S20 Silverstone

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#1 GrandPrixYannick


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Posted 12 August 2017 - 10:45 AM

During training I was considerably concerned about my pace at first because I seemed to be well off.
It got better over the past days so it is a bit of a relief.

Qualifying... didn't went as I liked.
I took three runs with three gallon of gasoline to get a good lap but the best I had driven was a 1:27.47 and thus only ninth place.
This disappointed me much since I could do a couple of tenths better. And I felt I was just way off the other G6 drivers.

Luckily I had a good start and jumped to 8th in Turn 1 and later I passed Peter at Club, so I won two solid places at the start.
A few laps later Tristan spun off and that got me into sixth.
In the meantime however Peter stayed close behind while I could not keep up with the top five because... well, Brabham.

Peter also made a spin which gave me clear space for most of the race.
But by the end of the race Tristan caught up to me and so we fought for 6th place.
He ended up doing me on the outside of Woodcote in what might be the overtake of the year.

So I had to settle for 7th position.
Can't complain on my own driving, but I feel disappointment in having a somewhat uncompetitive car.
I just hope my team can recover from our financial and capital collapse and get a better car when we can...
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#2 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 12 August 2017 - 11:12 AM

Another win for the team! :)

But it wasn't as easy as it looked like. Whole week struggled to find a good compromise between the left- and righthanders concerning the balance. In the end I settled for too much oversteer in the righthanders, while having a decent balance in the lefthanders. This because the lefthanders are crucial leading up to the longest straights.

In quali I could squeeze out a sub26 lap I had done every evening from tuesday on. Good enough for Pole in the Ferrari, with Greg completing the front row! Start was ok, but braked too late for T1 and bogged down to make the exit. It pays to have a great teammate like Greg who was behind me and checked up. First laps made mistakes, but when the tires came in pushed for low 27s and from then on managed the race, mostly because the balance was off in the righthanders. LR tire got too hot, and didn't generate enough temps/grip in the leftfront. Because Greg was a few seconds behind and covered me as well, I could manage the balance a bit by trying the push the fronts a bit more. Sadly Greg made a mistake and dropped back to 3rd, and Gerd started to gain a bit. Pushed a bit more trying to manage the gap and the gap grew bigger again. Almost looped it in the very last turn, but made it to the the checkered! :)

Grats to Gerd and Michael for podium, shame Greg ran out of fuel missing out on a podium. Still a great teamresult, well done finishers, commiserations to the retirements. Excellent fights throughout the field!

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#3 JMF


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Posted 12 August 2017 - 11:24 AM

Congrats Rob, Gerd, and Micheal! I had something for Gerd and Micheal this time. One driving mistake and one math error screwed me.

That was fun. I don't often get that good a session in qualifying. It started a little ugly. However, I couldn't have asked for a better 2nd stint.

The race was good too. I drove consistently once I made it through lap 1. Micheal kept Gerd off of me in the early laps. Once they fell back about 5 seconds I relaxed a little. That didn't last long though. I could see Gerd could catch me if I didn't keep running good laps. I got worried when I passed the midpoint and I had used more than 1/2 my fuel. Then I clipped the curb at Abbey. That gave Gerd P2 and put Micheal not far behind me again. I may have avoided that mistake had I not starting thinking about fuel and trying to change the way I was driving. Even with the spin at Abbey, I may have been able to challenge Gerd later in the race if I had the fuel. Later in the race I got real worried. I started wondering if I could actually finish, and not just lose some power on the last lap. I started shifting at a lower and lower rpm and made many extra upshifts. That was just enough to finish. The second half of the race was very suspenseful for me. It wasn't until the last turn I was sure Iestyn wouldn't catch me.

I have my doubts I'll ever run a race without making a mistake. It was nice to have a shot at P2. Minus the two errors, Gerd would have had to work harder to get P2 this time.

Lapped traffic was good. I wondered why Bruce was driving off the track so much. At one point I thought he was being extremely polite. I didn't realize he had engine problems.

And that was great job on the race guys! There's very little damage in the mechanical report.

