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In Topic: Can Am 66 Track Selection

11 November 2018 - 09:25 AM

Good thing that you consider Fantasy tracks. I think people underestimate the potentials they can have. :)

In Topic: Can Am 66 Track Selection

10 November 2018 - 07:31 AM

It's an idea, but I personally would prefer to stick with the Canadian-American tracks for this.
A mix between tracks from on/off the calendar would be good, and 3 tracks per country.

Some tracks I am keen to try:

Road Ontario
Mosport (Rain?)
Westwood (I think it's too small though)
St Jovite

Willow Springs
Watkins Glen (Papy/'71)
Road America
Lime Rock Mountain
Daytona Road Course
Belle-Isle (long track)

In Topic: Why Didn't I Thought Of This Before?!?!

01 November 2018 - 01:02 PM

Might be a little needed for Targa and Isle of Man, but for everything else, I'm good :)

In Topic: S21 Nassau

27 October 2018 - 03:15 PM

Nassau is gradually become one of my favourites in GPL.
Not much elevation but it feels really good to drive.

Qualifying went as expected, though I had a really off moment with eight minutes to go when my pedals suddenly stopped responding.
I parked the car and checked what was wrong. Turns out the cable got loose from my wheel.
Something relatively minor, but it gave me a scare nontheless.

The race went early on somewhat above my expectations.
I made up a few places and actually managed to keep up with the midfield for about 8 laps until I got taken out in Turn 2 by an Eagle.
Not sure how one could commit a move like that over there.

Either way, disgruntled I fell back to P11, lost touch to the rest of the midfield,
and mostly relied on others' misfortunes to climb up the ladder.
In the end I gained two places. Might've been able to get Michi after he went wide, only to go wide myself and spin,
after which I just took it to the finish a bit half-hearted.

Could've been a more fun race if it weren't for that collision.
Really disappointing as I did manage to stick with the rest.
I think there are possibilities to mix myself in the midfield with B.R.M., I'd have to get G7-Borderline pace in order to get to that point, but I can keep up on a good day.
And otherwise I'm just driving for the coins. Bit frustrating when you know what you are capable of, but cannot realise it optimally with a slower vehicle.
It's kinda dull and not really motivating, but looking for something positive...

... only one more race left in this darned thing. And the CanAm  66 winter season to look forward to.
And then we'll see what S22 brings me.

In Topic: S21 R12 Phoenix International Raceway

15 September 2018 - 12:14 PM

Quite a small field today.

I actually aimed to be lower on the field so I could match up the field. Get the coins where you can :)
So eigth out of ten is okay.

At the start Enrique got me and demoted me to 9th. I thought I was in last as Ed didn't make the start. Or he skipped it. I dunno.

I felt in the early laps I had more pace than Enrique and tried to get a few attempts on the S/F. I tokk a bit but eventually got him.

I had a couple of spins throughout the race which demoted me for a brief moment but overall managed to overtake the Hondas, by following drivers who were lapping them after lapping me.

Overall, I had no one to battle in the end and it was a bit of a cruise to 7th. Little special mention was that I unlapped myself from Dag's Eagle and even decreased the gap to him, but nowhere enough to catch him.

Tyres went... surprisingly well. I managed to keep the rights in the green/yellow-ish and not overheat them too much for most of the run. Laps felt, apart from the spins and yielding pretty consistent.

Just a bummer I couldnt battle the other G6. But that is how it is with a BRM on this track.

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