S7 R13, Spa 7/30/09. How Was Your Race? - Samuel: S7 Champion

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#1 Gintonika



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Posted 31 July 2009 - 04:25 PM

As nobody posted a thing about the race I've created this thread

First of all, I want to congratulate Samuel on his first MRC79 championship!!

I came to the race with the wrong .TDF and little practice time, but I love this track, so I've put my heart & soul to go as fast as I could.

While managed to put the car in 1st row, I went for everything and gained 1st place before Les Combes, but Samuel pace was much faster than mine, so he was on my tail all the time.
Then I've lost all downforce while entering eau rouge..., I've managed to save the car and avoid a BIG shunt, but that cost me 1st & 2nd place.
After that chased Kimo for many laps till he made a mistake after Les Combes, and then with overheated tyres, I've nursed the car to the finish in 2nd place.

Great race and a thrill to drive here every season.
Daniel Gomez
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#2 Gunny



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Posted 31 July 2009 - 07:26 PM

race replay and XML files.

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#3 pai


    Gabriel Legnini

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Posted 31 July 2009 - 08:08 PM

Congrats to Samuel, Daniel and Dom

More congrats to Samuel on his great championship :bowdown: truly deserved man! ;)

I'm uploading stats here :) Constructors Champ is not decided, Lotus now leading the champ by 10 points!!

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This time it blew-up really spectacular! When I realised it was about to go, I gave the accelerator pedal an extra kick and shot the revs up to 12,000…just to make quite sure.

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#4 Kimmo


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Posted 01 August 2009 - 01:23 AM

Not much to say, accelerated a little bit earlier earlier out of Les Combes than I usually do, I took a risk, and the rear immidiately spun around. Bang. Man I love the evil Renault for doing that. I would've been disappointed had it not. I suppose had I started practice before race day I would have known, but I was slowly getting frustrated so there you go :) Congrats Samuel!

I'll start practicing Suzuka tonight, I have a score to settle with that track from last season, grr :) Hope to see a bigger grid there.

#5 Adnan Dizdarevic

Adnan Dizdarevic

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Posted 01 August 2009 - 07:45 AM

Bad luck again in Spa for me. It was one of very few possibilities for me do good, as I could be in front row easily and run for podium on my own most definitely, based on pace I did see in qualy and warm up. Only Sam was untouchible. Turned only one lap in qualy (standed as 3rd to the end) when my wife told me that our friends are stopping by.  <_< It took 2 minutes more my friend joined my in the room.
Chances he will join girls for a coffee were like to find snowball in the hell. Spent rest of qualy and warm up watching (and listening). Decided to start race but that never worked out... Sorry if standing ligier affected anyones race.
Congrats to podium and Sam for Champ. Well deserved.


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#6 avatar7


    Hristo Itchov

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Posted 01 August 2009 - 09:27 PM

I couldn't put a clean lap in qualifying so ended up near the back of the grid. Despite that, I had a comfortable race setup so was expecting to challenge for a podium finish, but alas, I ruined my chances with a silly mistake on the warm up lap.

I was trying to do what they do in modern F1, turning the front wheels past their peak rapidly thus creating understeer, but the car simply turned into the wall instead, lol. I entered the pits at the end of the warm up lap, but my crew simply stood there and did nothing! They only got to work when the green light was given and the "repairs" took 34 seconds, so I was down by that margin.

I say "repairs" because the car was handling as bad as it was before I pitted, so what a total waste of time. It was pulling to the left and was understeering badly in right handers.

Regardless, I soon find some rhythm and adapted to holding my steering wheel at an angle on the straights. The gap to the pack began to shrink and for a few laps I was even setting the fastest laps of the race. At some point Sam decided to break away obviously and went half a second a lap faster, but I was still catching up with the rest.

By my calculations it would've been possible to reach 3rd or 2nd assuming I managed to pass the rest as soon as I caught up with them, but that became irrelevant when I touched the grass slightly on the exit of that fast lefthander in the middle of the lap. I was pushing hard obviously and it was just a very tiny mistake, but once the front wheel went off it pulled the whole car wide and into the wall. Game over.

I like Suzuka, so perhaps it could go better there. And I must remember NOT to try and warm up tires on the warm up lap. :P

BTW, Sam, once the season is over or whenever you feel like it, I'd be glad to have a look at your setup. ;) Couldn't quite figure out how you were nearly two seconds faster in Qualifying, despite trying all sorts of wing and suspension settings.



P.S. Out of topic, I know, but if you're interested, we're having our final race of the THOR Summer Cup 2009 in the CART Factor: Prologue mod this Monday. The race is at the 2 mile Michigan Super Speedway oval and we're running the Handford device chassis, so it's going to be close, fierce and of course, fun! Link in my signature. ;)

P.P.S. I know the full release of the mod is out, but it's too late to use that for the final round, but hopefully next season.

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#7 Phil Ashio

Phil Ashio

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Posted 04 August 2009 - 05:34 PM

Sorry I forgot all about the post race debrief. :rolleyes: This summer has been very busy for me. Fun, but busy. Not much time to race and even less to practice. As usual I was off pace from the rest. I was at a good pace for me. Fell behind early as I do not want to get into anybody's way. I was enjoying the laps. My laps times seemed good so I started to push at Red Water. I was taking it flat out in 4th. Feeling good about it I tried 5th flat out. The walls are quite hard and well the Williams is not as tough; immovable force irresistible object and well. I have some mildly use Williams parts with a slight patina. Great collectors items. Keep scanning Ebay for them. :beerchug: Cya next race.
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#8 Samuel


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Posted 05 August 2009 - 04:06 PM

Damn , is it almost a week already from the Spa race , amazing how the time flies when you get older  :lol: .

Well , i'll make this a short one this time and wrap up the season after tomorrows race , but it's been a privilege to race here with you gents...thanks all for the congratulations   :).

Spa race report:

Event went pretty much perfectly , car felt really good from the get-go and this track just rocks time and time again , can't get enough of it :D. Qualifying went pretty well , could have prolly done few tenths better but made a mistake in bus-stop on my 2nd run  , the 1st run was enough for the pole anyways so can't complain too much :).

Thought that i made a good start but Daniel did even better , but he took it easy on 1st corner and let me take the lead. I knew that the 1st time through Eau Rouge would be slippery and i took it very carefully , but looks like it was too careful because Daniel just flew past me on Kemmel straight , he had so much more momentum that i didn't even bother to change the line to defend :D.

The early laps were very exciting because even if i knew i had an excellent car , it wasn't easy to drive behind another driver on those fast corners. Daniel was running an excellent race and kept the door closed tightly , so there wasn't any real changes to make a move in places where i was faster , Kimmo was also running well with the Renault and wasn't far behind us.
Then on the 5th lap Daniel went a bit wide on Eau Rouge and had my chance there , it took a lap or two for me to get up to a good pace but after that the race went really nicely and while Kimmo and Daniel were fighting for the 2nd , i could build a nice gap and the rest of the race was pressure free , specially because the car felt so good through the race.

Really happy to win this one , Spa is always a special race and it can go wrong in so many places. Grats also to Daniel and Dom for the podiums , sorry to see so many retirements but hope to see you all in the final race anyways , thanks for the race all and cya at Suzuka  :).

@ Hristo: I'll have to ask Kimmo about the setup , he is the genius behind the base setup and have a 'copyright' on it  :D . I just try to tweak it ever so slightly every now and then , depending on the track  ;).


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