Thanks guys, see you next time.
Greg Taber

#4 Bo Bruce

Bo Bruce

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Posted 12 August 2017 - 11:58 AM

not much to say... Honda engine coughed on lap 29... i babied it around, off track, stopping in pits twice to let laps unwind and hoped i could finish and complete 75% required distance.
i did 31 ~ yay

a rolling obstacle is best i can say for being in D1.
Vulture needs to hire a D1 when we need a stand in, i do not belong there :(

sigh ~

congrats to podium and those that had an enjoyable race!
hApPy TrAiLs

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#5 mellilore


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Posted 12 August 2017 - 06:04 PM

Been there just for THE coin, sorry guys.
Hadn't touched the wheel in months so kept quite gladly the chance to run some laps during quali time... aaaawwwww that sweet moment when you're no longer a passenger and start to master the car again getting (SOME) turns right...
Anyway, for the end of the quali time my elder son, 3 and one half now, got into my room and I knew it was GAME OVER.
Took the start to see what it was like (and to get THE coin), him asking me one zillion questions about the stuff, and got quite a challenge to keep him from using the gearshift lever himself. Two laps and I parked into the pits an unscratched Honda... pheeewwwwwww :)

Bruce, about the Honda I had the chance to notice through the years that Silverstone for some reason is the worst track for its engine. No surprise to me you had troubles. I once raced almost one whole race shifting well down at 10000 RPMs only to collect just another blown Honda engine...

Grats to Robert, to the podium and the finishers.


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#6 PeterA


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Posted 13 August 2017 - 08:29 AM

Grats to Rob for the win, shame about the fuel Greg :-S

As Yannick says, he got the better of me in the starting phase, but after some laps I felt I had maybe a tenth or two on my side and it was looking to be a fun race! untill I got too focused on the back of Yannick's brab and clipped the inside kerb of T2 quite heavily, luckily I spun on the inside of the hay in T3 and could continue.. tried to push hard all the way to try and see if anything could develop later on, as I could see Tris - who passed me shortly after my spin - catching Yannick and maybe the two of them could loose time battling.. unfortunately I spun while trying to lap Doni, misreading the speed and intention, sorry about that! :-S so I settled down and brought it home after two dangerous incidents, feeling gratitude that I got away with it cheaply.. apparently nothing was to come of it anyway as Tris quickly pulled off a very cool pass on Yannick going by on the outside of T-last :-D

Next up is the ring... :-O argh!

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#7 MGL66


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Posted 14 August 2017 - 08:39 AM

Silverstone has never been one of my better tracks. Early testing showed that I would be faster here than ever before, but that had more to do with my general improvement as a driver plus the fact that I hadn't driven here in the Lotus since season 15! Still, a marginal improvement in personal best lap time wasn't enough to make me confident of a good result here.

Then I spent a few days testing on full tanks, during which I learned a few things. It wasn't until after pre-race practice that I tried qualifying fuel again and smashed my personal best by almost 6/10s. So I went into qualifying with a new confidence. My qualifying time turned out to be 3/10 slower than my newly-established PB, but I was only mildly disappointed by that.

My start was pretty good: good enough to emerge from Copse having taken 3rd place from Gerd. I held 3rd for 6 laps, then I set two wheels on the grass exiting Club corner on lap 7. That mistake dropped me back 2 positions, behind Gerd and Iestyn. I passed Iestyn back again a short time later and set after Gerd.

During the middle third of the race, I could still see all three cars in front of me. No one was pulling out much distance. We were spread out a bit, but not so far that a mistake would not cost a position. And we ran like that, with me in 4th, until 15 laps left in the race when Greg (2nd place) made a mistake that Gerd took advantage of. Now I was within one second of third place with 15 laps remaining. For those final 15 laps, the gap see-sawed by tenths of a second per lap but never extended beyond one second.

Then as I crossed the Start/Finish line to begin the 40th and final lap, I noticed that my fuel needle was pointing to about 9 o'clock. Had I miscalculated the fuel needed to finish the race? Not being entirely sure where the needle points when the Cosworth starts to sputter, I immediately began short shifting by a few hundred revs. What I didn't know is that Greg (in 3rd less than one second ahead) was in even worse fuel shape than I was. His engine started sputtering on lap 40 on the approach to Becketts. By the time he reached Hangar Straight, he could do nothing to hold the position. I swept past him there, then proceeded to open up 4+ seconds by the end of the lap: a lap that he completed by coasting over the line completely out of fuel. My engine started sputtering through Woodcote. That's the closest I've ever cut my fuel level.

Started 4th, finished 3rd: my fourth podium finish of the season. I'm really happy about that because the last three races (one of which [spa67] I missed) have yielded almost nothing in results. I really needed this one to keep alive the hope of a podium finish in the season-long drivers championship.

Congratulations to the whole field for an almost perfect finishing record. Bo deserves recognition for being classified despite his smoking engine. Lorenzo DNFed due only to a misbehaving child! (Bad boy, Massimo! :P ) And look at those consistency numbers. Every once in a while we have a race in which almost everyone is <1.00s average deviation. Not a lot of free passes handed out in this race.

Now, for all our sins we're off to answer to the angry gods of the Nürburgring. (Vengeful SOBs .... :angry:)


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