roy for 6 laps at most. Twice I gave up any thought of getting closer. I suspect Roy drove a similar race to me, go fast enough to get a decent finish and keep the car in good shape. It would have been foolish for me to push the car much and I wasn't able to drive it hard. I set the cruise control and let the Eagle do it's work. I was surprised to finish as close to Roy as I did and as far ahead of Micheal as I was.

The 1 minor damage report I incurred is something I've never seen before. I clipped at least 2 polos during the race and hit the post in the last turn once. However, from looking at my replay when I incurred that damage report I didn't hit anything.

Thanks for letting me race with you guys. And thanks Micheal, John, and Don for letting me on the team. Otherwise, I'd have likely used a Honda as a privateer and taken a long sight seeing tour.
Greg Taber

#6 MGL66


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Posted 12 November 2018 - 12:06 PM

I think I peaked in training on Thursday evening. Saturday morning I felt OK, but not perfect, and it would have taken perfect for me to keep up with the guys in front.

A Q4 starting position, with a time about 1/10s behind my PB, was pretty satisfying.

From my perspective, the race was kinda blasé. I led Greg in the early laps until I contacted one of the half-buried tires in T1, which killed my momentum, caused a little damage, and allowed Greg the easy pass for 4th position. From then on, I (or was it the car?) never really felt sharp. The steering wasn't cockeyed or anything, but I never quite found the rhythm, especially in the rumba through the Esses where I'm usually pretty comfy. I didn’t make any major mistakes, but was never threateningly fast. The lap times were respectable, the consistency stats good, but I simply couldn’t keep up with the four in front of me. It was a lonely and unremarkable race to P5.

Thank you, lapped traffic, for not using Esteban Ocon as your role model!

Congratulations to the podium.

Special congratulations to Robert for winning his second Drivers Championship in a row. You are the class of our field, a great champion, Team Leader, and contributor to the oAo culture that Bo is trying to develop here. You make it easy to root for you even though you're beating me in the process!

Congratulations to Iestyn for 2nd in the championship. It is an honor and a pleasure to share the season-long podium with you both.

Thank you, Greg, for returning to oAo and driving for HBR. You have helped us tremendously in our quest to win the Team Championship. It was an honor and pleasure to work with you as team mates.

Thank you to my fellow Race Stewards, Bob H. and Burt. I hope that we will continue to share duties in the future.

Thank you to Claudio and the TSG for again selecting a challenging and diverse set of tracks.

And finally thanks to Bruce for your tireless work in organizing this league. This is your brainchild, and your devotion to it ensures that it keeps getting better and better.


#7 Roy


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Posted 13 November 2018 - 03:42 PM

Congrats to Rob and Iestyn!

This track is not so easy... especially through the esses for 38 laps is a challenge.
Qual did go very well only two tents from my pb and i was happy with a 3rd place qual.
I did it a little bit easy at the start... Rob and Iestyn where still battling for the Championship and i just don't want to interfere.
Hade a good start but braked earier to be save... i try to follow for a couple of laps but after that they were just too fast for me.
There is not so much to tell about the race only that i found a good rhythm and i hade a personal battle with the tire pawns along the way.
Happy to finish 3rd in the last race!

Congratulations Rob for winning your 2nd oAo D1 Championship!

Thanks to everyone... especially Bo for his work and organizing this league :)

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