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In Topic: S20 Silverstone

12 August 2017 - 11:24 AM

Congrats Rob, Gerd, and Micheal! I had something for Gerd and Micheal this time. One driving mistake and one math error screwed me.

That was fun. I don't often get that good a session in qualifying. It started a little ugly. However, I couldn't have asked for a better 2nd stint.

The race was good too. I drove consistently once I made it through lap 1. Micheal kept Gerd off of me in the early laps. Once they fell back about 5 seconds I relaxed a little. That didn't last long though. I could see Gerd could catch me if I didn't keep running good laps. I got worried when I passed the midpoint and I had used more than 1/2 my fuel. Then I clipped the curb at Abbey. That gave Gerd P2 and put Micheal not far behind me again. I may have avoided that mistake had I not starting thinking about fuel and trying to change the way I was driving. Even with the spin at Abbey, I may have been able to challenge Gerd later in the race if I had the fuel. Later in the race I got real worried. I started wondering if I could actually finish, and not just lose some power on the last lap. I started shifting at a lower and lower rpm and made many extra upshifts. That was just enough to finish. The second half of the race was very suspenseful for me. It wasn't until the last turn I was sure Iestyn wouldn't catch me.

I have my doubts I'll ever run a race without making a mistake. It was nice to have a shot at P2. Minus the two errors, Gerd would have had to work harder to get P2 this time.

Lapped traffic was good. I wondered why Bruce was driving off the track so much. At one point I thought he was being extremely polite. I didn't realize he had engine problems.

And that was great job on the race guys! There's very little damage in the mechanical report.

Thanks guys, see you next time.

In Topic: Montreal Formula-E Almost

05 August 2017 - 09:31 AM

That sounds nice Bob. I've thought about moving near Montreal. Lately I've been wondering if I could actually move to Canada instead of northern New York or Vermont. One day I hope to live where the summers are cooler.

View PostRobert Fleurke, on 03 August 2017 - 05:26 PM, said:

As for the sound of Formual E, maybe they should run spoke wheels and put a cardboard in the wheel, like I used to do on my bike when I was very young :)

:lol: That was fun. Bicycles, balls, and Hot Wheels were my favorite toys.

I feel like Lorenzo. I like the idea of electric cars. I'd like to have one if they had at least a 200 mile/320 kilometer range. They're also too expensive for me at the moment. Over the years I've grown to be somewhat of a Nissan fan. I find it amusing now that the car they make that interests me most is the Leaf.

As for switching race cars, I don't understand why they don't make a battery pack that can quickly be changed, like a cordless drill.

In Topic: August 2017 Schedule

04 August 2017 - 04:07 PM

Thanks for the schedule TJ. I missed the GTs last month. It may not make most happy but I'm glad we get two this month to make up for none last month.

Here's my planned schedule:

8/04  1967 Cooper,  Lancia D50
8/11  1965 Ferrari, Lotus 41B
8/12  Chaparral 2D
8/18  1966 Ferrari 312, 1969 Ferrari 312
8/25  1967 Ferrari 330, Lola T260

I hope I can improve my Cooper, Chap 2D, Ferrari 330, and Lola T260 lap times. All the others will produce new lap times.

I usually look at times I'm missing on Rank or what's my worst 107% rating or I occasionally try to improve my Rank like I did with the Lotus 49 and M8F last month. I managed a new PB with the M8F but the Lotus effort was futile. Watkins Glen would have been a better race if I used one of the slower cars. Sorry about that guys.

In Topic: S20 Rouen - Darren Mclachlan Memorial Grand Prix

04 August 2017 - 11:55 AM

RIP Darren. My condolences to Tristan too.

In Topic: S20 Rouen - Darren Mclachlan Memorial Grand Prix

29 July 2017 - 03:13 PM

Congrats Rob, Gerd, and Iestyn! Nice job guys.

I enjoyed parts of the race. Other parts of it were frustrating. I can't say I'm very happy with my qualifying performance. It would have been nice to do a little better and qualify in front of Tristan.

Tristan was slow early in the race. I thought he was running a full distance fuel load. He prevented me from trying to open an early lead on the Brabhams. It took a little while but I finally got past him. I was able to extend my lead on some Brabhams but I had Michiel closing on me by then. It was tough work trying to catch Micheal. Slight mistakes on his part made it easier. I couldn't believe it when he ran wide allowing me to take his position. It's a shame I couldn't do much with it. I got a little overzealous wanting to keep Michiel behind me as long as possible. I almost lost it braking for the hairpin. Unfortunately I had to come to a stop. Luckily Micheal and Michiel didn't overcook it like me or it could have gotten ugly at the hairpin.

I was behind Micheal again. It was another long effort to close the gap again. I had taken several laps to cut his 2 second lead. I lost those 2 seconds on the lap we lapped Burt. That meant I had another long ordeal to catch him. I was a little impatient when I caught Frank. I chose the wrong line to pass him and had to lock my wheels to avoid hitting him. Unfortunately, I hit the fence. It quickly became apparent I had damaged the car. Two of the most difficult places for me, braking for the hairpin and braking at the end of the back straight, became trickier for me. Within 2 or 3 laps I could see that my left side tires were no longer heating evenly. The outside of the LF was 3C too hot and the outside LR was 2C too hot. I had the car set to heat the inside of those tires 1 degree F more than the outside. I knew I was no longer able to challenge Micheal. It didn't take long for the instability under braking to allow Iestyn to easily pass me. I was surprised when Micheal's luck ended worse than mine.

It was frustrating with my poor qualifying and my luck with traffic. With some good luck I may have been close to Gerd at the finish and it's unlikely Iestyn could have caught me. After the realignment the race became more of a chore than a joy. Luckily, my race didn't end when I hit the fence and none of my moments the last 24 laps stopped me either. It was a good result from a somewhat haphazard drive.

Thanks guys. See you next time.

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